is it the first plug or the sedond one on the throttle body one plug is black and one is white one is in front of the throttle body and under the air intake and the other is in the center of the throttle body which is it.

while driving lost power and engine shutdown. was able to restart and get 5 miles home with reduced power and higher than normal rpm's during the drive.

2003 Dodge Ram w/5.9 eng. runs hot w/a/c on and really runs hot when towing my race car trailer.Has new waterpump,radiator,theromostat and extra aftermarket cooling fan on radiator any ideas? Thought mite try to see if a 5.7 radiator maybe bigger not sure

abs and break litr on new rear sensor

after the front calibers were replaced

upper radiator hose hot; bottom hose cold; we have replaced radiator; new water pump; new thermastat and radiator cap - after driving to town and back no pressure; gage reads 200degrees

We have a winding sound coming from the rear of the truck. Had the tires replaced, replaced front wheel bearings, noise is still there and driving us crazy. Can anyone help us?

every time the brake is applied I get a beep sound

i have a 1997 dodge 1500 4x4, my fuel pump is out. my question is.. can i hook up a 1998 fuel pump to it.. wires dont match, maybe rewire to match???

the water pump on my dodge ram 1500 van is still leaking after replacing it.I think it is the hose that goes into the top of the water pump. any suggestions on how to fix this issue?

need piocturte of water pump for this van

Yesterday I changed my front brakes. I had to replace the left caliper. As I was bleeding the caliper alot of white smoke started to come out the tail pipe and it wont stop.

I checked my spark plugs, they look normal, no excesive oil in or around the engine compartment. The truck runs fine, stay on and is not stalling. I am loosing alot of oil, but no leaks at eye view, i figuerd it was because it has over 140,000 miles. i keep my oil changed very regular.

My truck suddenly idled itself up to over 1500. We've pulled codes and nothing shows to be wrong. We tried idling it down and are unsuccessful. Does anyone have any suggesstions. On previous cars and trucks that I have owned, my mechanic simply adjusted the idle speed but that doesn't seem to be that simple with this truck.

i have a 98 dodge ram 1500 has a 3.9 liter engine and i just replaced the thermastat but i didnt think it was the problem but i replaced it any way, and i just replaced the radiator cuz i notice it was leaking.... but my truck is over heating still i have no idea what could be the problem i looked at the water pump and it doesnt look lke its leaking. Any sugestions

There is a crack running from the middle top to the right of the front windshield about how much would this cost to replace or repair?

how much freon to put
in ac and proper guage readings

engine runs ok until the air condition is turn on. Then it
stalls every time I stop. Have to restart the engine again.

Where is the drain come out for the ac

ok i started my truck and a little smoke came out of the two vents and i smelled just a little atafrezze but when i turned one the heater it stoped

dash board

when you accelera te to get out of someones way

i have a 1997 dodge ram 1500 hundred its always been a great truck but every once in a while it would just go dead and i would have to restart it the other day i drove it home and was gonna drive it to work the next morning and it wouldnt start i took the gas take off and checked fuel pump its working i replaced the coil i ts still not firing i even held the coil with my hand while trying to crank it didnt even shock me and info would be helpful....thanks Bobby

was the 2000 dodge ram 1500 available with a 4.7L engine

my 4wd service light cam on as well as the abs and brak stability control light ??????

How do you get the hoses detatched ???

My rear end was broke in a road process so now I want to put on another one but what kind if I can't find the same kind. What other types of rear ends will fit.

I just change a egr valve on my truck when press the pedal its tight and I not getting any power sound rough like it gone dead but dosen't. want to know what i am doing wrong.

Last winter I got stuck in the snow and when trying to get it out by going from Drive to Reverse I sure that I damaged the first gear on the trans. Now after I come to a complete stop, like at a stop sign,if I step on the accelerater to much the truck will make a loud viberating noise untill I let off the gas. If I start out slow and easy there is no problem. I was hoping it was the universal joints wich I replaced myself. That did not help the problem. I also notice that after that first gear when I get into the second and beyond gears it run good but I can feel I vibration in my foot that wasnt there before. My question is: Can this problem be fixed or am I going to have to get a new(rebuilt)trans? Can I possibly fix this myself? The truck has 120k(all highway miles) on it and I cant realy afford to put a ton of money into it. It run great otherwise and I need it for work, so obviously I need something reliable. What would be the most cost effective solution? Thanks for your time. RK

i have taken all the bolts off the oil pan and it will not come off. so my question is, am i missing an another step on removing the pan.

the ac and heater only blow from the defroster not from the dash or floor what can be done