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A/C blower will blow or not blow. Now it has completly stopped working. The switches will not divert it to defrost or back to A/C and the blower will not blow at all. Checked freon and it if fine. Checked relays b...
does the automatic transmission on this vehicle have a non-locking or a locking torque convertor?
does the automatic transmission on this vehicle have a non-locking or a locking torque convertor?
my air conditioner is switching from my vents to my defroster back and forth. What do you think the problem is?
I have a 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 w/ a 5.7L HEMI engine. The truck has been great up until 100,000 miles which happened last month. The biggest problem is that the A/C doesn't work when I am parked or at idle speed. It ...
My truck alarm keeps going off randomly with no one messing with it. I tried disconnecting the battery, and then I also tried replacing the battery in the fob. Also tried holding down the unlock button on the fob wh...
my cruise control no longer works. Anyway I can reprogram it to work or reset it? Please need help immeaidetly!!!
Our truck died at a stoplight, and was unable to restart. We have replaced the battery, and starter, checked the alternator, and tried resetting. The truck just clicks when we try to start it. This makes the third tim...
It has a Rusty smell.after I bought the in 2008,The last time I did this I used distilled water and it smells the same. Thank You Robert
Brake fluid is leaking badly from back driver side just in front of rear tire?
When running heater the passenger side only blows hot and now that it is summer when i use my A/C and my truck runs hot
Please give me an estimate of cost of the following: Left outer tie rod and alignment, lower ball joints, transfer case output seal. I live in CT. Thanks
I have a noise something like a rattle in 2 wheel drive but when i engage 4 wheel drive it goes away had in 5 shops and nobody can tell me what it is. Help answer this problem for me before i get stranded on the side ...
The water temperature gauge has stopped working on my vehicle. I called the Dodge dealer and spoke to a mechanic, and he stated that the gauge itself is out and that to replace it, I would have to replace the entire ...
how do i replace the center section of a power sliding rear window?
About 4 days ago we had a ton of rain the roads were getting flooded but not to where I should not been able to go through the puddles went through 1 then the second 1 when I came out of the second 1 sounded like my c...
The a/c vents will not change position. Checked all fuses and found to 20amp's blown but everything was working except for the vent problem. Replaced fuses anyway but still the a/c blows cold air out of all vents.
I have been experiencing a leak in the well under the back seat behind the driver side of the cab. When I feel up the back of the underside of the seat, there is a foam type filler that is wet, so I believe it is comi...
rear end makes a whining sound when driving
Light came on a month ago for approx 30 seconds. Did a service, fluid flush, change and filter. Did not want to over fill.....drove a couple of weeks....light came on and stayed on until arrival at home approx 10 mi...
Im installing a radio, and i need to hook up the accessorie wire. The one tjat has power when u turn the key back. What can i tap into, or where is the fuse box that has the wiper fuses
I can hear the AC blowing strong but the air is slightly coming through vents, whats wrong
blower vent door is stuck almost compleatly closed. how can i repair. how much trouble is it to take out the dash?
I have a 1995 Dodge Ram 4x4 it doesnt idle right, i replaced the idle sensos but got the same results. normally at stop lights it wants to stall,and hesitation ocassionaly when i take off. Help Eric !!!
c/e light on...usually solved by re-tightenening fuel cap..not working this time..any fix or part to replace?
Lately I have noticed that my A/C has been alternating between blowing cold air then it blowing warm. DO I need a A/C freon charge? If so, where are the charge ports? If not what may the problem be? Thanks
My speedometer and cruise control do not work and my check engine, brake light, and ABS lights are lit. What would be the cause of this and how can I fix the problem?
When driving if you let loose of the wheel it turns to the right real bad and make a thumping noise
recently replace blown 95 engine, installed a 99, have no power to coil, everything shows to be right
tryin to take water pump off,how do i take off fan hub frist