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drove home light came back on. do I need to reflash computer or new solftwere what should I do please help
The Peter says crank shaft not function but I replace the crankshaft it still says the same thing
air bag light on..says some thing about right
i have had it in the shop twice and it won,t stop leaking.they replaced the gasket twice and sealed it,but after one day it leaks again. this will be the third time and its leaking even more than ever now. any ideas o...
my 1999 dodge intrepid turns over but will not start
(I only put a car because its required i just want a general explanation) I've heard to trace the radiator hose to the engine then under or nearby should be the ECT. Also I need the same question answered about t...
hey ziptie12, pushrod, any suggestions. Car is sitting on street yet in front of house 2-3 months. Won't last. Neighbors should be gettin po'd. I am on disability from the VA. You might know what that amounts to. Not ...
Is there somewhere where I could look at the timing marks on line
I changed the ECM I changed the cps and the csps I also changed the coil pack and it's still doing the same what can I do I'm running out of options please help thanks.
Won't start again until cools off or sits 20 minutes.checked fault
I stop see motor oil is low and cooling fluid is low too. diagnosis said P0700, transmission mechanic said $1,500 to rebuild the transmission, car can be drive in city but on freeway can't perform good, can you tell m...
have had transmission work done cause it was jerking when taking off after a complete stop.. don't do it all the time just after driving it a distance. it is still jerking after all the work done
Just changed battery, same issue. Could this be ingition switch or cam sensor?
tranmisson wien could shif ok wien stop car shif down ,car will not shif up car trune car off restart it will shift but car will not go over 20 mil. hr
2003 intrpide will not shif after stop shut down car will shif but not go over 20 mil. hr.
It coming from by the timing chain or crankshaft I think.
Engine will shut down if I don't hit the gas and try's to shut down while driving on highway
I have replaced the gearshift and gearshift box.I have stated this in a previous question.I forgot to included that the gearshift cable won't move.I have no idea what to do next.Someone mentioned replacing the solenoi...
The gearshift is jammed or stuck.Although I have replaced the gearshift lever box,it is still now shifting. What do I need to try now?
Driving on highway my car stumbled developed knocking noise and died. Wouldn't start. It started the next morning still had loud knocking noise but it started right up and drives on flat road but it dies going up the ...
My Dodge Intrepid's battery was getting to the point where it was almost dead and it was getting colder, So I replaced it with a new battery. I thought my car would be working just fine again but no, for some reason i...