its under the hood of the truck

I talked to the dealership and was told I would have to leave my truck for 2 days before they can tell me whats wrong.

I checked the tire presssure but the warning light still stays on.

location of cam position sensor A for 2005 dodge 1500 4.7 liter engine

the tie rod came apart so i replaced the passenger side and the clamp that holds them together. was planning to measure from tire to tire to get it close. just need to know how much?

Sometimes even dies. Any suggestions? Also:
Probably not related, but AC fan is getting noisy (especially on highest setting) and less effective. Loose set screw?

A/C blows very cold,but not hard out of the vents like it should when on full,any quick soultions

i have been through three belts in two days everytime i start truck belt gets pushed off very bottom pulley

I know it's either my air filter that needs cleaning, which I have done regularly, or the electronic throttle control malfunctioning. If it's the ETC, how can I fix it, and where is it located?

New distributor cap and wires, the engine turns but not running

told to replace transmission, noise goes away in 4th gear

My GPS was plugged into the power plug which turns off when you turn off the car. When I unpluged it, it seems to be holding up. Any Ideas??

Do the heads have a three stage tightening pattern you must follow?

I removed the radio fuse as a temp fix but it didn't help my battery was still dead the next morning.I can sometimes hear a weird clicking noise from the dash then the radio will come on with no key in the ignition.I also noticed using my keyless entry will result in my interior lights not shutting off.

While getting tires, I was told my front rotors are "cracked" and I need new ones. Also front brakes and rear need changing. never heard of cracked rotors, warped- yes, too thin from turning-yes. Not "cracked".

The stereo just died so we need to get behind the dash and see if there is a short.

I do not know which fuse it is as it happens rarely. The A/C Clutch pulley is moving but the Clutch is not. If it is the fuse, which is it? If it is the A/C Relay, how do you test it? Two weeks ago it was blowing 47 degrees.

cant get it ti switch to defrost nor dash

Adding fluid but no visible signs of leaking anywhere.

the lights work during normal operation, turn signal and braking

I can turn the engine off then on and the problem goes away. What is causing this?

it seems that thermastatic valve closes all the time

what to do if having probomes ac every time i press on the break the ac turns to heater can you help.....

I did not hear anything break, or see any broken pieces.

truck will not turnover replaced starter still wont start have power to starter but no power to the small wir to starter

I have read that changing the fuse has helped solve the problem of the A/C blowing hot when idling. Where is the fuse located so I can try changing that first?

I need the right side guide timing bolt. I have triued thedealer but they said it isn't made anymore and the one they gave me doesn't work. Is there a way I can find out the size and order the correct bolt on line? There is not another one on the engine that matches it.

no one seems to know what to what to fix one says computer bad others says oxygen sensor, another sensor and another says wiring

How can I fix this? I have already lubed the rearend about a week ago and nothing. I do not see any zerks either.

when took air filter assembly off while running rite behind throttle plates it had very high suction what could cause that.thanks ("SUNKIST")