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Where is the EGR valve located.
4x4 front axle bearing on passager side is worn is that something that can be done at home without any special tools
can i replace just the shock part of the struts, or do i have to replace the spring also. if i can replace the shock only how hard is it to do myself? what would the cost be to have done by a mechanic?
when push on the gas here tivk till going and also oil pump gauge leans troward 0 on it but is full on oil is it the senter or is the oil pump going and if so where is oil pump located.
Truck engine just clicks when trying to start it battery and starter are good what could be the problem?
I had to lock up my brakes at 75mph. About 15 miles later when I got home, the left rear brakes were still locked and smoking REALLY bad. i drove it in reverse to try and unlock it-didn't work. Any suggestions?
need a detailed giude on changing a water pump
changeing water pump
truck wont start or even rollover and remote door locks wont work
The truck has over 230,000 miles on it and there is a slight slap in the steering column whenever you stop or go. The problem seems to be either a worn bushing or a bearing in the steering column portion INSIDE the ca...
1998 dodge ram 1500 4x4 pickup have lost front tires 3 times 1 time passanger side 2 times each time i have replaced from front differental with geniune oem parts each time the brgs get hot freeze up differental gear...
Where can i get pre-bent brake lines? That i can install.
Rented a computer scanner code 37 came up and read tranny temp. sensor voltage high would it have anything to do with me not getting fire to spark plugs. i done changed the ignition coil rotor boug distributor cap and...
Leaking rear wheel seal. replace right rear seal.
it has to get up to about 3500 rpms before it will shift from 1st to 2nd then it will shift fine
How can I fix the "Gas Hand or Meter" on a 1994 Dodge Ram 1500? It doesn't work...I can't tell how much gas is left in my tank after a long drive.
My gas tanks rattles. I have installed foam tape between tank and Pass side tank shields. This stopped the shields from rattling, however, I have another tank rattle when tank is full or empty
Evaporator Purge Malfunctioning
I can drive the truck as little as two miles and when I get back in it won’t start. No solenoid clicking and no starter spin. I have a good battery. Lights come on bright. What is it?
Hi, When I turn on my a/c, it makes a thumping noise. There are no noises after the initial thump and the a/c seems to be working fine. It has been doing this for about a month now. Thank you, Kim
Little air flow at feet, defroster or passenger area. Already read Q&A from "Blower Vent Door is Stuck almost Closed. How can I repair." I see many screws to remove under dash. How and where to I start in order to get...
what does wheel balance do if i get my trucks alinement done should i get it balenced
how do i replace the thermostat and how long will it take?
oil leak between engine and transmision seals on motor and tansmision both needed replacement how much should labor cost
i have a code tester but can not find the connector under the dash near the steering column.
The vehicle is idling and the A/C shutsdown, ithappens while at park or while at traffic stops.
Hello, When I bought the truck a year ago it had a sour smell when you turned on the air conditioning. I though maybe because it was a new truck...but it is still there. Has anyone heard of this before?
Where is the outside temp sensor located and are there any recalls for the sensor?