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The a/c compressor does not get power. I believe the high pressure switch is activated thereby keeping the compressor from starting. How do I get the high pressure switch reset or is there another possible answer.
my ac blows cold but barely comes out of vents even on high can anyone help me wth this problem
where is oil pressure switch on a 1994 dodge magnum pickup 5.2 liter?
I used injector cleaner a couple days ago and the next morning my truck would barely start. When I finally got it started the (check engine) light was on and it was missing and would not idle properly. I can think of ...
1500 dodge 02 2 wheel I can not get it off spraid it rubber hammer it please help me
gets hot every time i pull something
I cannot turn my tires anymore. I heard a clunk earlier and just thought it might have been my suspension and how the speed bump was. However, later when I got into my truck It was making a very loud and strange gri...
How do I get the air filter cover off??? I've un snaped it but it won't come off.
How long does it take to change an expansion plug on a dodge 1500 pu on the block
There is a clicking noise when I am accelerating and when I get up to speed it stops. What is that?
Remote door lock on the rear passanger door will not operate. I had the same problem with the front driver door a few month ago.
with fan on high ,makes loud noise and doesnt move lots of air-i think somethings wrong with internal flaps. can i buy a repair kit?
after driving for about an hour the oil light turns on and the oil pressure goes to 0. I turn off truck then turn on and I can drive another 1 hour or so the it happens again. about 80 mph.
It appears that my rear passenger side shock absorber is leaking fluid. It is likely that I will need to replace both rear shocks to maintain equal rigidity. I tow a two horse trailer with my truck so I may want to ...
the passenger side window will not go up or down. i think it came of track but im not sure how it goes back together is there a certain way it goes back together
small leak at bottom of radiator can it be repaired
ac blows cold air on driver side/ hot on pass. side. this truck has a single climate control, floor/defrost and front vents all do this. is there an acuator motor between right and left side on a single climate con...
I would like to know, in order and detailed, exactly where to start. And how to finish of course. Thank you.
Could the problem be a bad grommet on the vacuum line? If so, can I just replace it or will I have to replace the whole boosTer?
had to stand on my brakes with both feet pedal would not depress
had to stand on my brakes to stop my truck. Pedal would not depress.
a/c not working at idle intermitant when slowing down at stopping stops blowing no dtc codes
How do you take the fuel hose off. 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 4.7L V8 Continued problem with overheating. Already have replaced raditor once and engine once. 70000 miles later and same problem.
The air is cold while moving but gets warm at red light after stopping maybe within a minute. It will turm cold when I start moving. I charged it anyway but did not help. There is a small fan on the driver side besid...
the engine it's a 5.9 v-8 ,shuts down when it warms up,it wont start back up till it cools down some ,i'm getting code 42 which has to do with the automatic shutdown circuit, anyone have any ideas where or what to che...
I'd like to know where the cabin air filter is located and where can I get a replacement?
Recently had to replace tranny in truck, replaced catalytic converter also and new fuel pump. Truck has 165,000 on it. Everything back together and been triple checked by at least 4 other people. When truck starts, ...
i have a 1995 dodge ram 1500 pickup. it was running fine until i went to pass someone and it hesitated. The passing gear did not kick in it seems that all power was gone. I just put gas in it from a station I hardly ...
my transmission slips and check enine light comes on after truck gets wet, ii.e., rain, car wash etc. quits slipping in about 10 miles of driving. light goes off at random times. sometimes a day or two other times a ...