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truck has 5000 miles on it put synthetic oil in it at 2500 with new filter when should i change oil and filter again, truck has lifetime power train warranty and i want to keep it forever lol
I had my speed sensor changed but my check engine light is still on. also my abs and brake lights are on and my speedometer doesnt work unless i am on the highway goin over 60 miles a hour
My sons truck has failed 4 emissions. he recently had a new computer system installed. nobody seems to have any clue why? might anyone have an idea
my truck has repeadedly failed emission even though i recently had a new computer system installed. any clues. don't know the engine cause it is my son' truck. It may also be a 05.
I lost key, got code from dealer, had key made at locksmith, but doesnt work in door or ignition. Why? Cant afford the $100 for locksmith to come out!
drove home from work, parked 30 min later tried to leave from home and the engine would not fire. the check engine light is on but everything seems to be in working order. like to have some kind of clue,before i call...
I am needing to know how much it would cost to completely overhaul the Rear Differential, with new gears & oil & gasket etc .. email to
How to replace a tension pulley on 2001 dodge ram 1500?Its making some noise but not alot. Will it last a little longer or do i need to replace immediately?
I have a 1995 Ram 1500 with 4WD. My question is does it have shocks or struts on the front suspension?
Happens intermittantly radio and power windows stop working changed out fuse didnt help
how do you change the starter
Dodge said the blend air door damper prob broken. G ave me an est. of around $800.00. Iknow the part cost about $29.00. Is it really that labor intensive? I was told the whole dash needs to be removed? Are there any s...
the fan works great, and so does the heat. The truck runs at regular temp,and doesnt leak anything any where. When I turn the contol knob to heat,most of the time I can hear the door open or close, which ever it does ...
the engine idles ok. revs ok. When i drive it bucks and kicks. It has no power going uphill. It feels like it won't leave first gear but if i down shift it feels like the transmission is moving. The fluid appears...
Were can i find the fuse for cigar lighter?
It was diagnosted Friday by mechanic when tires was mounted on other three wheels. Right front tire was bought 3 months ago.
When hitting a bump while driving 55 mph down the road the left side starts to bounce really bad. It feels like the tire is coming off the road. Is this an issue with the shock or something else. I took it in and wa...
I need to replace the front shocks on my 4x4 ram slt. How hard is this project going to be? I have replaced shocks on cars, but I am not sure how different it will be.
The truck will be driving along and all of a sudden turn off. Then afer a few hours it will turn on again. The fuel pump has been replaced.
my oil gauge keeps going up and down while I am driving what could that be?
it has oil but been told it was those can I replace the front main bearing and rear main bearing by the crankshaft with out pull the engine
When trying to run the heater during cold season it does not blow out of the floor vents just the defrost vents
What is the required torque for installation of new spark plugs?
when i was backing up my truck this came out for the first time.
have the code 499 changed all oxygen sensor and the canister purge valve solenoid, do not have catalyc convertors on truck, it had two. When get to 40 miles per hours truck start to loose power
Do I need to purchase the felpro housing gasket as well as the thermostat? The new Tstat comes with its own seal, and the auto parts guys don't stock the housing gasket. This tells me that the metal flange/housing t...
When it is warming up before I drive, it has a very strange idle, and when I am at red lights it idles low and then will rev up slightly and then settle at a little under 1 rpm. Any ideas?
where is this sending unit located on my truck?
i want to tow my dodge ram 1500 behind my r.v. across the country with all four wheels on the ground. i have a tow bar called blue oxe. and i think i have to disconect the driveshaft but i don't know what to do about...