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i also notice an oil stain wherever i park, what can i do?
Changed TPS, Cam sensor, ECT, are ssporadic a tire shop put tires on that were 2 sizes to big in November p0123 p0073
I had a coolant leak and while under the car, my friend noticed I had a crack right through a rod. I looked up what it was and it was my torque strut. I'm in the process of getting a possible water pump repair and if ...
Also while going down the freeway it feels like something is grabbing and trying to slow me down. It feels like the car is being pulled to the right.
I recently got this car and was told it tends to run hot after about 30 minutes or so. I have only seen it get a little warmer when idling, but then I haven't driven it for more than 30 minutes at a time yet. The hea...
Couple things I have done replaced crank and cam sensors have swapped pcms have tested wiring to all three sensors at pcm its same as at sensors .8v when its susposed to read 7v to 8v. also when I check the b+ on the ...
Car will start fine and go, But while driving i will push on the gas and the car will not accelerate, I'll let off the gas and push again and it will randomly accelerate..
a week ago it overheated (boiling) I have checked for leaks & found none. there is no water in oil & no oil in water. I have flushed radiator , replaced thermostat and it still overheats with in 8 to 10 mi. where do I...
As soon as you accelerate, the gauges go back to normal and the lights go off after a second or two
car suddenly failed to start after driving there isnt any spark to coil-spark plugs. getting fuel,
When it starts shaking it won't let me drive past a certain speed and it usually does it when I am driving on a hill. It will stop eventually too. But every now and then it will act up again. Any advice
put new fuel pump and spark plug's what is wrong with my car
Took cam sensor off and there was oil on face of sensor and cam. I do not think that is normal is it ? I cleaned it and it is running fine now. Thanks for the reply. I really like this site, It is very helpful.
How would turning on my heads lights cause my car to instantly shut down? I was warming up my car for work, as soon as i turned my headlights on it shut down. I had my battery tested and it is in excellent condition.I...
also when its cold you turn the lights on and runs battery almost dead till it warms up
When its on park i hear static noise, when i shift to neutral then another noise comes out and it sounds like squeaking, when i shift to drive it makes like rubber grinding type noise, but when im driving the noise st...
Got a new key, had been driving the car for a few weeks already when one evening while driving it stalled. Don't recall check engine lights or etc at the time. Pushed the car home and haven't been able to start it sin...
The keys turned off steering wheel will not lock when I turn the key's on the service engine blinks 10 time
I just need the radiator to work I do not need the AC to function or hook up.
how much would be the repair labor+parts for main bearing seal for my dodge neon 2000
It looks to be in bad shape the wire , I'd like to know what it's called and the purpose of it . Please and thank you .
I changed the airfilter and its not the sparkplugs help
did change battery so could that be an issue?