Do the heads have a three stage tightening pattern you must follow?

I removed the radio fuse as a temp fix but it didn't help my battery was still dead the next morning.I can sometimes hear a weird clicking noise from the dash then the radio will come on with no key in the ignition.I also noticed using my keyless entry will result in my interior lights not shutting off.

While getting tires, I was told my front rotors are "cracked" and I need new ones. Also front brakes and rear need changing. never heard of cracked rotors, warped- yes, too thin from turning-yes. Not "cracked".

The stereo just died so we need to get behind the dash and see if there is a short.

I do not know which fuse it is as it happens rarely. The A/C Clutch pulley is moving but the Clutch is not. If it is the fuse, which is it? If it is the A/C Relay, how do you test it? Two weeks ago it was blowing 47 degrees.

cant get it ti switch to defrost nor dash

Adding fluid but no visible signs of leaking anywhere.

the lights work during normal operation, turn signal and braking

I can turn the engine off then on and the problem goes away. What is causing this?

it seems that thermastatic valve closes all the time

what to do if having probomes ac every time i press on the break the ac turns to heater can you help.....

I did not hear anything break, or see any broken pieces.

truck will not turnover replaced starter still wont start have power to starter but no power to the small wir to starter

I have read that changing the fuse has helped solve the problem of the A/C blowing hot when idling. Where is the fuse located so I can try changing that first?

I need the right side guide timing bolt. I have triued thedealer but they said it isn't made anymore and the one they gave me doesn't work. Is there a way I can find out the size and order the correct bolt on line? There is not another one on the engine that matches it.

no one seems to know what to what to fix one says computer bad others says oxygen sensor, another sensor and another says wiring

How can I fix this? I have already lubed the rearend about a week ago and nothing. I do not see any zerks either.

when took air filter assembly off while running rite behind throttle plates it had very high suction what could cause that.thanks ("SUNKIST")

there is alittle red light on my dashboard that is flashing and now my truck will not start what can i do to fix ths problem

i was wondering if the 3rd light was suppose to come on when door is open are just when u hit brakes are in reverse

have replaced everything that has to do with cooling system except heater core and did pressure check on system and held at 16 pounds according to cap

Any ideas on what to do next? I am limited on my mechanical abilities. Could it be the fuel injectors? Gas is making it to the throttle body. Don't know what to do next. Please help!!!!!

I own a 98 Dodge Ram 1500 v6 manual transmision and the other day I experienced was very scary. I went over a bump and the front end of my truck shook and bounced violently, like a blew a tire out. I came to a stop on the side of the road, looked and saw my tires were fine and I looked under my truck and I saw nothing broken or dangling. I dismissed it for the time being and got back on the road heading to work. Then literally 2 or 3 days later. I hit another bump in the road and it did it again, same thing, came to a complete stop, got out and evaluated, saw nothing. I did some research on line because I am now scared to drive it because the next time I might not be so lucky. I found on the new later models they were calling their experience a "death Wobble" I have never had this happen before and it is scary to experience somthing that can all of a sudden end your life in a crash or cause a crash. Can anyone tell me without me replacing my whole front end and breaking the bank what could be the culprit? I would consult Dodge, but everyone on the web states that they deny such a problem.

Put a new water pump and thermastat in. Leaking around water pump yesterday, no leaks today after put new pump on. HELP.

the engine fails, but the fault is not constant, it comes off fluctuations and recovers and has burst on the engine when it fails, and was changed spark plugs, oxygen sensor, cap distruibuidor cables, high sensor crankshaft, the IAC, fuel pump, and continues to fail, the computer does not throw fault codes. thanks for the help

I had a new transmission speed sensor installed because the "engine light" was on and the reading indicated "P0720 output speed sensor malfunction". But now, I can't get smog certified because the technician says the reading is "incomplete" meaning I haven't driven enough miles for the new sensor to make a reading.

How do I find them and test them?

I had it dianosed they said,fuel cap,charcoal canister or vacuum leak.I need help fast,what should i do.

the electric plunger valve on the back of the throtle body opens creating a massive vacum leak. this happens until normal operating temp is acheived. also on hot start up. I have replaced every sensor on the engine that sends signals back to the pcm,,,,,, Do you have any suggestions ,,,, I think the pcm is TOAST.

how do i change it