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Front fan blower not working at any sppeed setting. I checked the fuses and relays, they appear fine. I need to determine if the switch or the fan motor is not working. Also, I neeed to know how to access the switch...
What is the approx cost of replacing a Vehicle Speed Sensor
Is it necessary to replace wheel cylinders when doing rear brakes?
have replaced coil, plugs, plug wires, engine temp sensor and still have same problem. backfiring when i start driving and missing
I believe my blower motor went because When I turn my heater fan on It does nothing and shortly there after my fuse blows. How do I change my blower motor. Well, mostly where is it and How do I get to it?
I went to autozone to check the reason thats the engine light turns on and they tell me the code means the ROV transmission sensor is sending this alert so I all ready check the oil level and is ok.
try to turn key to start van. when key is on there is no power at all motor wont crank lights[headlight,dome,all]dont work cant roll up or down windows locks everything has no power all fuses are good
whats the best and easiest way to change rear plugs
When the air is turned on it makes a loud squeeling sound after about 2 minutes. What is this
where is the egr flow valve
what's a fair cost to replace the ignition coil?
my cigarette fuse keeps blowing out. I only use it to for my cell phone charger
how do i get into the casing to change the air filter
ok the back air works, but the front does almost nothing than when you go like 40 it starts to blow but not like it should help this is bad its hot
while driving today i heard a very loud noise coming from my van i got out of my car and it seems to be coming from underneath the van what could this noise be?
The belt in my dodge has been recently replaced, but it squeling now. why is it squeling? and how can i tell the problem? also my service engine light keeps going on and off. why is that?
I had the A/C fixed in this van 2 years ago, at a whopping $900. It is again not working and I don't want to spend another $900. I have checked the refrigerant and it is up to pressure. The clutch on the compressor ap...
looking for location of high speed cooling fan relay
spare tire wont release
inlet air temperature sensor location for air conditioner
'99 caravan with 200K, was 18.3 avg MPG - changed plugs, wires, air filter and O.F.L. Now avg 16.8. what happened?
Need to replace the ambient air temperature sensor in my 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan but do not know where it is located inside the van.
When I shut off the engine for about 30 seconds there is a noise very similar to a ringing telephone (no phone in car). What would cause this? There are no indicator lights or error codes or anything else I can see ....
car started, ran 30 seconds and quit and wouldn't re-start. fuses and fluids OK. How do we check for ignition spark.
I got the selenoid shifter changed and still have the same problems. I can crank the van. When I shift the van into gear the van turns off.If I hold my foot on the gas as I'm shifing into gear the van will drive, when...
It does this everytime.Wipers work on low and high selection.They freeze up while on certan intermintent selections.
where is the location of a water pump on a 2003 dodge grand caravan 3.3l flex motor as i just baught the van and i am not familar with this motor
i bought the van and need to know where is the location of a water pump on a 2003 dodge grand caravan 3.3l flex motor so that i can replace it as i am not familiar with this motor
My front tires wear out really fast...the alignment is not out, but they don't last long at all???
change my spark plug in a 1992 Dodge grand caravean 3.0 L