Airflow will only come out of the defrost area, or the foot area of the truck, nothing will flow from the dash area.

I bought this truck and the only way to open it is with the remote. The key they gave me only cranks the truck. It will not unlock the doors. The battery is dead and i cant get the hood up because i cant get in side. remote wont work with the dead battery. can you help? How can I unlatch the hood from the outside? Do they make a key to unlock the doors?

hello, have no power to the fuel pump, tried jumping the relay out. no luck.. what could kill the power to the relay? will crank if you pour gas to tbi

if i am sitting in traffic for a oeriod of time or just lugging around in the woods it starts smoking until i return to highway speeds i would like to know what is wrong and a estimate for repair.

ever sence i bought the truck 3 months ago

i had replace oil sensor it had pressure about two mind the went to zero when i was driving what cause that

My truck , when i turn the key , is in reverse. i can shift to drive , and the other gears,just not park or nuetral to start the truck. its been happening several times in thr last few weeks. with some shifting back and forth in the past it wouldslip into nuetral and i would start my truck. but i want to know what is going on please!

well no oil pressure and sound like its not getting to top

My 1995 dodge ram1500 p/u driver door latch/lock isn't working. The key won't lock/unlock and the door won't latch closed. I have to tie it shut with rope/bungee cords.How do I repair it myself?

my check engine light win't go off and the code says that the o2 sensor needs to be replaced--where is it?

while driving the vehicle, all bells and whistles lit up, all gauges were normal, vehicle shut down, able to push to side of road. Towed to service station, they quickly looked at it and said the engine locked up but could not immediately say why. Does this sound correct and what could have caused it if all levels were ok?

Have 1999 Dodge Ram. There is a loud chirping coming from under the hood, and just getting worse. Have replaced idler sprocket, belt, water pump and power steering pump. Would gladly shoot the birds if we could just find them! Please help

how you know when your catalyast converter bad?

How many rpms should i be running at 60 miler per our, it is running at 2500 rpms which seems a little high. i have changed the torque convertor can anyone tell me what else could cause this.

Sounds like something is rolling around in the front end, mostly notice it when i apply the breaks. Driving at high speeds you can't here it but when you start to come to a stop you can here it like something is rolling around. Any ideas?

just changed intake manifold gaskets now engine runs really poor, idles rough, no power, and it bogs out help!

when i first start the truck trans shifts perfectly .. after ten minutes doesnt want to down shift it stays in high gear...

2004 dodge ram 1500 4.7 liter quad cab 2 wheel drive. replaced front pads , calipers and rotors. have bled the system for 2 hours and no brakes? tried every trick i know and no results. pedal gets hard whe pumping to bleed as soon as i start the truck the pedal goes all the way to the floor. test dive and after using brakes several time pedal gets firm but then will go soft and push to the floor?

allways never different i understand its cacuum but where

i dont see a milky looking substance in my oil idont see any coolant leaking out i did buy a head gasket kit but dont know how to install i need step by step instructions so i can print off my freinds computer i cant afford a chiltons manual i have two year old twins and behind on all my bills.finally back to work still cant afford a mechanics bill

My lights and horn keep flashing and honking while driving as if it was a truck with a alarm system . I have no alarm system and this happened when I was 2 miles from home at 12 midnight , and I'm sure people thought I stole my own truck..

What can cause this?
I had to remove the battery to kill it.


My truck is a 4x4 and after going camping with an over head camper on the truck now vibrates badly while the OD is on but if turn off then the vibrate deminishes alot. Could this be a torque converter?

I have 37000 mi. Brought it to dealer. They tell me its the brake caliper sometimes sticking and that the passenger side caliper and hose along with new set of front brake pads need to be replaced. Another mechanic tells me he thinks that its electrical coming from under the hood against firewall on passenger side where all wiring and main computer panel are located.

When I start the truck up the oil pressure gauge reads normal. When I accelorate the oil pressure gauge drops to almost nothing. If I let off teh gas the pressure returns some. Is this a sensor issue or an oil pump issue?

what is the procedure for changeing the oil pump

I replaced both front calipers on my 4x4 5.7 1500 dodge 2004. Bled the brakes from passenger rear to driver rear to passenger front driver front. Still no brake, pedal goes to the floor. Iperformed this procedure twice once with the truck off and once with the truck running. Still no brake pressure. Is there something else that needs bleeding?

Our truck would be running just fine, we would stop, turn off the truck and go back later and start the truck and it would just start and die, start and die. Is this a mechanical problem, a security problem or just a lemon. If this is a security problem, how do we fix it.

how do I change a headlight of the right and left side of the headlight of my truck. It looks like it will be a tough change

how do you change the front strut bolts