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When I try to start my truck the solenoid just clicks. I replaced one of the batteries in it an in the process I accidently touched one of the positive terminals to the frame. Would this cause my starter to go bad? I ...
I put a new steering column in my 2000 dodge ram 2500 and it has no power and will not start,only the hazard lights work,I was told it needed reset by computer because of the anti-theft, what else could be the problem?
friends truck wont go into 5th he can put it into 5th but when he lets the clutch out it acts like it is in netural its not grinding still has all other gears any idea whats wrong
just wandering how hard it would be to replace the head gasket on my diesel engine.
will the transmission from a 99 360 work on a 97 cummins
I want to replace the turn signal flasher. Where is it located?
the heater never seems to get very worm.
Turns over but wont start................
Why my diesel truck wont start?
When you pull start the truck shuts off?
Why do diesel trucks have a plug to plug into an outlet?
wat is the easyest way to change the water pump
My 2002 Dodge 2500 2wd 8 ft bed 5.9 cummins truck was cutting out when it was cold has a fault code 115 for engine speed sensor. Tried finding promblem and couldn't so pluged in to with a snap on scanner on th...
How do you program new key fob for dodge ramm 2500 turbo diesel?
Attempting to plow with truck ,engine is running rough and fouling plugs what can be done? Need info on Overdive feature, do not have owner manual
My left, rear turn signal and my right break light will not work. I have cleaned the connections with wd-40 and I installed all new bulbs in both rear tail light assemblies. I also put some bulb grease on the new bulb...
Truck won't start or even turn over.Red light flashing on dash.Battery has never been changed and has been cranking a little slower lately but it is not dead and nconnections are good.Any help would be greatly appreci...
I have a manual transmission. My interior lights were working and there were no fault codes. I installed an uplift pump and a new radiator, a fuel sender unit, a windshield wiper motor and 2 batteries. Now I am get...
When I start the truck the oil pressure gauge is a little high, but then goes down; but each time I start to drive and give it gas the gauge rises each time I push the gas..What could be wrong?
My parking lights the two ambers up front and the four reds on back wont go out even when you turn theignition off they stay on when engine is on and light switch is off too only way to make them go off is kill power ...
how do I repair fuel gage. Checked fuses (unless fuel gage fuses are located elsewhere). What else can I check?
shakes a little when you have the overdrive on around 35 mph when step on the gas slower
The engine will crank over but it will not start. The lift pump has been checked out and is good but when you turn the key on the lift pump doesnt come on...The ignition switched as been checked and it is also good..P...
To adjust the bands on my 4speed auto tranny i need to know what type it is 46re, 47re or 48re How do i tell? All three have different adjustments
The left headlight, nor the left plow light work on low beam. Tried a new isolation module and that didn't help. Any ideas?
heat is not work when i stop and start work when i driving what would cause that
Response: no warning lights. Just changed filter and fluid. No change.
Shifts ok when cold. When warm, hesitates until RPM's 1500 or more. If it does shift into 3rd, it will immediately downshift and try to shift again. Am able to get home at 30 mph; no more.
my blower is only working on high, and the heater will not blow continuous heat... when turned down for a few seconds then turned back up it will blow nice and hot air for a few seconds and then back to warm... what c...