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first changed fuel injector seals didnt do properly,car caught fire.changed wire harness,ecm,sparkplug turned over a couple of times then wouldnt make any noise.also no fire to sparkplugs.checked fuel,no fuel coming from pump.pull gear out of park now its stuck in drive.must do it myself please help

at first my car would turn over but wouldnt it wont make a noise.i have changed every thing but the coil and the camshaft position sensor. i need someone to tell me where this sensor is located on a 97-dodge intrepid

I was driving my car on the freeway last night at about 65mph, all the sudden the RPM's spiked all the way up, the car shuddered a minute, jerked real hard then lost power. Now, I can't get it to start.

Once up to speed, the vehicle makes so much noise it sounds like it is an aircraft taking off. Made me sick to drive it. Noise appeared to come from under the drivers side of the car right behind the drivers seat area. Help - what is causing this?


where is the transaxle control module at on this car

I had my codes read and they are

The car goes into this mode after driving for about 20 min. I replaced the speed sensors on the car but a mechanic says i need to rebuild the transmission. They only read the codes and did not give any more information. Is there anything else I can check on my own to find out or replace to get it to not go into limp mode?

my car keeps dieing.It wont hold a charge.I replaced the alternator,and it still died and the battery is good.what else is there,and it all started when I jumped this van.


when car overheats temperture of 300 reaches radiator fluid fans wont turn on

I have replaced the fuel filter and fuel pump, changed the injectors and am running injector cleaner

it does this a few times a week and it will take 5 to 6 tries. i can get it to start if i pump the gas petal 12 to 20 times

All controls work on the heat/ A/C except for the recirculating (Max air) control and it will not go to the recirculation position. I have replaced the control module and it didn't change anything. Any one ever had this problem?

radiator, thermostat and radiator cap have all been replaced. Had it checked at local garage, they say water pump is leaking, not a job they can do.

I just got my radiator replaced and now it is leaking transmission fluid right around where the radiator is. I was wondering what could be causing this, I know it's transmission fluid because the fluid was full on Saturday and now it is really low and the shifting is being affected. What could it be?

What do I need to do in order to start my car if I already replaced the alternator and the battery.

my chick engine light is keep coming on and off i check it out and it is crankshaft position sensor

why does car idle high and then back to normal and then idle high again? check engine light stays on.

Can I change the cameshaft and cambearings in the car Thank Rob

both back windows stopped working at the same time and now a year later the passenger window can only be operated by the drivers window control the passenger control does not work? could this be the motors needs to be changed or is it just the switches?

What causes condensation to form within a headlight housing? What repairs do I need to make (while replacing the light bulbs) to eliminate ny current leaks? Another web site recommends heating your oven to 250 deg F. and placing the housing (minus bulbs and wiring) inside for 3 minutes ... hmmm

what could be the cause for my power windos and heater to go out and air bag light to come on some one told me it was the ignition switch please help doing this work myself

my a/c blower does not work. I know it's not the blower fan or the resistor what else can it be?

need to replace side mirror after my kid hit a deer

Engine light is on in and car is making a noise that sound like a motorcycle or a humming noise while driving. when I am going 50 mpr it seems I am going 20 mpr. Could this be an engine, tramsmission or catalytic converter problem.

Can not pop my hood open due to the wiring seems to be not connected is not connected might have to prior hood open. Can this be an easy repair?

I am trying to re-connect the male/female alternator wire that has some how been pulled out. Where do I reconnect this wire at?

I am having some problems with Intrepid; first off, she is running very sluggish, with an occasional POP, POP from I gues are the injectors; second, my car will sometimes sputter and shut itself off whenever I'm at a light; Third, my car is taking too long in between gear shifts (IT's an automatic) and now, I am having problems with the cooling system. Sometimes, it will go for weeks without incident, but just last night the car overheated something fierce and died on me. Someone help me please, because I am about thirty seconds from purchasing a hand grenade and well... you know the rest...

My 1999 Intrepid has 222,000 miles on it. Recently I had some sensors in the transmission fixed, but am having a problem with the car stalling.

It doesn't do it all the time. At first I thought that it was just when it hadn't been warmed up enough, but recently it has been stalling in nice warm weather. Sometimes it will stop when I am idling at red lights/stop signs. Sometimes it will stall when I am slowing down, while coming into town (where the speed limit reduces), or when I take my foot off the gas to go down a hill. It will always start up, maybe not on the first try, but it will start.

Whenever it stalls, the CRUISE light comes on first and the RMP goes to zero. If only this light comes on, sometimes it will kick back and be fine. Other times, the CRUISE light comes on, the RPM goes to zero, and the oil light comes on. When this happens, the car completely stalls and I have to pull over.

I was told that it could be the fuel pump, but since the pump is inside the gas tank, it is hard to check it easily. I did try Fuel Injector Fluid, which helped. It is probably about time to put some more in. I also read somewhere that low oil pressure will cause it to stall. I am due for an oil change. But will just having an oil change help this?

I don't know what engine it has in it.

I start my car up, drive about 20 miles then it shuts down. Sometimes it takes 30 minutes to an hour to start up, sometimes it dont at all. What could it be?