Van will not start...spark plugs flooded with gasoline. Once plugs are dried vehichle starts easily and throughtout the day; next morning flooded again as if gas is still pumping in system after it has been shut off.

I removed both front tires in order to check brake pads and then started vehicle. When accelerating and then decelerating it sometimes makes a clunking sound and hesitates on engaging. Does it need replaced? If so how? I have a new one but not sure on how to remove the old one.

From Pep Boys, there are 2 error codes with transmission.
P0750 - ir solenid circuit error
P0700 - transmission at fault present

What are we looking at in terms of cost and time needed for repair???

Left turn signal blinking too fast. Started about two weeks ago. Going in today to get an oil change and tire rotation or two new tires.

My car alarm light on my 2002 dodge grand caravan doesn't blink on and off when I lock my car doors. What could be the problem?

my dodge caravan starts up and then stall it keeps on saying no gas but i just filled it up. i looked under the relay center and the 40a abs/mod pump looks like bad

my van start acting like it wants to cut off when you are waiting at the red light, and when you step on the gas it act like it wants to cut off, this happen on thursday.

My van was diagnosed with a bad ecm. The shop ordered a used prt of which did not have the alarm system included. The shop put the old ecm back in and now it starts and runs. Could the alarm system be disengaged as I feel that this may be the real problem?

My radio, clock and plug in for a charger have stopped working. My auto side door only opens half way. My auto lift gate unlocks but doesn't raise up. I also am getting water from the A/C system leaking into the front passenger floor.

Pasanger side blows only cold air driver side is fine
I thought it might be the dampners sticking or a relay
some were

went to put oil drain plug back in and it doesnt catch plug looks like a cap with a 2 inch threaded rod atached to cap did something come apart can it be fixed without dropping oil pan

also, main electrical distribution box replacement (black box with all the relays, by the battery).

how do I get the cover off to replace the tail light bulb

my instrument panel flashes all the time and nothing works speedo tach fuel gage ect. can anyone help

please i got new tires awhile back and they said all they had in stock was another size but they would fit, now i have gotten 3 tickets for speeding since at exactly 11 miles over, could the calibration be off that much????and if so is it the tire places fault for not knowing this?i have not gotten tickets in over 25 yrs beside this..

I've been having a problem with the air conditioner its not cooling, we had the air compressor rebuilt and flushed out the lines,and new freon was put in and still the air was warm. Its still not cooling also replaced the presure release valve that didnt make any difference. the air still comes out warm.

where is the fuel vapor canister celonoid located on the van

cant drive @ any speed since the wheels shake

Our ABS light has stayed on for about 2 months. Dealer said it still fine since is still has regular brakes.
Now our brakes are grinding loudly when stopping

My van recently started leaking coolant. It happens with and without the a/c being on. When the van is left to idle the fans don't turn on, however, the relays to the fans are working and when the fan is wired direct they will come on? Also, The thermistat has been checked and is working properly. Any thoughts as to why its not coming on?


When checking my brakes my pedal went to the floor ,when checking my fluid reservoir it was very low , did not notice any leaks ,when filing the brake fluid bake to the full mark ,i was able to regain my pedal pressure my concern is what may have caused the fluid to run that low .

Our van has been sitting idle for sometime. I've replaced the battery and brought brake fluid up, but the brakes still do not work. There is no resistance when I depress the brake pedal - the brake light on the dash doesn't come on. When the van was last running the brakes worked fine. What is the problem?

Why when I put my van on drive it shut off?

obd light stays on

Dashboard (speedometer, fuel, etc.) not working, no signal lights, no AC, no door locks, no wipers, no high beam lights. All fuses checked and are okay.

Need estimate for replacement of both door window motors?

code p1776

I saw someone say that there was a recall for a rear heating system problem... But I can't find that anywhere else. Was there a recall?? If so, where do I find the info on it??

my transmission is starting to not want to shift, seems to only happen after driving for more then 30 minutes. ( in town driving ). But now its not wanting to let me go anywhere in reverse and its also starting to jerk from a takeoff.