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I went to tje gas station the var car was fine. When I started the car back up it revs up maxing out.
I just had the serpentine belt replaced and my mechanic says I need the idler pulley replaced. He said he does not do this type of work
I inspected the boot, it's not cracked nor greasy. It has a tiny bit of play on the end going into the transmission. Does it need to be replaced ? When driving I hear popping sounds mainly when...
It was running fine and now just cranks over but wont start?
Alert notifies me when I turn the car on. Chimes 3 times and says fuse.
Oil was changed recently, levels are fine, pressure is good. Only happens when stopping.
someone told me my emergency brake does not work and won't pass inspection
rebuilt engine, head good compression 120psi, CKP, CMP sensors new, coil wires new, TDC confirmed. Engine was running prior to rebuild. Now it will turn over but not start, read about re learning CMP sensor after comp...
My 2005 Dodge Neon Sxt Will Turn Over To Start Or A Couple Times Started But Wont Stay On Any Ideas? Please Done Everything.
Ok it kicks when it goes into 3rd gear, vibrates most of the gets really bad at stop signs/ red lights but it stops once I hit 50mph and starts again when it slows back down and has the battery, engine light...
Changed fuse and new 25A fuse blows every time I turn heater on. Is the heater motor the problem?
it goes in gear for reverse but won't go and yet won't go in gear for park
The transmission shifts fine no problem but when you come to a stop it jumps I was told change motor and transmission mounts but it still continues
I just bought the car 2003 neon with 99,000 miles on it. Took to mechanic shop had sway bar and lower arms replaced yesterday. Today I drove a 2 hour trip and oil light came on and engine immediately started knocking ...
why does this happen and how do i fix it so it will pass smog
even when i close my door it goes off and on and then it stays on. the door light on the dash board stays on and it runs my battery down over nite.
The gear shifter cable wouldnt go in drive so i tried to put it back in park but it popped and now its loose and it feel like the cable has broken and out of place. I think it broke and now im trying to replace and or...
Replaced the input and output sensors along with the coil packs and camshaft position sensor. Tried to start it and it backfired and moved the air cleaner. Still won't start. It has power and cranks but won't start up.
I have replaced fuel filler neck and it still does it.
I'm replacing my radiator and my rad fan sat out in the weather for a while. I dont remeber from when i pulled it if the fan spun freely or not while unplugged, because now it barely moves. Need to know if i need a ne...
My reverse light is out every time I put new fuse for it it blow out the very same day I've put dozen of new fuses in in 3 days