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Drive the truck 1 mile or less, thats when truck goes crazy. All of a sudden, The cluster lights up, gauges flat line, ABS light on engine light on. No head lights, no tail lights, no turn signal. Speedometer bounces ...
It will only run for several miles before it over heats and dies
I have had fluid filter change made it better for a short time.
Check all bulbs daily front and rear. Left turn signal light blinks repidly compared to right. Replaced all rear bulbs and circuit boards for taillights. Lamp out message on dash remains
replaced crankshaft and camshaft position help. I have to give it the gas for it to start...then hard start..been doing this for over a year..sometimes malfunction light comes on..but dealer said no codes....
I have heard alot of the same thing happenin to many hemi truck owners but no one has an answer. Can anyone help with a strating point of what's wrong. When throttle acceleration it begins to die down,will stall but w...
06 dodge ram truck 5.7 changed oil filter and oil sending unit right above oil filter drove a couple miles still did same thing stop truck turn engine off restart gauge gos back to normal
What should I look for.I'm lost on this .help please anyone else have this problem
I was told maybe it's the temperature sencor. Where's this located?
Could it be the alternator charging a weak battery? Or PCV Valve?
Every morning there's a puddle of what I believe to be transmission fluid under the front of my pickup. I have driven it to warm it up and check the fluid. The levels are always within the limits. I have added a trans...
Doesnt blow much air through front vents when using ac. Any ideas?
Ac evaporator and ac condenser and thermostat and water pump changed and lower radiator hose but I still have no coolant going though and over heats could it be the radiator
my knob for the airflow control only works on high, whether its AC or heat it works great on high, but nothing at all on the lower settings. Any advice?
R.R heater core
I have replaced several parts on it, plugs and wires, throttle positioning sensor, map sensor, battery, repaired vacuum lines. Cadillac converter was stopped up they drilled holes in it and it worked for a while. Each...
There's a grinding noise coming from the rear of the truck when in reverse. It's especially noticeable when turning. There's been a recent recall for a pinion problem but the notice said there are no parts available t...
I have a 6 foot vacuum hose that comes of the center of the engine on the passenger side. Trying to find out where that house connects to
My mecanic check water lines thermostat water pump and he say he don't know what's the problem
I'm down to the heads but I see a what looks like a plastic cover at the front side of left head. Does that have to come out to remove the head bolts? If so, how?
the throttle body lever are slightly different. truck starts when fuel is added to throttle body but wont stay running. the 5.2 throttle body lever has slack on throttle pedal cable which i think is causing the thrott...