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thump when shift, does not find / decide on gear
When the car is turned off the lights reset and are not on when I restart the car until I drive about 12mph. Any suggestions?
Other than that it runs great and this only happens in the morning.
I discovered over the summer that my van seems to be loosing oil with no noticeable leaks when it's parked. I'm not seeing anything around the head gasket either. I'm told Dodge knows of this issue and is trying to ...
Scan tool says with engine warmed FF Fuel System Closed Loop Calculated load 16.8% Coolant Temp 206F STFT Bank 1 0.0% LTFT Bank 15.4% Intake Manifold Press 15,0 in.hg Eng RPM 1504 Veh speed 36 MPH If the ban...
I brought a new radiator cap and added antifreeze but it was brought to my attention that only one of the fans kicking on the fan that stays on and cools the motor when the ac is on doesn't work could that be my probl...
How do you get the clearance you need so that you don't damage the fan on the pump when you put it back in the car
There does not seem to be a manual way to open these windows. What needs to be done, so I can open these windows?
The panel on the driver door that operates the windows and locks works sparingly. The front windows go down half way on their own. The sliding doors will not shut unless you push the button in the ceiling.
Dust leaks everywhere all vents defrost it's the nicest but the worst dusty vehicle I. Have ever had. Is there a fix the dealer says nothing's wrong but I have dirt bank in the van.
Coil". We were told that it may miss occasionally,but would not hurt anything. However we are getting ready to take a trip of about 1000 miles. Do you thing it would make it that far with no problems? Thank you,Gary I...
Sometimes I have to turn it off then on again, what could be wrong
wont run and im not paying for a new engine which is what is needed.. plus lots of work needs done to the body before even considered safe.
We bought this van used this winter. The front heater blower motor worked fine at first. Then it started sounding like a dinosaur was in the right front dash and it would cut in and out. Now with the winter burst o...
It only runs for like 10 seconds after starting with remote
Engine light was flashing, the mechanics fixed that, now it stall after engine warms up when you stop and are idling.
we bought the van at a car lot. after having it for 2 days we realized that when the van is first started and cool it would shift fine. but once it warmed up it wouldn't shift properly. we would be driving 40 mph and ...
I am replacing not sure which way arrow needs to point. Didn't pay attention when removed
Can the abs wheel sensors get messed up/out of place when you get a new set of tires? I just got new tires two weeks ago, and now my ABS, ESP, BAS, and Brake lights are on. I do not notice any problems with the brakes...
was letting van warm up heard a noise but it stopped when I went out to leave my power steering fluid was on the ground under the van I couldn't even turn the steering wheel