I have a 1998 dodge neon. Recently it was stalling and completely shutting off when I came to a stop. I took it to get a diagnostic and the results where that I needed to change the camshaft sensor and the ignition coil. I changed both. However, it was runnig great and suddenly it started to stall again and then it completely died. What is worst is that the battery is new. I was told that it might be the alternator, but I have had the alternator checked when I got the battery, and it was good. Now the battery has no charge, and even after getting a boost with jumper cables, the car just dies. Any suggestions?

Why does my starter fuse keep blowing?

i have a 2004 sxt neon with 49000 miles. my cd/radio is having problems now. the display screen flickers on and off. radio doesnt work. the sound flips between all the speakers at different times. can anyone help me with this?

My 2003 dodge neon stops by itself sometimes. My dad said it's the vacuum assist pump or something that's doing it. It's pulling the break pedal down and stopping my car, and sometimes when I'm not even touching the break. (I'm very light on my breaks) Someone please help!

i put coolant in my car,and i waste a little on the motor will that cause it to put out white smoke?

only need rempace of sensor

I opened my sun roof and now it's stuck open. The fuse is not blown and when I try to close it I can hear the motor. How can I close it mannually?

I changed the spark plugs, I was wondering if it could possible be the fuel filter?

We're looking at buying an '03 neon zxt. The engine light came on so the guy put it on the machine for us. Here's all the codes that came up...p0340, p0562, p0700, p0720, p0731. Please help! I can't just dump all our money into this car to buy it then have costly repairs, but I love how it looks!! Anyone have some answers?? Thanks!

is there an online picture I can look at

car starts and runs for a few minutes just enough to warm up at a rough idle then stalls out.

Took it to Kwik Kar and was told that I needed to have the following replaced but I dont know the code to ask for at the Dodge parts
Pinion Gear- Replace
4 Speed 4ITE
Transfer Gear Set (B) Includes: R & I cover

the instrument cluster on my car will stop working no speed odometer of fuel or temp gauges. then sometimes it will start then quit after a short while of operation. i have checked fuses any ideas thank you very much.

I can't locate type of repair on your list. i need to replace my PCM. i need an estimaate

the fuse that keeps the car running keeps blowing out when u make a left turn hard i have replaced many times anf cant find the problum please help me and tell me what it could be please??

what causes code p1391 intermittent loss of cmp or ckp i put a coil,cam sensor and crank sensor on it an this is what comes up now. it will only run around 2500 rpm then starts cutting out

How to remove the front left bolt on the oil pan

my car is leaking by the over flow for the radiator from the bottom and now my car is over heating is their something minor i can look for to solve this issue

Hearing metal scraping

what does misfire cylinder 3 mean and can it b driven

i took my car to the beach i came home and started having trouble with the reverse and now i cant put my car in reverse at all. its not grinding or even trying to go in reverse. i dont know whats wrong with it and now i get stuck if i dont park where i dont have to use reverse. but all of my other gears work just fine

the car runs and idles fine except when you really step on the gas to accalerate quickly,it bogs down, jerks like it wont take the gas

it started yesterday when i got off the engine light poped on and then it was pulling and idling with a humming noise

my car is running hot,and when i put coolant in it it comes out the guy at ntb,said i might have a cracked head.Do you know how much that is going to cost me and will that fix the problem?

passenger back wheel is locked, put in reverse and forward to unlock but won't move. I drove the car prior and backed in
to driveway and parked, the next day the wheel is locked. Could this be wheel bearings, locked brake or something else.

I have a 1998 Dodge Neon that when I turn the key the engine is trying to turn over, but seems there is no gas. I disconnected the fuel line under the hood and when I turn the key to see if the fuel pump turns on, gas does in fact come out of the line. Although it seems a little low. I looked under the car and right next to the fuel pump was a part labled "fuel accumulator." When I unplugged the hoses, alot of black debris poured out.
I have read conflicting info saying that this is also the filter. But I also have read that the fuel filter is in the fuel pump. I do in fact see the part that in the diagrams would be the filter in the pump. The car has 140xxx miles on it, and as far as I know the fuel filter has never been replaced. Would the filter be the problem? Or is this "fuel accumulator" the problem, or even both?

just finished the head gasket no wont start. set for two months before brout to me to fix. has power to all but no fuel pump an starter wont turn over.

Service garage stated the car needs A/C,power steering and alternator belts replaced. Are there 3 separate belts or is this accomplished by having the Drive Belt replaced?

What is an estimated cost to replace broken Rt. motor mount, power steering belt and alternator belt?

when I'm driving in the hot afternoons, my car begins to hesitate and I can't get any response when I depress the accelerator to increase speed. I have to turn the car off and let the car cool off. the thermostat works and I tested it and the enging tempature is normal. COuld it be the Intake Air Temp. Sensor causing the proble,?