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This happened about 2 weeks ago. At first after the car sat over night the screen would be totally functional and everything worked-for about 3 minutes. did this about 4-5 times. Now no screen light, I can listen to...
I have no idea what can cause it to not heat or cool. The compressor kicks on. Thats it. Has to be some sort of switch somewhere???
The oil has been changed and is clean. There are no codes coming up. This occurs when the engine is warmed up. Sometimes the light stays on for a few seconds then goes off, only to have it come back on soon. I have ta...
It stalls when it gets warm then I have to wait a few minutes to restart. It keeps doing this over and over again. There is no check engine lights on and the lighting bolt comes on just before it starts and then it go...
do I have to remove the steering wheel to gain access to the combination switch
its been down going on 3 weeks now if anybody can help will highly appreciate it thanks everybody
im geting no power from celanoid wire foes anybody kno what i can do to fix problum? need sum advice
I changed my oil and filter ..the old oil filter was so tight from previous owner I got it off and now the new filter (same brand and type) won't screw all the way up ...I NEED HELP
I just replaced the fuel pump on my magnum and it starts now but dies quickly. Is there a place to bleed off the air from the fuel pump? I'm going to add more gas, it only had 1/4 of a tank.I'm hoping this fixes the p...
How do u change out a power steering pump on a dodge magnum 2006
i checked fuses n power to starter everythings looks good but kinda confuse need sum advice?
changed the motor on passenger side the cable came off cant get it back on can you help
transmission professionals who I have asked gave me two different opinions. I wonder which is the right advice? I am not having problems, I just want to get it done. And does it make a difference by it being an all...
i have a 2005 dodge magnum and this morning after work i got into my car and the steror wouldnt turn on. also the front 12 amp socket wont work. what do i have to do to make this work again?
The car is quiet at stop, but as speed increases, the roar increases. Cannot locate any obvious causes. What could cause this issue. Occurs all the time has been ongoing for last year. Otherwise car rides/drives fine
what is the foot pound torque on the main and the rod bearing caps?
My Boyfriend Fixed The Fuse For The Music In The Car. Then The Break Lights Went Out The Top Middle One Wodks But The Bottom Two Don't Work . What Could Be The Problem ? Blown Fuse ? Or What ?
no lifters, I have been told it sounds like a carbon knock, I have tried a gas cleaner, and oil as well..any answer?
The passenger seatbelt light in our vehicle has been replaced twice (clock spring) with no luck. It has recently been replaced less than 1 year ago. Any suggestions?
come on but the radio wont come on and it doesnt start even when I tried to jump it off it wont start.
I just replaced the thermostat, thinking the leak was there but its not. Not sure where the water pump is located but the leak seems to be coming for a high position. It looks like the drips are concentrated just unde...