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Bought this car today for $300 from a friend. He told me it had been cutting out on him but would always restart after 10 or 15 minutes. I drove it 60 miles home today. the check engine light came on within a mile or two. I feathered the throttle and it kept going. Five or ten miles later it almost cut out. Staying light on the throttle, I got it going and it ran fine for another 20 miles. Stopped for gas, it stuttered leaving (as it had been doing the whole trip), and stopped within a few miles. After 10 or 15 minutes with the hood up, it started briefly. A few minutes later, it did better. A couple of times more and it ran the last 15 miles of the trip. Stalled once at a light and stuttered some when accelerating. Runs good otherwise, and I'm pleasantly surprised at how nice it drives. Suggestions?

it happened today and i changed the fuse and it blew the fuse again while i was driving

No Start- CAmshaft sensor replacement cost?? (labor)

My car would not start when I tried to start it, I was jumped off and the car started, it later went off again and would not start.

Where is the fuel filter located and is there more than one fuel filter?

How do I remove the front engine motor mount?

How do you drain the gas tank prior to removal? (step to replace fuel pump.)

How do I install a power steering belt?

the engine overheated and the fans was not working

My sunroof is stuck open a little bit and won't open or close. I opened the vent part the other morning and when I went to close it, it went down a little then just stopped and won't do anything now. It has dont this once before, but then it closed the next day. I can hear the relay and know it is using power becuase my lights flicker when using the switch. Anyone know what may be causing this and how to fix it?

i have oil changed 2 to 3 months at a time. gasoline is going into oil pan. car really hard on fuel and power losage

can the valves be affected when a timing belt breaks. The timing belt broke on my car, and has been replaced but the mechanic says that one of the valves might be bent. The car had been running great prior to the timing belt breakage

the air is continuous as i press the brake pedal

my son was driving said vehicle started jerking. drove to auto part store cut eng off went into store. got back in vehicle and eng just spin over but no start. had vehicle towed home.

Both my a/c and power steering went out at the same time! How do you fix this? Is it related?

It was 3:30 this am ttrveling about 70 mph on I40. It will not restart

My 2003 neon with only 55k miles wont go into reverse? all the other gears work fine but its like reverse does not exist anymore something is blocking it from going down to the right? Sometimes if i play with the clutch or move it from one gear to another i can get it to go but now it wont what could this be?

I just had a wheel alignment done and it seems that I have neg. camber on the front wheels . I didn't have a chance to ask the mechanic what the cause was ,but the only parts I think might be bad in my front end would be the control arm bushings as the rear ones look worn ,but not horribly . He did state that the rear spindle is bent ,but thats a direct replacement item . Help anyone with advice !!

What is the name of the ac hose called that goes to the top port of the ac condenser and where can find one quickly in the Detroit Metro area?

check engine light comes on,need to find out how to complete drive cycle.

wheres the engine control computer located and how do i change it? is it hard to change? should i have a mechanic change it?

I have a 1998 dodge neon. Recently it was stalling and completely shutting off when I came to a stop. I took it to get a diagnostic and the results where that I needed to change the camshaft sensor and the ignition coil. I changed both. However, it was runnig great and suddenly it started to stall again and then it completely died. What is worst is that the battery is new. I was told that it might be the alternator, but I have had the alternator checked when I got the battery, and it was good. Now the battery has no charge, and even after getting a boost with jumper cables, the car just dies. Any suggestions?

Why does my starter fuse keep blowing?

i have a 2004 sxt neon with 49000 miles. my cd/radio is having problems now. the display screen flickers on and off. radio doesnt work. the sound flips between all the speakers at different times. can anyone help me with this?

My 2003 dodge neon stops by itself sometimes. My dad said it's the vacuum assist pump or something that's doing it. It's pulling the break pedal down and stopping my car, and sometimes when I'm not even touching the break. (I'm very light on my breaks) Someone please help!

i put coolant in my car,and i waste a little on the motor will that cause it to put out white smoke?

only need rempace of sensor

I opened my sun roof and now it's stuck open. The fuse is not blown and when I try to close it I can hear the motor. How can I close it mannually?

I changed the spark plugs, I was wondering if it could possible be the fuel filter?

We're looking at buying an '03 neon zxt. The engine light came on so the guy put it on the machine for us. Here's all the codes that came up...p0340, p0562, p0700, p0720, p0731. Please help! I can't just dump all our money into this car to buy it then have costly repairs, but I love how it looks!! Anyone have some answers?? Thanks!