All of a sudden my car started to overheat. When I pulled over I checked the radiator cap and filled it with fluid. Now all of a sudden I have it pissing (excuse the term) from a place under the vehicle. I have never seen any fluid before. I waited an hour and drove home with no problems, but when it is idle it runs out continuously!! Help!! What do I need to do without spending an arm and a leg!!!

Leaking radiator fluid from Y hose. Only overheats if vents on, not if A/C is on. (Coincidence?)Dealer only part $101, not incl hourly repair cost. My husband stopped the leak, from the y hose and even tho no leak, car still overheated while vents on. Only overheats in a.m. after sitting all night. Any ideas?

starts great cold then dies when it gets to normal operating temp. it will not die if i keep rpm high or stay above 55 mph. if i go bellow 55 mph it dies. then i haft to wait 20 30 min. then it starts great then saim thing over and over again.

if the compressor locksup, what are all theparts that need to be replaced? I was told an additional few parts from thelist jn order to receive a warranty onreplacing the system. the price was in the high end range for a private shop, but also included moreparts ($815)

My windshield washer won't squirt. The motors works fine. How do I find the fuse that operates it?

I under stand the Natural vacuum leak detection leaks at the the pump. Is this part associated wih evap control system which is covered under Federal warrenty of 8yrs/8,000 miles.

2nd question where is the pump locted on this vehicle

170,000 mile 1999 Grand caravan LE 3.8 Gives 13 mpg local driving, It is way low should be 19 mpg. I feel it is due to late shift of last gear it shifts @ above 40mph speed. Just for your info the speed sensor went bad and was replaced in past. Engine is good, It gives me 24 to 26 mpg on highway. Please advise what to do.


The NVLD is this part of the evaporative emission Contrrol system?


I had the blower motor changed and it seemed to work fine. But I have found that when the blower is on high, and I step on the brake there is a pulsing that almost feels like the brakes are going metal to metal.

When the blower is on any of the lower speeds there is no problem, but the brakes start to pulse as soon as I turn it onto high.

Any deas??

I have some other electrical problems with this van: Instrument panel is dead, heat won't turn off, no defogger or rear windshield wiper.

the van runs drives fine but gauges,odometer,trip computer,ac are dead but when you turn the key not all the way off it show the gauges and everything

The van started doing it about a week ago when u take off. i added dry gas thinking thats what it was. no luck.

took car to get inspection and now our radiator is smoking noticed leak of water yesterday the day after inspection

my air will only work on one speed i guess u could say which is on full blast but when u turn it off it shuts off

my air will only work on one speed i guess u could say which is on full blast but when u turn it off it shuts off

how often should oil be changed?

Starter will not respond when key is turned in the ignition to start.

wheel cylinder is the diagnosis

check engine light come on when starting to climb then goes off when back on level ground

my van shuts off in the middle of driving and the oil light comes on. sometimes it stalls sometimes it just stops without warning. it will start back up sometimes and at others it won't. I had too much oil in it but that has been changed it drove good for 1 day and started back up doing the same thing.

Because your website does not offer a choice of 1988 models, I chose 1993 to get my foot in the door. And because your website does not offer a choice of Dynasty as a model, I chose Grand Caravan to get my foot in the door.
I have a 1988 Dodge Dynasty LE with a 3.0 Litre V6 and a 3 speed automatic (hydraulic control, not computer controlled transmission). Fuel pump was replaced last year. Fuel pump runs but engine won't fire when cranking. Ignition firing plugs, camshafts both turning so its not a timing belt problem. Injectors working and injecting fuel. But no fire! Gasoline is good (burns)! The engine fires right up with squirt of ether (starting fluid). What could be wrong? Question from learnedmind@wowway.com

what electric feed obd11 connecter
on 1999 dodge caravan

I can hear it when I turn on the air condition

My transmission just went out on my van. How much will it cost to replace it?

how to test a cig&accessore relay


stayss on, except when u disconnect the battery, then comes back on later. dodge service center unable to fix it, replaced the ? value,ekg, etc. started at 8k miles.

Tis a shame, the under the door part that runs from the front of the front doors to the back of the sliding door continues to fall out of its holders. We have blind riders who mistakenly try to use it as a running board. I have placed a few screw into the back side for temporary. what is the name of that part?

the serpentine belt was replaced, and had a transmission and power steering flush last week on my 3.3L engine which has 95,000 miles. I have a whinning sound for about 15 minutes until the van warms up. I believe its the transmission because the sound changes when the transmission changes gears.

Before taking the van back to the dealer, I thought I'd check to see what you thought.

+Just had plugs & wires, serpentine belt replaced; trasmission fluid, power steering fluid flushed; and a throttle body service at 95,000 miles on my 3.3L engine. Now there is a whinny sound until the engine is warmed up. Sounds like the transmission, because the sound changes when the transmission shifts.

Before I return to the dealer, I'd like your thoughts.