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need to know where the throttle position sensor and map sensor are detailed discription/diagram on how to replace
I have a 2001 Dodge Intrepid SE the motor is knocking quite bad and it's extremely loud, the oil is also a milky gray color and it smokes out the tail pipe. it also had leaked radiator fluid out. does any one know wha...
where is the thermostat housing located?
price to change oil pan gasket, doesn't leak oil that i can see
when i go to pass somebody my car just seems to not have the power it should, you have to punch it to pass anybody. The gas mileage is not that great i think i get about 16 mpg i know it can do better. Also when its u...
My car failed emission ispection because of the following Problems: Mil Command Status- Fail. What causes this problem and how can it be fixed
system is full charged. but no power to compressor.they replaced switch at condenser still no power. the lite comes on at there another pressure switch on low side?
I can't open my driver's side door from insider or outside. I can pull on both the door handle on the outside and the inside and nothing happens. I have tried pushing/pulling the door with either one or both handles...
how do i replace the thermal flasher?
I drive a 1993 Dodge Intrepid ES. The over all car is in good condition. The only major replacements I have done on the car recently is replacing the muffler. This past summer the engine started to shake and a loud...
which post do the 2 smallest wires go on?
Is the regulator separate from the alternator on this model
I have problems starting;I have spark but it does not turn over. could it be fuel related. If so what should I do.
If a timing chain goes in a 2000 Intrepid with a 2.7L, can it still have compression and spark?
My car is leaking transmission fluid (red color liquid on my driveway not oil) and the transmission slips only when it's been sitting overnight or all day long. It doesn't slip when driving after that. Do you think ...
When i drive sometimes my oil light flickers on and off, sometimes it even stays on and then immediatly goes off. Please let me know whats going on. thanks
I have replaced the multi switch & checked the fuses
I want to know how much a tuneup cost
Where is wiper moter located
how much does a new engine will cost and used
Interior door handle, driver side, plastic tip broke off handle, won't open door. Is this a one piece unit or can door handle be taken of door panel? How?
how do u remove does,nt work
how do you remove the driver side front cv axle
The door handle on driver side doesn't opwn the door. I assume a cable broke? If so how do you repair it?
My Intrepid is having a really hard time starting in the morning. It turns over without any trouble. It has a new battery. Once the car is started in the morning, it will start without any trouble the rest of the d...
Coolant leaking into oil, Head Gasket don't seem to have cracked yet, how can I stop this leak?
I replaced my belt from the previous question i had not had a problem since. I have another one. My cars cooling fans will not turn off. When it is 10 degrees outside and you first start it up in the morning the fans ...
Is it normal for the coolant system to run high? The temp gauge is half way, then the fan kicks on, cools the engine off a little bit. The coolant level is good.
do you have information on how to remove the dash to replace the air condition evaporator
my intrepid will stop charging when it is idling.The belt makes a screeching noise until you get back up into higher rpms, could this be just the alternator or something else? --mathew64