where is the electronic coolant temperature sensor located at. i think there two. found one cant find the second one.

check engine light come on, no trouble codes, comes on again.

how come when i get a half a tank in my 97 dodge 2500 diesel it loses its prime

engine suddenly accelerating whenever coming to a complete stop

my transmission has a sluggish shift out of 1st and 2nd gear. I am attempting to do a tune-up(fluid & filter). I noticed a square shaped magnet at the bottom of the pan and I don't know if it belongs there or if it is some mistake from another mechanic. the magnet does not appear broken, and it doesn't have any sharp edges. please help.

Hi, my ABS light came on awhile back. I took it to the dealership and they said it was the speed sensor that is in the rear end, I had it replaced and the light is still on. I have checked all the wiring and can not find anywhere that it is broke, all of the fuses are good. Can you help please

where the banjo bolt is on injector pump and fuel canister and the 3,4,5 cylinders to bleed fuel lines...maybe called the bleed screw...thanks steve

my right turn signal pin has no power to it when signal is on. Fuses check out fine and turn signal on truck works fine. What's up?

will not start in am

the wipers don't lay down when wipers are shup off.

I have a 1994 Dodge Ram 2500 12 valve cummins dieseland my problem is this. My truck will run fine when it is first started but after it warms up to normal motor temp it starts missing like its running out of fuel, it will keep on like this until the motor makes a loud "click" almost like the sound of dry firing a rifle. When this "click" occurs the motor starts running fine. So my question is what is the clicking noise and why does it only start running bad once the motor has warmed up

I got an average of 18.9 mpg combined city/highway driving for two years; always the same route. After a check engine light came on Dodge replaced the fuel actuator and my fuel economy dropped to 13.9 mpg. The check engine light also came back on. Then Dodge relaced the fuel injectors and mentioned that one cylinder had a piston that was close to having a hole burned in it. Now my fuel econony averages 14.9 for the exact same route to work and back. All of this activity occurred over a 3 week period in March 2010. Dodge then suggested that the overhead readout may no longer be accurate even though I told them I used to fill up once a week and now must do so every 4 to 5 days. Dodge then asked me to manually check my fuel mileage. Two tanks later and I am still at 14.8 mpg average.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what Dodge may have overlooked or how I regain the prior fuel economy?

Is it ok to replace PCM with one from a junk yard?

does the wheel bearing abs sensor actually tell you that a wheel bearing is bad?I pulled both wheel bearings out to replace the cv joints. upon reinstalling the bearings,etc. now abs/brake lights are on.could i have gotten dirt down the hole of the wheel bearing, and the abs sensor is not reading that wheel properly?

when put in 1st and then into second there is no shift when put into drive from second it shifts but only able to go about 50 and it feals like it is maxed out about 2000 rpm .connected a code checker and it give me p0753 shift solenoid a electrical

1st start of the day ,truck cranks healthy but wont start. let it sit 15 or 20 minutes then starts. pour fuel in the the carb and it runs off the fuel.i'm stumped. have changed the plugs,wires,cap and rotor,new coil and dealer replaced timing belt 2 years ago

I replaced the master cylinder for the clutch and now I can't get it to stop sucking air back into the system.can anyone help

On my 1998 2500 dodge ram where is my DLC port.I need to scan my truck to see if there are any error codes.I am trying to see if i have an electrical problem or if my fuel pump has gone out.

Can we have our power controll moduler rebiult?

Have had starter rebuilt, putback on truck, it started once. When trying to start, batteries full charge, the starter justs CLICKS will not crank. Got a pull start and it cranked right up, ran great. Shut it off, will not crank or start, whats wrong?

the sheet metal around the 3 bolts that hold the latch has broken, why?

rear oil leak.

transmission shifts back and fourth between overdrive and third gear between speeds of 40-50 mph,if decelerate slightly it stops.and it
doesnt matter if it is cold ,or at
operating temp

how much and what kind of oil?

I know in the old days the dodges had a way about starting up an engine and that would be where as soon as you turned the key, the engine would just crank for a few and then the engine would start. I have a 99 V10 the does the same thing and the only way to get it to start right off is to turn the key and let it crank for a split second and then turn the key off and then turn the key to start again and it starts on the first crank. What can I do to just have the first crank to start the engine everytime?

put a new steering gear box and track bar on and checked tie rod ends nothing have 7 to 8 inches of play still

There is no hot air when I turn the heater in my truck

just want a picture on how to install

codep0305i change sparkgup rotro pickcoilwire what as icloud

I have purchased a 99 Ram 2500 van for work purposes. I did a total tune up. The brake and ABS light on dashboard will not turn off. Could this cause engine to not perform or sound a little rough at times? Would the speed sensor cause this? I am kind of short on time and need to get back to work. Anything would help.