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any time i do over 60mph my car will start shaking a i can feel a thumping and hear it as well from under the driver side. even more when i slow down could this be my cv axle?

we can't get the bolt out of the body mount bushing and our replacement parts didn't come with new hardware, how do we get the bolt out without cutting it off and then replace the body mount? Right now the bolt just spins and the nut on it has a rounded head, how do we get it out?

How do I fix it

my car jerks and i am believing my air filter need to be changed. can someone help me with the location and how to change that?

Is there any easier way to disconnect power when replacing electrical parts in the car without of going through all the trouble of getting into the battery comparttment which is so "easily accessible" in the wheel well of this model Intrepid?

when diagnostics is done i get 22 flash's 2 pauses what that means,(3 flash,pause,5 flashes long pause 4 flash's pause 5 flash's pause then 5 more flashes then done.)

what can be the problem,change fuel pump and filter,alternator good got it check,and fuel relay.all it does is wants to turn over but doesn't and after a few more tries it clicks.
like goes dead.

I have downloaded some instructions for this job and all of them say I should "Disconnect negative battery terminal before removing door panel".

Is there an easier way to disconnect the battery for this job other than going through all the hasle of getting into the battery compartment just to disconnect power to work on the mirror?

On a 1996 3.3l engine....Car wont shift up when all guages not working...??Helpppp....

How do you know when the head gasket is blown/cracked?

Why is all of my reserve water leaking from the bottom of the engine and steming out on top of it

I tried to jump start my wifes 1994 buick regal and neither one of us could find the terminals on our cars to attach the jumper cables to. Where are they?

I have a 98 Intrepid 3.2ES and the blower fan just stopped working. There was no indication of a problem, one day it worked fine, the next day the fan would not turn on. I had the interior fuse replaced and that didn't help. Does anybody know what can be causing this problem and how to fix it?


why wont my car rev over 2500 rpms I just done a new bottom end in car and sounds like new but when i drive the car shifts great as long dont try to exceed the 2500 rpms if so acts like revlimiter starts and goes into limp mode have to stop turn off car and restart to go again. changed the trans range sensor but still the same.

car loses power at any speed. it does not sputter ,shake or jerk. it is like someone fainting. restarts when stopped and key turned.

P0432 Main Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 2)
What should I do to fix this?

Engine has been running smoothly as of yesterday. Tried to start the car today, the engine cranks but will not "pop". I don't smell fuel, battery has full power, starter is working good, but it sounds like it "jumped timing"?? Is this a costly repair? Approximately, what can I expect to lay out, without going to a dealer?

front end rattles when at idle but stops when moving

at 70 mph the car shifted into neutral, ever since it will only pull itself in 2nd gear. Fluid is good and full, check engine light flashes periodically. Ran a scanner on it and came up with two codes 733 and 734. 164000 miles with no hint of any tranny troubles.

I just replaced the radiator, bleed the air out of the cooling system. But now, the heater blows cold air and seems like it takes around 15min. for the engine to heat up. What could this be?

Is there anything special that has to be done to remove the radiator?

I have a 99 dodge intrepid with a thumping noise in the steering. This noise only occurs when you are pulling out of a parking spot and are only moving the car with idle speed. It makes a loud thumping noise when the steering wheel is turned. The power steering pump is also very loud at start up and at idle. When I drive the car at high speeds the steering doesn't make the thumping noise. I'm wondering if this sound is in the rack or something else. Any suggestions would be great on a solution. One other thing, while driving the steering wheel is very slow after making a turn meaning it doesn't turn back to main position without my help. Thanks

Where is the flasher located, i coulnt find it by the steering column or under the hood??

was driving one day and without warning the trans down shifted into limp it home and later when i tried to move it, the tranny does nothing when i put it into drive or i said there was no probs before it went into limp mode and it makes no noises whatever...

does anyone know where the transaxle in a 2004 dodge intrepis is located and what it looks like

How do you change the camshaft timing lamp on a 2004 3.5l V6 in an intrepid?


how to put a water outlet on my car. it has the whole assembly even the bottom hose.PLEASE HELP SOMEBODY whoever answered for me to read the instructions with the part, that was smart.DUH IF i had some i would not have asked for help, someone please answer who knows what to do THANK YOU....

A noise when hitting a bump developed in the right front end of my Intrepid shortly after replacing the struts and aligning. Actually I thought my wife had run over something and damaged the exhaust as the noise seems to come from under the passenger side foot area. The sway bar bushings and links have been replaced and the right strut was removed to ensure that it was not a problem. All the other bushings and exhaust system have been inspected as well.
I'm wondering if the right body isolation bushing - behind and inside the wheel could be the problem. It is loud enough that one would think that the problem would be very obvious, but so far nothing has smacked me in the face.
Hoping someone has prior experience with this one.

when the timing belt goes will the piston hit the valves?