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When I start the truck up the oil pressure gauge reads normal. When I accelorate the oil pressure gauge drops to almost nothing. If I let off teh gas the pressure returns some. Is this a sensor issue or an oil pump issue?

what is the procedure for changeing the oil pump

I replaced both front calipers on my 4x4 5.7 1500 dodge 2004. Bled the brakes from passenger rear to driver rear to passenger front driver front. Still no brake, pedal goes to the floor. Iperformed this procedure twice once with the truck off and once with the truck running. Still no brake pressure. Is there something else that needs bleeding?

Our truck would be running just fine, we would stop, turn off the truck and go back later and start the truck and it would just start and die, start and die. Is this a mechanical problem, a security problem or just a lemon. If this is a security problem, how do we fix it.

how do I change a headlight of the right and left side of the headlight of my truck. It looks like it will be a tough change

how do you change the front strut bolts

fuel gauge will not work is the float on top of the fuel tank and what is the best way change it


i need to change oil pump

truck cranks but does not start and im not getting no fire to the coil

i want to replace my S-Belt on this P/U ---- How do u loosen
the Belt Tensioner???? Belt drives water pump, Fan,Etc....

I wish the answer was as easy as the question. My air bag light stays on but the air bag was never deployed? How do I cleaR IT.

This only when in park or when the air is on.

When I am going down the interstate or any road in this case, and i hit a bump or a crack in the asphalt the front end will jerk or jump to one side, it will just about jerk the steering wheel out of your hand. It really gets bad,to the point of wrecking, when you go around a curve and hit a crack in the asphalt,it literally almost jerks you off the road. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you. I have installed new ball joints and had a front-end alighnment and fixing to put new shocks on the front end. Neither has helped my problem.

Mild Vibrations in steering wheel & gas pedal after 45mph & while turning left. Sounds & feels like I have knobby tires

The passenger airbag, abs, and brake lights came on in the dash, all at once and together.

I have a 1996 Indy Ram pace truck that sits most of the time (I use a battery switch as the truck has a minor battery drain due to what I believe is a short in the radio). Lately, when I start the motor, I have to keep pressure on the gas to keep it running. When I try to put it in Drive or Reverse, the engine dies...and it does so without a sputter or knock...just simply goes quiet. If I want to move the truck in the driveway, in order to keep the engine from stalling I need to keep pressue on the gas pedal, and my other foot on the brake. Unfortunately I do not have a code reader, perhaps I should purchase one and try that, but does anyone have any ideas on what's happening? Regards, Joe

i have a 1996 ram with 140.000 miles and when i put the truck in drive only drive there is a clicking noise sound like its coming from the bellhousing.The clicking noise speeds up as i accelerate.

mechanic said crankshaft leaks, get it checked ,when ihave my oil changed

had tranny fixed and shop told me i have a small crank leak

What is the best way to raise the front end of my 04 Ram 1500, single cab, 2x4. Purchased it with spacers in front and shakles out back. I like the looks, but rides like a log wagon. Heard torsion bar key was a good way, and I am on a budget!

I have a 04 Doge Ram 1500. Past few months the truck will start acting like it will stall, all lights will dim way down. No codes has been put in place for this. I have replaced altenator, and battery and it quit. Started back up again but with my speedometer bounceing when I hit the brake and Brake/ABS lights come on. I have been told it is my computer going, but cant diagnos it because of no codes. what else can I check

I have an 2002 dodge 1500 2wd, When you first put the truck in reverse it backs up fine but if you stop and then try to go it doesnt want to go, or you have to really gas it so you have to flip it out of reverse and then back into, then it runs fine. Just got a full transmission flush about 2 weeks ago and got all the filers and seals replaced. it seems to be running somewhat better but still happens I was told i needed a new transmission but it isnt slipping and it only does it in reverse and now only 1 out of 2 times you back out compared to everytime. What is wrong with my truck????

just found problem


motor was rebuilt less than 10 months ago and now i have the clattering coming from the passenger side head which is where the original problem occured the code that has come with this problem is 0300 multiple cylinder misfire and i have no past experience with the overhead cam. if nothing else i need to find a GOOD mechanic please

Are the brake line fittings SAE or metric?

I replaced my radiator,water pump,hoses,thermostat and radiator cap. Only half of the radiator gets hot. You can touch the one side.I was told to try and put the truck on a slight hill,leave the cap off and run the truck,NO help. I took everything apart again to flush the radiator and make sure the water pump was working. Everything is. I even bought a new thermostat,no help. Does ANYONE have any ideas that can HELP? I REALLY need it. Been without the truck for 2 months between weather and work. PLEASE HELP! THANKS!!!

what would case my truck make a loud noise and it will not go into gear. but when you put it in 4wheeldrive it make a grinding noise. acts like it is in neutral when it is in gear.

i have bought a comp cam kit off of summit it came with the springs and all i was wondering what all modifications had to be made to install it if any also is it something i can do myself if so what else do i need its my first cam install thank you