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The light stopped working about a week ago- I can't see speed or other gauges at night. I changed the fuse, even though fuse tester shoes it as being good- I pulled the console- there seems to be 5 bulbs, bot I am sur...
After you start it and you go to the stor and come out it takes fore ever to start.
Ok so here is the story of our nightmare over the last month with our 05 Dodge Ram....My husbands truck started reving up from 500rmp to 1000-1500rmp when in idle. Last week his water pump went out so we took it to th...
If the ABS control module 'counts wheel rotation', there must be sensors at each wheel. Could bad sensor cause ABS + brake lights + slow speedo response?
airbag light on how much is the repair of the spring
my heater blows luke warm.I replaced the thermostat with a 195 degree but still no heat.
trying to pull a dodge ram automatic 4x4 behind my rv. was not sure what was involved. Anyone know steps to do so I do not burn up transmission?
when i turn the key everything works it just wont turn over iget nothing when trying to start truck
could someone tell me the exact location of my crank sensor on a 5.2L dodge truck 1500 1997.
I have never had a tune up on this pick up. What should I have to pay
just started running 20 degrees hotter and was told that it is tha air intake manifold leaking but am not having any noticable usage of antifreeze. It has been increasing-the engine temp iis getting hotter and hotter....
Headlights,park lights,dome light works. No dash lights work. Have replaced main headlight/dimmer switch. Still have no dash lights. All connectors checked. Have NO voltage either side of good 5amp fuse listed for Ill...
Do i have to drop the tranny on my truck to replace speed sensor, or is this an easy 15 min fix?
front rear end pinion seal is leaking was gonna do it my self but cant figure out how to fill it
on the way home my truck started running bad and then back firing.then over heated.i got the overheating fixed by putting new thermostat,but now it startes but when i give it gas it just falls on its face.idles ok but...
ok i have my ac on full blast working good blowing full blast air into my face then all of sudden nothing i litterally have to put my face next to vent for air to hit me! the fan speed knob it changes normal i think i...
When I turn my a/c to vents or floor,it defaults to my defrost.When I turn it to max a/c it goes to the floor & defrost.When I turn the temp switch to heat,and put the dial to the floor,it comes thru my vents and floo...
had have my system check numerous times and it always reads EVAP emissions. what can I do do elimanate this from having my check engine light to always come on
when the towing something or its a hot day out my trucks transmission makes a loud fan like noise and the truck feels like its being held back when speeding up. can anyone help with this problem? i have taken it to a ...
what tools do i need to repair body damage on my bed
should I pull the dist ?and corect it that way?
When I turn on the heater or the air conditioner in my truck and I set it on the floor setting nothing comes out on the floor. It will only come out of the defrost. Any ideas of what might be wrong?
what is procedure for replacing an axle grease seal on my truck
when i hit the excelerater it stalls out when the engines rpm reves back down,but it will run if i just start it and let it run
truck starts but turns off right away
Hi my a/c blow warm air when I turn it on after awhile it starts to blow cool but it works when it wants to works
My A/C only works when I jiggle the keys or hit the steering wheel. I think it has something to do with the ignition wiring. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Where is the resiser located on my dodge ram van 1500?