I need to replace the oil pan on my 8.0 96 ram 2500 and would like to know if the engine needs to jacked up or if it will just un bolt and slide out?

Were is my Thermostate located on a 1996 Dodge Ram van B 250, with a 5.2 litter enging

need a new fuel pump but dont know where it is located to change it

on my pickup when i first bought it the lights would shut of when i had my brights on but it would leave my markers on. now they shut of without my brights on just on normal and i just push in the switch and back out and they turn on anyone have any ideas what it could be

will not charge, tack does not work,trans does not shift correctly,friend read an article,said to check the crank sensor or engine speed sensor,how do you check

Checked the fuses and replaced the bulbs, i still do not have break lights.

pcm keeps putting trans in limp mode. it resets itsself when you turn off truck. I have had the trans rebuilt(6) times and the sensor replaced 2 times sence the last rebuild. had the pcm checked and the dealer says it is up to date. does any one what could be causing this problem?


heater core is leaking.

Recently inherited 1996 ram 2500 diesel turbo, can't lower the middle console in front seat. Help?

Diagnostics alarm states o2 sensor bank 2

The truck is a dual battery set up. The battery that is closest electrically to to the alternator continually overheats and leaks acid. It has been replaced 3 times and is not the problem. The alternator has been replaced and puts out 12.4 to 15 volts and is not the problem. The remaining battery does not cook with the problematic battery removed from the system and the charging system appears to work normally.

how do i adjust bank 1 fuel trim too rich?

the fan on the air an heat will only run on high

Not sure if the battery dying had anything to do with this or not but gf decided to clean the truck out and ended up leaving the cargo light on all day. I boosted it and it started but would not stay running. Is running real rough now. No clue what is going on with it. I have been having the problem listed here as far as shifting between drive and over drive that no one had any idea why....changed the fuse and hoping that will solve that problem but not going to know until I figure out this rough idle I have going on now!

truck runs for 30 min . cuts off let it sit for 20min restarts. replaced crank sensor still cuts off. loose's
fire and fuel??? can cam sensor in distribitor cause this??also replaced cut off relay!

it is dripping so I figured it will need to be replaced...would this be covered under an extended warranty?

truck will not stay running. turn over, fire up, die. several times until it stays running. changed battery, and some sensors.

truck will start, die. start, die. start, run, die. start, run, brake, die.

does anyone have code book for 97 dodge ram 2500 diesel code 1683 thanks

what type of batteries should i buy

Where does the control feed come from

Is there a brake proportioning valve on a '97 Dodge Ram Diesel 2500 4x2? Also, other than manually adjusting rear shoes, what is the proper procedure for self-adjusting brakes. Have always manually adjusted rear brakes but never seems to be sufficient braking from the rear.

where is the ECTS located at. found the one in front near thermoastat. need the second one for the temp gauge. gauge wont work. can uplug the sensor in front and gauge will peg out then go back down.

where is the electronic coolant temperature sensor located at. i think there two. found one cant find the second one.

check engine light come on, no trouble codes, comes on again.

how come when i get a half a tank in my 97 dodge 2500 diesel it loses its prime

engine suddenly accelerating whenever coming to a complete stop

my transmission has a sluggish shift out of 1st and 2nd gear. I am attempting to do a tune-up(fluid & filter). I noticed a square shaped magnet at the bottom of the pan and I don't know if it belongs there or if it is some mistake from another mechanic. the magnet does not appear broken, and it doesn't have any sharp edges. please help.

Hi, my ABS light came on awhile back. I took it to the dealership and they said it was the speed sensor that is in the rear end, I had it replaced and the light is still on. I have checked all the wiring and can not find anywhere that it is broke, all of the fuses are good. Can you help please