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when i turn the fan on hi it shutters like it is out of ballance, i was told it is a defective door inside the the heater box. does any one know if this is a common problem or is mine a one of a kind.
during heavy rain, while the truck is parked, the storage compartment under the left rear seat fills up with water. It is not coming in from anywhere above the seat.
my trans seems to slugish when i go to go what should i do about this
every time i give it gas it blows out smoke what would i do about this.
how do i replace front rotors on dodge 2006 ram 4x4 front
Replaced Alternator still not charging, Where is the control module located and is there a testing procedure to check it?
Today, out of the blue, the parking brake light and the ABS light came on. No sooner, they went off again. It seems to happen when I'm going slow and turning to the left, or idling and turning the steering wheel.
How can I remove the Radiator Clutch fan. I have tried holding the pully that it is attached to I have broken wrenches bent bolts that hold the pully on and the nut holding the clutch fan on is starting to round off o...
how do i pull the front axle out
how do i take out the front axle driver side
Why won't my truck shift into overdrive/
when i brake the front right wheel pulls very hard ton the right please help thanks
When I am driving the steering kicks back at me once in awhile. I was towing my boat the other day and took a left and then went back to turn to the right and the wheel was completely locked up. I have replaced steeri...
antilock braking system activates just before I come to a complete stop. pads and fluid are fine, please help
i have a 2005 dodge ram 2500 it is dumping fuel out the breather tube on drivers side of engine and just recently it is making a thumping noise out the intake has no power and is blowing massive amounts of black smoke...
i am changing the fluid and filter on my truck but need to know how much fluid to buy? in the owners manual it says it holds around 11 quarts but not sure if i need that much for regular maint.
I have never replaced a mirror and I don't have a repair manual. Any help in this area would make me very gratefull.
the heater fan only works on high I belive the resistor is bad where is it located?
does it need replacing or what?
1988 Dodge truck, 360ci, 4 speed manual. Problem - the engine cuts out (miss) at about 4200 rpm. I replaced the distributor cap and rotor - no change. Then replaced the ignition coil - no change. Plugs and wires have ...
automatic tranny won't shift into overdrive. any help
The instrument panel gauges,speedometer,and tachometer will not work altho the instrument panel trouble lamps come on.The odometer flashings on and off
Grinding noise in front (left?) when going forward and turning right also 4wd does not engauge and oil pressure drops when trying to engauge it when stopped.
I have had many parts replaced on A/C but it still won't blow cold air. Compressor kicks on, system is fully charged.
How do I find out if my truck is 49 state or California certified.
my 24v cummins runs a little warm all the time what would cause that?
hey i have a 2002 dodge 2500 diesel with a super chip in it. I seem to loose acceleration power around 2000 rpm's but only if i try to accelerate from 2000 rpm's. If i get on the peddle under 2000 rpm's it will pull r...
i have a 1999 dodge ram 2500 sport /V10 the A/c works but when you slowdown or come to a stop it stops it sound like a door closeing and then it blow hot air you have to turn it off and then turn it back on most of ...
this truck has had 3 transmissions put in it,been taken care of very well. it shifts into reverse fine,and makes a scraping noise and acts like it wants to pull when shifting to first.and has no other forward gears. I...
I have a loss of power in my Cummins Turbo Diesel Engine very slow to accerlate from 40 to 60 MPH. Also getting an Computer light and engine diagnostic code PO237