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The van leaks antifreeze and I'm not driving van at this time.

codes are p0740 p0700 what is a tcc circuit how can it be repaired.and a trans control system what will i need to repair them.

Hello ! could you tell me where my map sensor is located on my engine Thanks !

my brake padel gos to the floor if i hold the pafel too long

I have replaced the timing chain, sprockets, and oil pump. My oil light was coming on before this, changed pump since I was in there. I thought it was the oil pressure switch so I changed it and still getting the light. I removed the oil pressure switch and checked pressure it was around 50psi so assuming it pumping. I have a rod bearing raising hell which is next fun project. Would like to get this fixed to at least run around town until it finally dies.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

engine light came oe egr code came on. where is it located

i have a 2000 dodge caravan i was driving and had the hot air on and it started to blow cold i noticed that the temp gage went in the red then i lost horse power to the van and then it killed and it has fluid and the belts are ok but it wont start

When I press the button to dispense windsheild wiper fluid, it won't come out for the front windsheild. The back windsheild will dispense, but only after I used to a pin to clean out the nozzle to see if it was blocked. I did the same to front window, but this didn't remedy the issue. I have checked the fluid in the container to see if any had leaked out or if it was empty, but it is at the same level. Is there a possible block in the hose(s)?

I drive my car rarely these days as I take public trasport to get into the city for work. I only drive it short distances. The van will heat up within 10 minutes of starting the engine, but then it is only slightly warm. If I drive for long distances, an hour or more, the air coming from the vents is cool. Is this a thermostat issue?

were is the oil pump and can I change it? I am handy

i used a hand held scanner it told me shift solenoid and egr vale so i replaced both the shift solenoid and egr and egr solenoid when all of this happend it was poping or back fireing though the intake now it sill not shifting right and some what sill poping have not fiugred out how the egr valve is getting water in it.

Do you have a diagram for the installation of the part #4612412, part to fix the belt slipping off. I am taking my car to the mechanic on Monday and would like to have this in hand as well THANKS

i just go a new use tranmission put in my van monday and my husband drives it to work and which is an hour a way and going do the road it just kicks back in first gear and won't shift what could be wrong with it

when i leave my automatic lights on or no i have starting problems. once its jumped its ok, but i need to know if its the battery or alternator

when the vans lights are left on the van will not start and i have to have i jumped how do i know if its the battery or alternator?

where is the spare tire located

replaced battery and still wont start, do we have to reset something?

Replace front blower motor and motor will still not come on. What do i do?

there are 2 speed control knobs one for the front one for the rear. the rear seems to work just fine except blows less on one side than the other. the blower motor in the front only works when the knob is turned to high speed. not sure what to replace blower motor resistor or control switch.

replace rack and pinion with high/low pressure hoses

The low oil light stays on.. Mechanic says maybe a new bulb will fix it..

The van does not have any heat and it runs hot periodically.

Went to work today. Battery light came on. Came home and it did the same thing. So I let the van run for 10-15 minutes. When I went back out the van was dead...completely dead. Except now, there is a ticking noise coming from the fuse center. What is there that I need to do.

knocking in front end have replaced struts strut mounts tie rod ends

when i put my key in to start my van, there is no noise. i have lights and power but does not crank over. after about 3 minutes of numerous attempts it finally sarts

The passanger air bags on my 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan SE are turned off. Is there an easy way to turn it on?

Van has new or replaced everything, including battery,cable connectors,starter, electronic distributor, plug wires, plugs, relays. Will not start when cold. Electrical system checks out. Fault code is 12-26-55. Runs rough and engine light comes on after a few seconds of running.

All doors are unlocked. The driver side sliding door will not open. How do I get the door open?

93 Dodge G Caravan while driving on the hwy the vehicles rpm went up and the van would not go past 35 mph, it was really cold out that day, a couple of days later it was able to drive up to 50 mph, then about a week after that we had a diagnostic test done and nothing came up and they were able to get it to 85mph. I don't want to spend too much getting it fixed if it isn't worth it, but no one can seem to tell me what is going on with it.

Could I use 5W30 oil in the winter? Or should I always use 5W20?