My Boyfriend Fixed The Fuse For The Music In The Car. Then The Break Lights Went Out The Top Middle One Wodks But The Bottom Two Don't Work . What Could Be The Problem ? Blown Fuse ? Or What ?

no lifters, I have been told it sounds like a carbon knock, I have tried a gas cleaner, and oil as well..any answer?

The passenger seatbelt light in our vehicle has been replaced twice (clock spring) with no luck. It has recently been replaced less than 1 year ago. Any suggestions?

nothing works.
WHATS my problem? help.

come on but the radio wont come on and it doesnt start even when I tried to jump it off it wont start.

I just replaced the thermostat, thinking the leak was there but its not. Not sure where the water pump is located but the leak seems to be coming for a high position. It looks like the drips are concentrated just under the tension pulley, or slightly to the left of it, kind of hard to see. I only noticed the problem because my fans kept turning on. Then one day the temp guage rose about 3 quarters of the way, then dropped back down to mid way point. Fans blow cold air when they are on, but thats as long as there is coolant present. I hope its just the water pump.

I've had the water pump put on new and heater core jus don't have the thermostat in will it run hot if it's not in

when you press the brake to shift the car the transmission acts like you arent pushing the brake

I need to remove the tail light assembly

I think the fuel pump is out and need to test the pressure valve

New Thermostat
New Gaskets
New Radiator
Worked fine for a couple months afterwards and then suddenly overheating again.
History: Purchased in 2013. Worked fine during test drive. Worked fine the 2 hour drive home. Worked fine for a few days. then started overheating like crazy. replaced one part after another, worked fine a few miles, a few days, then replaced all gaskets and worked fine till now.
Please help

Just got into a accident where my Dodge Magnum was t-boned. Leaving both the passenger side door dent to all damnation. I am trying to price how much it would be to replace both the front and back passenger doors.

The man who did my car claim like he didn't know the timing chain needed to be change while he did my water pump. I need help please.

Is there a procedure that I can look up online and what problems can I expect with this replacement?

Just started leaking oil from the top of the oil filter. So changed it out with new one and still leaks can't fine the problem. ...

Car has 43000 miles on it. I've never heard of doing this. Does this seem likely and if so what is cost?

Tried to open it and nothing happened. Haven't been able to do it automatically for about two weeks; think the key battery is dead. Will that stop me from unlocking it manually though? I'm locked out

Its a 3.5 v6

I replaced the fuel level sensor inside the gas tank,and made sure no vent hoses had kinks or folds as well. And still nothing. Level indicates half a tank on empty and and when I got half a tank, it registers full tank.

Three codes display 0221, 0222, and 2135

how can you tell if the theromostat is bad?

the dealer said i need an engine other dealer said replace water pump and thermotats. Could some one please help me out

Car bought May 18, 2012. Broke down one week after. Since then it has had 6 reman engines placed! Every time, same exact problem. Even when switching engine companies. Yesterday, after having the car back 1 month, the same problem. We've only had the car in our possession and road worthy 2 months out of the 15 we've had it! I've sought lawyer advice, nothing they or anyone can do since the manufacturer's warranty was over when we purchased it (70,000+ miles on the original engine). We do have an unlimited mileage/3 year warranty on the new engine.

like a horse shoe with an ! exclamation in the middle. Is this a check engine light? Just came on. Fuel tank has been filled and its still on. I checked the cap where I fuel up on the outside to make sure it was on properly.

rhe car has power lights, locks, windows everything works it just does not turn over the way its suppose to what could be wrong

not sure if the one on driver side under air intake is the correct one.

I've just spent about $1,500 in parts and labor to redo the entire driver's side head and the passenger side as done some time ago. Once my mobile mechanic finished reassembling all and got the vehicle running, including full oil/filter change, new anti freeze, the engine started very smoothly and idled same. But in checking the oil dipstick (all clean oil), he claims that the oil pump is not working. The previous driver said the oil light came on, and was overfilled and black as tar.
Approximately how much more should I expect to pay if oil pan removal is included please? Thank you.

Appears water pump is OK, they can not diagnose where the flow is not happening? Help?

not a windshield leak. could be a clogged drain in compartment that houses cabin air filter ?

compressor works fine and a/c has been recharged. however, the cold air is being disrupted by hot air.