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my gear shifter does not go into gear. moves around but not grabbing any of the gears
how do i take the back seat of my 2000 dodge neon off to change the speakers
2001 Neon just shut off Now it will not turn over Pcm ,starter,ingition switch,neutral switch,all check out Scan tool tells me the ingition is not on What is left?
radio will not cut off even if you cut off the engine and car will run without the key in the car it drains the battery and rear right pass wheel will not move
my heat doesnt work in my car will it mess up my engine,, and how much will it cost to fix.
why do i get standing water on the rear floorboards whenever i drive in the rain?
leaking antifreeze
what are the steps to replce the water pump on a 2000 dodge neon
I have a burning smell under hood right around the area where the rolling or fan belt is running. what could this be.
Can the right hand engine mount be replaced without removing engine. If so what is the trick? Thanks for any feed back.
My car's battery is being drained by some sort of electrical. Alternator is fine and has new battery. I pulled the fuse on the radio and interior lights and now battery is staying charged. What do I need to replace?
easiest way to replace radiator
Hi, my 2002 neon leaks transmission fluid from a small little "box" under some hoses near the battery compartment. what would this be called? im constatnly filling the trans fluid about every 2 weeks or so
I just bought a 1998 Neon from a local used car lot for my 16 year old daughter, advertised in "Perfect" condition. Paid $1950.00 for it with 195,000 Kilometers (it's from Canada) or roughly 121,000 miles. Had two ba...
Can I change the tensioner pully on a 2001 Dodge Neon, w/ out pulling the bracket off?
so i started my car and after about 5 minutes a warning light came on looked like a type of valve i think maybe check engine light. anyways after a red light i accelerated my car and it wouldn't shift at 2500 rpm it w...
I can not get the car to shift into any of the gears! I pulled the gear shift back to put into drive and it felt like something broke when i pulled it back. What could be the problem and what is an estimated price?
my car stalls at red light so i took it to get check out. I had my fuel injectors clean but it's still stalling at red lights what else can i do to get this fix
My low beams stopped working two days after replacing my battery. High beams are fine. What is solution to this problem?
it wont crank but will push start battery is good starter is good light come on dash..its a 5 speed.....maybe is it something with the clutch?
Lower control arm is bad. Was curious, is this a tough repair job? I was hoping to tackle it myself.
what is an electrical torque converter clutch? where can i have this fixed and for how much?
We took this car to Pep Boys to have transmission fluid and filter changed and they called us and said the car wouldn't start. They cranked it and drove it into the garage but now they say it only clicks. They check...
HELP! I have verified that the relays are good...the PCM has been replaced....Power is getting to the starter.... The only noticeable action when turning the key is the relay clicking. The instrument panel lights up....
what would make the silver tube around the spark plugs come out - also oil in with spark plugs
Would like an estimate on the cost of repairing/replacing before I get a call back from the dealer. Not listed in options to get a quote.
Headlights will not work. Fuse is fine. Told by repair shop that I need new wiring harness and multifunction switch. Smelled some burning smell driving the other day. Had new steering column installed a month ago....
I need to know the measurement to properly adjust the engine strut mounts
i took car to have tires rotated & was info that i needed front brake pads & roaters,left outer tierod end. they rotated tires & got on expressway & car was shaking uncontrollable. was running right before. got fixed ...
the car has rough vital,engine noise like a rumbling and lack of power what can i do to fix it?