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cranks 1st thing each day, after engine gets warm, will not crank until it cools off,(cold days are great)acts like it's getting no fuel, has been on diagnostic machine 2 times,still no answer, thanks in advance for A...
instructions to replace side mirror on a 2005 dodge ram 2500
Recent trade up from a 01 2500 slt deisel, to an 06 deisel quad 4x4. Problem is Abs dash light and Brake dash light both lite up. Chimed for awhile then stayed on. Shut truck off, after work 9hrs or so, started h...
If I put it into drive quickly after starting then it is fine, but any other time I put it in drive the trasmision starts in 2nd or 3rd. But if I turn it off and start over it is fine. Is it a sensor or some electrica...
where can we fing this on our 2003 dodge ram 2500
After driving a while when I put on brakes, engine will cut off. Stop at a light or sign the engine will cut off. What is causing this problem and what do I need to do to fix it.
The drivers side rear brake seems to over adjust and cause the brake shoes the burn. This has happened twice not. Can I disconnect the auto adjuster? Is there any root cause. Using only top of the line shoes.
the truck is still driving but it slips when shifting(automatic). How do i fix the po740 code that my reader is telling me.
recently i was traveling on the highway around 60 mph and i hit some bumps and my front left tire started to vilently bounce up and down, so after 80,000 miles i figured the shocks were worn, so i replaced them. about...
Everything was fine yesterday after replacing battery terminal on drivers side, went to start it the next day, all it does is turn over but wont catch, I have checked fuses, filters, made sure i was getting fuel to th...
Have you had problems with your transmission shifting hard from 1st to 2nd with high RPM's? If so, what did you do to fix it? Will Lucas Transmission additive fix it or make it worse?
Cruising at 65 mph, step on pedal and engine rpm's surge from say 2500 to 3500 then right back down. Acceleration is smooth but is faster after surging. Dealership says vacuum line, husband says clutch.
i have a 96 dodge ram diesel tranny was rebilt a year ago now when i am in overdrive it is jumping in and out of gear it also will do it with the overdrive off i had the sensers replaced and my tourqe converter caus...
how do I replace my front rorors?
my air works good but i notice when i am on the freeway and accelerate quickly the vents shut until i let off the gas.
i am installing a 600 watt 4 channel amp and it calls for a battery hookup power line. it needs a 50 amp fuse 12 inches from battery with 10 guage power wire to the amp. the only thing i installed to my battery that i...
how do you take the play out of the steering wheel
when i turn the fan on hi it shutters like it is out of ballance, i was told it is a defective door inside the the heater box. does any one know if this is a common problem or is mine a one of a kind.
during heavy rain, while the truck is parked, the storage compartment under the left rear seat fills up with water. It is not coming in from anywhere above the seat.
my trans seems to slugish when i go to go what should i do about this
every time i give it gas it blows out smoke what would i do about this.
how do i replace front rotors on dodge 2006 ram 4x4 front
Replaced Alternator still not charging, Where is the control module located and is there a testing procedure to check it?
Today, out of the blue, the parking brake light and the ABS light came on. No sooner, they went off again. It seems to happen when I'm going slow and turning to the left, or idling and turning the steering wheel.
How can I remove the Radiator Clutch fan. I have tried holding the pully that it is attached to I have broken wrenches bent bolts that hold the pully on and the nut holding the clutch fan on is starting to round off o...
how do i pull the front axle out
how do i take out the front axle driver side
Why won't my truck shift into overdrive/
when i brake the front right wheel pulls very hard ton the right please help thanks