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When my A/C fan is on high not much air was coming out of passenger side last summer, but this summer both sides are affected. The fam motor sounds like it is supposed to but it seems like the doors aren't opening all...
Where is the AC recharge point on a 2006 5.7L Hemi?
code 12 came on after changing out left front fender Say's problem with battery connection. Direct battery connection to PCM disconnected within the last 50 ignition key on cycles. tried to reset but Stays on.? Please...
My truck overheats only while driving never while idling.Ihave replaced the thermostat,waterpump,and the fan clutch fan assembly.
Code 21, Ever since i changed out my left fender(disconnected wireing then reconnected)the check engine light came on says, problem with battery connection. Direct battery input to PCM disconnected within the last 50 ...
Every now and then, the truck feels like it "lurches". You can feel it under the seat. Like you hit a bump or pothole or something - only you didn't. Guess is that something is slipping or binding somewhere in the ...
Driver's side seat heater stopped working. Indicator light on button in the dash flashes when I try to operate it. How to fix?
I can only raise and lower the trucks windows from the driver's switches. The other window switches used to work intermittently but now they just don't. (I have made sure it is not because the window lock button is ...
I'm having trouble getting the brake drums off. In the manual it says that there is a slot to release the tension of the brake pads... haven't been able to located this slot. Any input is appreciated.
my air is blowing out but not near as good as suppose to, but the blower sounds like its running good
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how much is the of cost of transmission replacement?
My 4004 dodge 5.7 Hemi has a code that says #5 cyl is misfireing. What could that be? The engine check light stays on and my overhead outside temp sensor not working.
have a howling noise coming from right rear... Think it is the rear wheel bearing.
hello i have a 1997 dodge ram 1500 4x4 390ci and when i get to 50mph and the truck is just crusing the truck starts to shake and the service engine light starts flashing when i let off the gas the truck stops shaking
iam not getting fire to my blower my a/c clutch are the blower nob
i would like to know what the stuff is to get the odor out of my truck. i smell this alot, my truck is an 04 and i keep it very clean inside but i keep smelling this
Driver drove truck after fan belt broke, overheated. Pep Boys say head gasket, $2000. This is in Tulsa OK.
I have already changed the motot an switch but it still only runs on high speed. what should I do next?
I have changed the motor and the switch still dont work (just on high speed
how to find low side or high side to recharge
When using the A/C at any fan speed, the blower will stop for 20 to 30 seconds then come back on. Wait a few minutes and it repeats.
standard tansmission, truck turns off every time i come to a stop, runs great going down the road, is it idle air control motor if it is where is it
I understand that the wiring can cause this code. I have a cut wire to the IAT and tried soldering but the code remains. Is there a way to repair the wiring without having to replace an entire harness assembly?
I have `03 Dodge 1500 quad cab 4x4 with a 5.7 Hemi Magnum in it.The crank bearings went out and I found another engine for a cheap price.The engine that I want to put in is out of a `01 Dodge 1500 2 wheel drive with a...
lower balljoint loose is this covered under warranty, 32000 miles
ac unit is full of freon, clutch engages and the compressor works but wont blow cold air
Truck won't start. New battery. New alternator. Clicks one time when trying to start. Steering column movement makes it start most the time.
the driver's door latch fails and door handles do not open it either. I have the inside panel off and can see there is no problem with the linkages and there is no damage to the door. Is there a "magic lever" or to...