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change my spark plug in a 1992 Dodge grand caravean 3.0 L
What is involved in replacing the lower radiator hose on a 2001 Grand Caravan Sport with a 3.3L flex fuel engine
I am leaking radiator fluid near the rear passenger tire. There are two thick black hoses that are attached to an elbow. One of them has radiator fluid dripping from them. This doesn't seem logical to me unless the...
Had Caravan diagnosed and person said there were leaks in the emission valve; how many EGR valves are there on the Grand Caravan Sport?
front wheel hub torque spec can not find. Please help
Sometimes my turn signals work sometimes they don't. Hazards work all the time.
Check engine light came on, so I had it scanned, and the map sensor and idle control sensor came up as bad. So I replaced those sensors and it is still idling funny. What else could it be?
I have had my van in 4 times in the last 6 months for brake trouble. Initially took it in as I felt the breaks were not releasing, had squeeling, smelled funny, and had lots of brake dust on the front rims. They sai...
I have noticed that smell in the AC for many years now...just accepted it not knowing it was a general problem. Should the dealer address this, especially since i have been in 3 times in two weeks for my brakes????
my brake lights and rear wiper quit workin. i cant find the fuse box to check the fuses. can someone tell me where it is located? found the one in the engine compartment.
Noticed today that the left side of rear bumper is slightly detatched. Is this easily fixed? What could have caused this?
my ac is charged up the ac button light comes on the dash but the compressor fails to run
Loosing power at highway speed. chug and jerking also.
i checked it at advance auto with their gadget. said samall and large evap leak does that mean its the cannister neither of the auto chains have a part listed for it
where is the ambient air temperature sensor located on my vehicle and how hard would be to change it out myself?
valley pan leaking need to replace and i need the intake torque specs cant find on here anywhere.
odometer don;t work . will not ligt up on dash; can not see milage.
brought to the shop and was told evaporator was bad
The passenger sliding door has a wind leak when driving. Air is noisy and coming in around handle area. I was told by a friend that he thought there was a service bulletin for this problem can you verify this please?
my abs lite remains on , fuses are good plenty of fluid in master cylinder..whats left ?
what size and where are all speakers
Error code P1389. Where is this relay located?
Where is the fuse or number of the fuse that controls the dome light?
Ihave replace the switch and the flasher and still no turn signals
what are possible solutions
when driving down the road the radio,wipers,power windows and heater will lose power then turn on again.
My check engine light came on and my van started to idle rough and then started to do it while I'm driving it. (little jerky movements) I took it to a garage to run the computer on it and they said that I needed to re...
Trying to change back brakes can't get brake drums off.
If i have to eliminate temporaly the ac compressor, do i need a bracket to put back the belt, or i just can use another smaller belt