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I will be driving on the freeway for 30 minutes, the truck will be running great. The temperature gage needle is in the middle. I will pull in for fuel and it will be difficult to start. After the third attempt it will start but it won't run that great. The check engine light will go on but it will reset itself after a day or 2 of driving. Thinking that leaking injectors could be the cause of my problems, I added some fuel conditioner to correct the problem. That was a mistake. Once again I shut the engine off after running it for a while and when I tried to start it 10 minutes later it would barely run. It was running on only 10% of it's regular power. The engine temperature started to climb. I pulled into a gas station 5 minutes later and filled the tank with high test fuel and let the engine cool down. It's engine is performing the way it did before but I don't dare shut the engine off when it's warmed up and try to start it 10 minutes after. Could you tell me what is causing this condition?

My front and rear brake lines on my 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Pick Up are rusted and I need to replace them. Could you give me step by step instructions on how to accomplish this?

Growling sound when making hard right or left turn. I've replaced both hubs twice, rotor and pad, the sound did not change. Local shop could not find the problem. He thought it might need two hoses replaced on the power steering unit, $600.00 is high for a, I think it will work.

Passenger side floor is always wet. Cannot figure out where the water is coming from. Has been suggested that the A/C drain line may be clogged, but don't even know where to start looking for that.

The a/c fan motor stops often ,stays off for a while then starts back.It started this about 60k miles ,it has 112.000 ,seems to be getting more frequent lately

when replacing ac compressor and accumulator, how much compressor oil is required?

I have NO power at the factory installed trailer plug.
Fuses seem to be good

I recently changed the A/C condenser in my truck and now all of a sudden , the air is only cold on the drivers side ! And just warm on the passengers side ! Why is that and how can I fix the problem?

inside the fuel tank is their suppose to be a ping pong ball looking thing inside n if so what is it used for im guessing it has something to do with the fuel sensor level but not sure your replys will be greatly appreiciated

a/c blows cold only on driver side. a/c, right blinker right window and windshield wipers stops working for a while then restarts

I need to drain the radiator and can't find the pet cock.

Has anyone experienced problems with the factory radio intermittently losing power? Sometimes when I start my truck, the radio is inoperative because it is not getting power. Then again, sometimes I start it up and the radio works. Has anyone had problems like this, perhaps a loose connection in the fuse box or something?

how to adjust steering box

when I try to accelerate, my engine sputters and dies. It will idle, as long as I don't try to accelerate. What is causing this?

i have a problem with my 4WD, the light comes on for high and low but it makes a loud grinding noise when being engaged, is the transfer case causing it to not engage properly? would the chain need to be tightened to eliminate the problem? or would i have to get a entirely new transfer case? the truck was from florida so the 4WD was probably not used much, thanks Nick

i have a 2001 dodge 2500. my transmission normaly shifts into overdrive about 45 to 50 mph, but today it started shifting in & out of overdrive very quickly while driving between 45 & 50 but if i go ahead and accelerate above 50 it will engage into overdrive just fine but seems to be getting worse. is this a bad sensor or could it be a bad solonoid.

Blower stopped working but if you hit a rough spot in the road sometimes it would start working again. Now it dosen't work at all. I unplugged the 2 plugs from the blower. I have power on the 2 prong connector tested with a 12 volt light. On the 4 prong connector I have nothing with ignition on and blower switch in any position. Yes I checked fuse and it shows good. I think it is the switch but I don't know to get the dash apart to replace it. How do I do this I don't want to brake the plastic dash where do I start?

I need to replace the oil pan on my 8.0 96 ram 2500 and would like to know if the engine needs to jacked up or if it will just un bolt and slide out?

Were is my Thermostate located on a 1996 Dodge Ram van B 250, with a 5.2 litter enging

need a new fuel pump but dont know where it is located to change it

on my pickup when i first bought it the lights would shut of when i had my brights on but it would leave my markers on. now they shut of without my brights on just on normal and i just push in the switch and back out and they turn on anyone have any ideas what it could be

will not charge, tack does not work,trans does not shift correctly,friend read an article,said to check the crank sensor or engine speed sensor,how do you check

Checked the fuses and replaced the bulbs, i still do not have break lights.

pcm keeps putting trans in limp mode. it resets itsself when you turn off truck. I have had the trans rebuilt(6) times and the sensor replaced 2 times sence the last rebuild. had the pcm checked and the dealer says it is up to date. does any one what could be causing this problem?


heater core is leaking.

Recently inherited 1996 ram 2500 diesel turbo, can't lower the middle console in front seat. Help?

Diagnostics alarm states o2 sensor bank 2

The truck is a dual battery set up. The battery that is closest electrically to to the alternator continually overheats and leaks acid. It has been replaced 3 times and is not the problem. The alternator has been replaced and puts out 12.4 to 15 volts and is not the problem. The remaining battery does not cook with the problematic battery removed from the system and the charging system appears to work normally.

how do i adjust bank 1 fuel trim too rich?