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Catalytic converter was stolen

Stolen, need a new one

power steering fluid leaks out of screw in lines with o rings replaced o rings same problem .

I had my 2007 Dodge diesel truck in the shop, the transmission was rebuilt at a cost of 6500.
one week later I get a check enginee light with the code P1740.
I return the truck to the shop and the tell me I need to replace the front transmission pump and torque convertor, I will have to pay for the pump to be replaced.

change oils in front axle rear axle 6 speed transmission and transfer case

Check engine light is on giving a P0222 code, replaced throttle position sensor, lift pump, and fuel filter, light is still on and giving a P0222. What else could the problem be with this code? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

My wipers stopped working. Then about 2 weeks later worked for about a week or so then as I was driving (in the rain) they slowed way down went a few more swipes then died again. could turn switch back on/off again. it would go a little bit and now dead. Relaced the wiper switch and that did nothing. Help - it's rainy this week!!

Is it cheaper to have a mechanic order one and install it, or to have it rebuilt from scratch? On my van, a mechanic has told me that the cost of one that he has ordered--with labor--will cost me a total of 3,350.00 to install. Does that sound reasonable? Thanks in advance--

Early one morning I was driving and suddenly my tail lights and dash lights went out instantly. I have checked every fuse, I have replaced headlight/dimmer switch. The bulbs are fine. I think its the wiring but does anyone have any idea whats going on?

this is a recent development. It did not happen when I first got the truck. There was a burnt out fuse for the trailer, that was replaced and an electronic brake was installed. Now the parking lights stay on even when the light switch and the ignition are off

light is also out on passenger vanity mirror.

i just replaced the tps iat map and engine coolant sensors on it and did a complete tune up including oil oil filter plugs plug wires air filter thermostat and belt my truck starts and runs great until it warms up then it coughs and spudders and wants to to die and wont idle i have put the code reader tool on it and it comes back with no codes

is there anything else I should have them look at why they are doing this I have 280000 miles on truck 1 owner

Automatic transmission

MY 02 dodge has over 225,000 miles on it it's by far the best truck I've ever owned the only complaint I really have is the oil vent tube. I have extended it down farther
so its easer to clean the bottle but it still makes a mess under my truck. Do any of you have any ideas?

When starting my vehicle and placing it into gear, it does not shift smoothly into either fwd or rev. It delays for 10+ seconds and then shifts hard into gear. What could cause this?

I'm purchasing this diesel , six speed and may have to replace clutch.

my 1998 24 valve Dodge 2500 starts perfectly but at times like when I go to town and make a few stops,,, it will act like its not going to start at times ,, it will just turn over like it is not getting fuel,,, I will then turn key back to off and try again and it starts then,, I have replaced the lift pump and fuel filter.. could it be something electrical ?? which it acts like .thank you

would this be transmission solinoid or other? fluid hoses and linkage all are good

It jumps in and out usually between 40 and 60 miles an hour

Is it a sensor or is the transmission shot

I have a 99 Dodge Ram 2500 with a Cummins Diesel, 207K. It just started giving me issues with the transmission. From starting the truck, and going on my way the engine doesn't shift out of first until either it gets over 2000 rpms or not at all. But once it makes that shift out, then the entire time it's fine. No other issues. Until I turn off the truck and start it up again. My mechanic isn't available at this time and of course it had to happen on a Friday afternoon. Anyone have an idea of what the issue is and what it will take to fix?

I replaced front calipers, hoses, pads, master cylinder, purporting valve, hydro booster, disarmed the abs. adjusted the rear drums,it seems the fluid pressure is not returning back to master. abs lite has been on for two weeks, I have no scan tool for that. found a bad front speed sensor that is bad that is ordered. when the calipers are locked, I can push fluid back by pushing on pad. pedal is hard and up. when disc are locked

I purchased it used and ever since I have had my truck I have had this issue but it is getting excessive now and I need to get it fixed. I have a 2001 dodge 2500 diesel. while driving down the road the trucks power will shut down and I loose power. it will barely go about 5 or so miles an hour, it seems to have no peddle power for fuel, but truck is still running. I can shut the truck off. Crank it back up a few minutes later and the truck carries on as if there was no problem. a couple hours will go by and it will do it again. sometimes I shut it off, back up to get it to going and it kicks in the power and I can go again. I had the oxygen sensor to the peddle replaced recently but its still doing it even worse now. could you please tell me a few things to look for that would cause this to happen.

Ive recharged the battery and it sounds strong but the engine dosent start. Again Generator light comes on.Coil or Altenator?? Thanks much

After changing the camshaft sensor the check engine light is still on and it will still miss badly.What causes this?