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Dodge Ram 2500 Edge Chipped....repaired flex plate and starter in september 3 weeks ago did the same thing..any other cause...also sometimes it wont turn over its not power cause all electronics will work if you slam ...
I have replaced the starter and starter relay. Batters are good but the starter will not make a noise. All the dash light come and glow plug heat up.
My truck blows really hard when cranked up to the max for the heat, but is very luke warm can this be a thermostat issue or Heater Core?
O'Riley code says trimming chain has skipped a tooth. ?? How hard a repair is this for a backyard macanic ??
the filters have been changed fuel & air
It doesn't seem to me that these items are fused the same or connected in anyway. Fuses appear to be Ok, what else should I be looking for?
I have added steering fluid and it stopped the noise for about 40 miles then started again
turn my heater on and is always on the vents ,the knob turns freely but hard to get it to switch to defrost or on the floor
Surging problem goes and comes. Disconnecting and reconnecting 1 battery cable from 1 of 2 batteries cures the problem for a short time. Problem has been on and off for 2 years.
i have rebuilt the vacuum pump and now get the indicator light to come on but still no engagement of the axel
I can put it in gear and it would drive about a quarter mile then acts like it's in neutral. Let it sit for a few minutes and it would go back in gear and do the exact same thing again. Tried changing the filter and f...
when I turn left the steering will stick and is very hard to turn back to the right,then it will suddenly release and be normal, also makes a grinding noise when turned hard to the left,Nothing seems to be rubbing, st...
I just found out it was a recall problem last year will I have to foot the bill since I'm the second owner
after my truck hits 1500rpms it wont go any higher in rpms
Day After replacing the Thermostat the Check Gages light comes on and the truck died. Replaced the Alt & Battery now the Aid Bag light flashes and the gages are going wacko, Please help and let me now of any fixes -...
Took to dealership and they could not find problem and just recharged the air conditioning.
When i get going down the road it takes several mins to get cold.I drained al the freon out and refilled it but just blows colder when driving no difference when ideling.
It will start, but it certainly doesn't want to. Most noticeable after it hasn't been driven in a while. I'm not getting any codes, and the MIL is off as well.
leaks power steering fluid so leak can't find out where from cuz its full still its pink fluid and when turning right steering wheel will stick instead of bouncing back I have to pull it back over the bind than its fi...
I recently put new pads and shoes on my ram 2500 and now every time Im slowing down once I hit about 25mph they start grabbing. I put the thicker shoes (primary) on the rear and set the adjustment properly when I was ...
started truck and starter kept running. shut off truck and starter kept turning. disconnected battery to stop. pulled starter relay and key off, reconnected battery and starter started turning again.
While driving my trans seems to slip into neutral. speed will decrease then trans will seem to go back into gear and run fine. I have had a trans repair shop, power flush and change filter prior to any problems, took ...