check engine light came on and a P1740 code came up.

Dealer want to charge me $149 to replace a defective oil pressure switch because of no reading on the oil pressure gauge. Is this repair cost in the ballpark

how do you change out the front wheel bearings and what is needed to do the job.

If we have heavy rain the truck will turn over but not fire. After the rain stops and truck dries the truck will crank like nothing has happened.

I just had work done on my truck to repair low/no oil pressure. It cost 2000.00. The next day the oil pressure needle fell again down to low/no oil pressure. What could possibly be the problem now?

I have no wipers, signal lights, tail lights or brake lights. At first it was all that PLUS headlights, fog lights, high beams and dashboard lights. I changed the wiper switch amd headlight switch, checked all fuses and relays. Bulbs are fine. What else can I do?

What is the code & where can I look to fix it?

Regardless of the settings cold air blows from the left vent and on the floor on driver and passenger sides. Warm heat comes from passenger vent

truck will not while idleing only when truck is being driven the heater works

heater does not blow at all while idling but will start to blow when truck starts going down the road

i have a 2001 Dodge Ram we got stuck in some snow after we got unstuck we have no reverse and no heat can anyone tell me what it could be did the reverse go out or could it be a vacuum leak my brother told me it could possibly be a vacuum leak just wondering if anyone can help

how many u joints on it, what is the one in the center called.

temp gauge in-op. location of gauge temp sending unit.

My running lights don't work. I can't drive my truck past 5PM. I thought maybe it was the bulbs so I took them out and replaced them. I then realized the fronts are out too. My headlights, fogs, turns and brake lights all work. I checked every fuse and relay and everything was good with the exception of the cigarette lighter fuse. I have a 4 flat harness for my trailer and I even took that out just in case, but nothing. I'm thinking it must be the switch on the dash? I asked around and It'll cost me $80 for a replacement switch which simply plugs in but I don't want to risk buying it and that not being the problem. Any suggestions to what it might be?

mirror is cracked, have purchased replacement, need to know how to remove the broken mirror and replace with new one

can i replace the 1997 transmission for a 2006 transmission will it work conrectly

can parts from a 1996 dodge ram 5.2,be used on a 2002 4.7 dodge ram q or what year,make,model is the 2002 dodge ram enerchangeable with

Air filter

I just recently installed a tow hitch wiring harness. I connected the pieces to my factory plugs, and now when i step on the brake, the rev lights come on????

i have replaced my rear end spider gears once befor around 36000 miles it is now at 63333 miles and i have to replace the entire rear end differential. does anybody know whats up with this trucks rear end?? PLEASE HELP!!!

how much should it cost to repair an engine with little or no oil pressure. also, what causes this problem especially when there is plenty of oil in the engine?

how much should it cost to repair an engine with little or no oil pressure?

tranny slips in and out of overdrive have changed fluid and filter. but still does it

2004, dodge 1500, 4.7, 4x2, regular cab. 145k mi., unknown maint. schedule,. auto trans. not slipping, but does not seem to be shifting at proper rpm. will flushing, using proper filter and trans fluid clear the problem?

I would like to know if a 1970's automatic will work in my 1997?

My 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 seems to not be pumping heat from the floor vents, only the dash and defrost vents. Could it be a problem with the blend door? if so where do i find it and what should I do. This problem just started within the last 2-3 days and was working perfect before that.
Thanks in advance

Happened 3x in last week at 3 different gas stations so it has to be the truck. Gas gauge is working. Gas pump keeps cutting off and can only get gas in if you hold to a trickle

Problem idling when sitting still with engine light coming on while sitting. Idles rough What is a code 21 on the engine diagnostics check, ambient or O2 sensor?

Just purchased 2004 Dodge Ram 1500,reg cab, auto trans and has 145000 mi. Trans is not slipping, but does not seem to be shifting at the proper RPM/power range. Unknown maint,. schedule.

only blows warm air when moving, at a stop it blows cold air , the coolant is full, no leaks