How much to change the belt?
How much to change radiator hoses?

Not really sure what causes my truck to stall when coming to stop for no reason. No check engine light at all. It dies and then I have to restart it and hope that I can make it through the next light without it dying again. Last mechanic said he could find nothing, someone has to know what I am referring to?

it goes into neutral random times

I just bought a 2007 Ram 1500 that has 45000 miles on it. 2wd, 4.7l, quad cab, flex fuel. Truck ran fine for 700 miles, then I started hearing a ratcheting noise when I would crank the truck up and go from park to reverse. I crawled under it and it sounds like some kind of solenoid trying to engage, but it can't for some reason. Also, it only happens when the transmission is warm and idling fast. If you let the idle go down to about 700rpm, it doesn't make any noise. Only when it idles above 1000rpm does it happen. I have read several posts similar to this, but nobody seems to have an answer. I took it to a Dodge dealer and couldn't get anyone who knew what I was talking about. Took it to a transmission shop and the guy said that all later model Chryslers did this.

Another question - should the truck be idling that high after it is warm. It doesn't seem to matter how warm the engine is. When it fires off, it starts at about 1200rpm, then after 15 seconds it gradually starts to creep down to about 650rpm. I don't understand why it has to idle that high if it is hot. I did reset the PCM using the 31st fuse method and I unhooked the battery for about a half hour just for kicks.

About the only other issue with the truck is that it downshifts from 4th to 3rd very firmly. So firmly that it is almost a clunk. After I reset the PCM, this problem appeared to be resolved, but now it is back. Also, it would hold onto a shift longer when accelerating after I reset it. These two symptoms seem to go hand in hand.

Transmission fluid is full and very clean. Truck runs very smooth and tight. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

How do I reset the computer on my 2007 Dodge Ram 1500?

I have replace the serpentine belt and both idle pulleys and it is still ticking and squeaking. I poured water in the belt before and after replacing it and the noise stopped each time. I am not a mechanic, but could this noise be a warning of something major about to happen,AGAIN. I just spent $2000.00 due to low/no oil pressure. Also, it was not making this noise pryor to the oil pressure issue. Does anyone have any more suggestions?

i bought both front hub and seal assembly,for my RAM now I need to have them proffesionally installed, now I need to know what the average cost of labor, and how many hours it should take to fix it. Thanks for any imput.

today waterpump leaking daily

we are working on a 01 ram 1500 we have replaced the coil, crankshaft position sensor and the fuel pressure is good we are looking for ideas. It stalls under load now and randomly the check engine light flashes when it does this.

I need to order rebuild kit and cant find numbers on transmission itself

when i got to drive me 1995 dodge ram 1500 with the 5.9 v8 the speedometer dont work it just bounces back and forth what could it be

just dies and sometimes will start right away and sometimes couple of hrs. cranks like out of fuel, but not.

I have a 2003 Dodge ram 4.7. When changing the oil I noticed some brown goo on the oil neck. The engine runs fine, no knocks. This appears to be coolant mixant in the oil. Could this be a head gasket or an intake gasket? Any suggestions? I just bought the truck 4 months ago :(

where is the thermostat located and how do you install it

How do you know if the alternator is going bad? I have replaced the serpentine belt and idle pulley but I still hear a squeaking/ticking noise. The only other thing in that area is the alternator. Could this possible be the problem. I am running out of options.

I hear a ticking/whistling noise coming from the area near that one main belt thats goes around all the pulleys. I thought it was the idle but that wasn't it. What should I try next?

while driving my 02 dodge 1500 pu the door locks started going up and down and light came on saying open door and dinging what could be wrong? thank you for any help.-Michelle


need a diagram on installing the timing chain

garage told me the drivers side wheel hub assembly was worn and needs to be replaced. need an estimate but nothing shows up under this type of repair.

Recently i've been hearing a great deal of squeaking noise coming from the front passenger side wheel area of my truck. I pressed down on all four corners of the truck and it only squeaks on the front passenger side. It occurs whenever i hit a bump, and when i turn, or if i'm standing beside it and rock that side of the truck. Any suggestions to what it could be?

I have a engine wiring problem with my 1994 Dodge Ram 1500; When I drive in forward gear the engine shakes and runs very rough...plus it back fires when I step on the gas pedal - No power at all!!

But, when I drive it in reverse gear, the engine runs smooth and fine...No back fire or running rough!!!

My truck has been parked for about a month now, because of this problem, I had a complete tuned-up in the fall of 2010, everything was fine up to this point. My buddy and I checked the spark plugs wires to see if they were not loose and also made sure the distributor cap was secure...and we checked the spark plugs to see if they were gapped right.

Everything checked out okay!

When my friend and I were just about to give up, we tried one more thing - my friend put the truck in forward gear and held the brake while giving it some gas; Under the hood there's a bunch of wires in a black curly tube on the body of the truck above the engine...I started shaking that tube of wires and the engine smoothe it self out and wasn't running rough anymore.

So, I drove it around for about 20 minutes everything was fine, I guess once the engine got hot...the problem started up again - running rough, back firing, No power when I stepped on the gas. This only happen's in forward gear, it doesn't happen in reverse gear!!

We think it's a bad wire some where,that's broken, rusty or hitting against the engine, but where do I look...what wire would cause this type of problem?

Need Help Bad!

Thank You,
Terry Clark

Where do I store the jack? I can't find any place to tie it down or anything?

dodge 1997 will not start in park have to put it in neutrel before start , what is problem.

the passenger side of the head light on my 2002 dodge ram is not working

When i was driving this morning i was going down the freeway and when i pushed the brakes my pedal went all the way to the floor and i made it to a store and checked the brake fluid and it was empty so i put some in and about a half a mile down the road the brakes went out again and it was empty but the brake pedal goes all the way to the floor and have no brakes at all so please tell me what i can do...

check engine light came on and a P1740 code came up.

Dealer want to charge me $149 to replace a defective oil pressure switch because of no reading on the oil pressure gauge. Is this repair cost in the ballpark

how do you change out the front wheel bearings and what is needed to do the job.

If we have heavy rain the truck will turn over but not fire. After the rain stops and truck dries the truck will crank like nothing has happened.