I replaced bearing and shocks, balljoints. My tire on the drivers side front shakes as though it is going to fall off. tie rod end is not suppose to go up and down just twist side to side correct?

i have power to my turn lamp but it does not light i have changed bulbs

Engine has had a tick for about a year. Last month it overheated and was low on antifreeze. I put 2 gal. in in 2 weeks. I've had it to 4 or 5 mechanics and no one could find the leek told me to put in bars leek..No more loosing antifreeze,then I got a tune up and now the tick seems louder. Two mechanics says lifters, one says lifters or possible loose timing chain and to just drive my truck and a (GM) dealership says engine bearings and rod. But I don't think its a rod knock because it doesn't make the noise until the engine warms up. What do I do ?

I recently filled my trany up with water.I drained the trans. & transfer-case but, I didn't pay attintion to what type of lubricant came out of my transfer-case.

what would i have to do on my 2003 dodge ram 1500 3.7l to convert it over to a 4.7l

Owner complaint of shifting problems after driving thru high water. Retrived P0740 trouble code found lack of trans service, low fliud, and distinct humming sound when idling in N. What to do 1st, $ is issue.

my truck just dies with no worning why?

my truck dies with no worning?

put in a new battery . but still went dead in a few days

Just started hearing this, like a metal clacking sound while turning tight turns

fan belt started skueaking yesterday belt is new

I've owned enough Dodge's to know when a ball joint is about to go out and I'm getting to old to change them myself. What would it cost to replace both the upper ball joints?

What do the head bolts have to be torqued to on a 96 dodge RAM 1500 5.2L v8?

My truck starts but when i press on the gas the engine acts like it want to bog out i changed the spark plugs, wires, distributor cap I also changed the Throttle Position Sensor and air flow sensor on the Throttle body but i am still having the same problem could it be me fuel pump that causing by not giving the engine enough gas it idols just fine

I have a 2010 dodge pickup i want to change theheat & ac button with a automatic one the one i hav now u can not keep temputer at the same climate my exciting one has a fan button thaat u can push in and it will circelate floor heat 2nd button controla hot coldwith a ac button 3rd button is the setting button that lets u have heat come out of the vents please call me 201-306-5686

I have a 2010 dodge 1500 sport and i pushed the oil change service from Dover Dodge every time i want to set up service oil change i purshed the oil chande pack i was told that they did not have a loaner at that time so i want to change oil rotate tires an chang air intake filter. i took it to DeCozen and they rotated tires changed oil and fixed 3 or 4 recols that i never got a notice about them thet said the oil change was free because i had the oil change plan and they did a 10000 service call it cost me 555.33for 10.000 service changed oil roate tires can you tell me if this is correct labor -$ 379.16 parts139.84

looking for the egr valve in my truck, don't know if i have one

I have had the truck for a year . and I am on my fourth radiator already .
also just started hearing a popping noise in reverse or forward from take off , was good my problems be?

i have bn having oil pressure problems. i start it and it will idle but when i accelerate it drops. i have changed the oil and filter. what could the problem be?

Around town oil pressure indicator is normal. On the highway it drops to L and Check Engine light comes on. Is it the Oil Pump?

I have a 1994 dodge ram v8 it starts up great but seems to want to cut off I changed the spark plugs and wires got a new Z-BWD series Cap(C274Z) for it but it seem to want to cut off when I give it gas and it will not pick up speed I have no leaks of any kind and 17000 miles on it

i have a 1997 dodge 1500 4x4 the 4x4 drive shaft has been taken out.i put it in to 4 wheel drive it engaged fine when i went to put it back in to 2 wheel drive it has got the front 4 wheel engaged and the 4wd light is can i get it back to 2wd drive? it ran fine before i put it into 4 wheel.

1998 Ram 1500, just started blowing heavy white exhaust, heavy enough you can't see 2 - 3 blocks behind you due to it.

i put in 4 wheel drive,now i cant get it to disengage what can i do?

1997 dodge 5.9 1500 ram i engaged the 4x4 and now it wont disengage what can i do ..??

front end shakes when coming to a stop, worse with speed. ball joints are good,bearings good, no pulsing in the brake peddle. what could be causing the shakeing?

u-joints on the front end of my truck and having trouble on getting the u-joints off

How hard is it to replace a front halfshaft on an 02'ram 1500? Do I have to seperate any ball joints or can I just remove thehub bearing an remove the halfshaft?

OK I got into my truck to go to town and driving about 15 miles the check engine light came on and the truck stopped shifting into overdrive, also cruise control turns on but will not set and the door locks are locking at random times during transit, i tried hitting the oeverdrive button on and off a bunch of times, also when idleing if I idle it up to 1600 rpms and let off the engine will die, all the fluids are good, the road I was traveling on when all this began was very wet, could water have done something...please help