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trying to buy a new battery spending very little
wont stay running, check engine light on, lightning bolt single on, traction control light on, when i step on the gas it bogs down, like if its not getting enough fuel and restricted exhaust?
is making a rattle noise in the engine by the belt dont know if is a bering or water pump.
Driver door won't shut off radio and turn on interior lights and kills my battery the door ajar light doesn't turn on in the dash unit but all the passenger doors and hatch will read on the dash unit I think it's the ...
On wed i went to start my car and it wouldnt start. When i turn the key absolutely nothing happens. The instrument panel does not light up nor does the radio come on. The battery is fine, lights are not dim, power loc...
My car won't start at all. the )/( dashboard light came on . light everything is on but, not crunk on. I'm even able to turn the key on but nothing.....
A red light comes on my dash and the temp gage dropps to cold. Whrn i stop or idle the car over heats. Ive tried to cut the car on and turn the a on and both fans are coming on.
dashboard lights went out came back on went out radio out but milage lights gear lights still on will not shut off headlights work what happened
How do i fix it? Fuses are good
Ok.. I just purchased a 06 Dodge Magnum SXT from my brother w/ only 87,000 miles on it. But the problem is that the car barely turns over, and when it does it only runs for a few seconds and then stalls. The check eng...
the light came on yesterday with a second light, a lightening bolt. the lightening bolt then went out but the check engine light stayed on. Today the car won't start, it cranks but won't turn over.
how do you change transmission fluid 2005 Dodge Charger R/T
this problem became evident after trying to engage cruise control without success
where can i get the hornese for my oil senser, where you plug the wire into the oil pressure senser guage, i just need the wiring and how much would that cost
How much does it cost to fix code P0430?
The lightning bolt indicator is on. Car turns over but won't start
so just what updates do I ask for spacifically in order to fix this "FLICKERING LIGHTS" problem I have? All the dealers around here have no clue of how to fix this problem, they even have tried replacing the headlight...
I need the firing order ,2008 Dodge Magnum 2.7L.Thanks
I actually have a couple different lights coming on and off. my voltage light and my malfunction indicator light. can i really be having all of these problems at once. oh, and it's overheating. i only have 64,000 mile...
it's only happened one time. i want to know if its a battery problem or an alternator problem
My magnum has 1/2 a tank of gas in it. I just had the battery tested and it is fully charged. When I turn the key to the on position there is nothing. No gauges, radio, lights, or annoying door ding. The people I spok...
Transmission shifts roughly bas esp light comes on throws 0571 code .i have replaced pcm ,shifter, any advice im clueless ,vehicle has also had updates
start. After the car was repair four days later the same problem. The car would not start at all, the car will not turn over. Could it be the starter the reason why it is not starting.
can i manually close the window on my 2007 dodge 2.7 liter engine magnum?....all the other windows are working and all electronics appear to be in working order, only the 1 window not responding. id rather it stuck cl...