Since the master, line, and slave come preassembled and bled, why would they sell just the slave cylinder?

Very hard to get in gear. Sometimes I have to turn off engine to do it

After moving the truck and giving it gas it runs fine but while at idle it acts like it will cut off,any suggestions are greatly accepted

engine stops while driving

Vehicle is a 4x4, Metalic clicking noise speeds up with the vehicle, but quiets down or stops during low speed turning. Sounds to be coming from the front end suspension, possibly driver side. Checked my tires, No Nails, or road hazards, and are at proper inflation.

engine ran fine. have 50+ pounds of steady presure at port on inector rack. now won't idle & has a very loud noise tat sounds like bad lifters.

My truck sat untouched for about a month and the battery went dead. I charged it and started my truck and had to pump the gas to keep it going, it ran very rough. Then after a while it ran fine. Starts good, runs good and drives good, but I have no working gauges and the odometer reading says "no bus or no bu5". I've checked all fuses and connections, not including the cluster in the dash, and still none of the gauges work. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

You can hear the locks mechanism operate but the locks do not lock.Whats causing them not to..?

checked everthing possible,including changing injector and plug,noid light,everything is the way it shoild be but keeping getting,205 code help me loosing mind and money..............

sounds like bad tires going down road wa wa wa wa changed tires new brakes no slop in wheel bairings u-joints old but seem solid had on lift dose not make noise. help!

why is it that every time i put my truck on the computer it reads the iac valve and i have changed it many times so now i am stomped

I'm attempting to see if the door that provide heat is broken, in my 2000 Dodge 1500 Ram pickup.

Either blown head gasket or cracked head, per the mechanic.

Are there screws to remove or do you pop the trim off ,what,..?Don't want to tear up more than i need to.


where is map sensor at 1998 dodge truck 318

I have recently purchased this truck and I miss my keyless entry ,it is an older Laramie ,4 wheel drive,in great condition but I only have a key for the locks.You can hear the lock after you put the truck in drive ,it tries to lock itself but doesn't.Why is this and what remedy do i need to repair ?

everything on the dash will go down and the car looks like will stop and eventually does, it shuts down while you are driving and you have to start the engine again everytime it does it

occurs while idling and accelerating. noise is getting louder each day. I think it is the power steering pump, but not sure???

seem to be leaking gas when it is warm out side

Bought new 07 dodge ram 1500 5.7 hemi Dealer changed plugs at 35000Mi. Now it has 70000Mi and thought I would do it myself. Pulled the plugs on the drivers side bank and 3 of them are shorter plugs, WTH! So the dealer put 3 shorter plugs on the drivers side out of the eight. Anybody have an idea why? All the parts houses say all one size and Champion. HELP!

where can I get a routing diagram of the vacumn lines that operate the doors for the heat there are 3 red, yellow, and brown. Its a 2000 dodge ram, 1500, 5.2 engine.

where is this blead door motor located in 2000 ram 1500

I just put new spark plugs, air filter, and wires on my truck. Ever since, my truck has been making a popping noise, and is very sluggish when accelerating to highway speed, Any ideas what could be causing this. I did find a vacuum line that the previous owner put a bolt in the end. I can't find where this is going to. Is this a possible reason for truck being sluggish? The previous owner said he did a tune up on the truck a couple of weeks before I bought it, in Feb of this year. Based on the condition of the plugs and wires, I don't thing so. The wires were of 2 different styles.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

a few weeks ago i towed a uhaul trailer from dallas ga to statesboro ga. That evening I heard my horn go off. Now it will go off 3-5 times a day, even if the alarm is on or off. Is it someting with the alarm or the horn? I took the fuse out for the horn so it would stop blowing. I called the dealer to see they knew of any issues with horn or alarm. They said nothing has been recalled or reported. They wany $100 just to look at it. Then charge whatever it will take to fix it. If anyone has any suggestions or recommends a repair shop in Dallas, GA, that would be greatly appreciated.

went to use my little portable air compressor pluged it in the power supply not the cigarette lighter,then it quits working now the power windows wont work and it wont start,i checked all the fuesses inside and out,when i turn the key on every thing comes on all the lights and gauges, can somebody help me

Truck sounds as if it has low compression when I start it it just sounds clogged and is getting hot

Both heater core hoses are very hot. Am I looking at a possible thermostat?I just replaced the heater.

I replaced a heater core, now I'm getting cold air blowing out. I'm getting it from all vents when I switch for the different positions.

The part is mounted in the top of the fuel tank in front of the fuel pump. What is this part?