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Do you have to take any additional parts off to change the pulley?
The car will start and get to 155 - 165 degrees then it dies and can not restart till the temp drops to 110 degrees . I really need help. Thanks. The motor is the 3.3l v6.
Sometimes engine check light goes on and engine runs as if it is air starved. When turned off for a while starts up and runs smoothly.
Currently have to lock/unlock car from passenger side to avoid setting off alarm!
Cruise control is currently not working. Assuming switch on steering wheel is OK.
It has a 3.0 liter motor and is a 6 cylinder
My car sometimes not always doesn't want to accelerate so i end up burning rubber or on the freeway i have to continue to floor it. I asked two mechanics and got different advice one thinks its an electical problem no...
I have a knock in my compressor and need to know if there is a lube in the compressor itself
Check engine light is on. And it hesitates sometimes also,and then it runs fine again !!! Could it be the fuel filter
can u seal plugs without trans removal does water get into oil
What would cause water to pour from the engine? It's close to where the transmission is bolted to the engine. I put water in the radiator, it runs out from somewhere near the back of the car, close to the windshield. ...
on and it just hesitates then it will go good when i push the gas then back to hesitating
it was working fine after i shut off the car about two hours latter there was no blower , I checked the fusses and thy are fine
I was able to back up and release them a few times. After it is parked for a while, it seazes up. What do you recommend? How do you remove the rear hubs?
My daughter was driving the car and it just died. It won't start at all. It cranks but it's not getting any spark. I got the trouble codes and they were 12, 11, 43 and 55. The crank sensor was replaced, however it...
How do i turn off the anti theft system
When you put the key into the ignition, you can turn it and hear a slight click, but the car won't start and the engine won't turn over. I've tried using jumper cables bc I thought it was the battery, but the battery ...
gage shows oil pressure drop
The car is actually a 1989 dodge dynasty. The anti theft device has ran the battery down before because the light has came on when we did not know it. That has happened three times. A mechanic took out a fuse for th...
My car would not start after driving a few hrs. later it started right up but then blue smoke came out of tail pipe?
Is there a freeze plug that requires removing the engine from the automatic transmission : the water leak is dripping between the motor and transmission
i need to take my tensioner pulley how do i start to take it off.
turns over but wont start????
I have a 1990 Dodge Dynasty with a 3.3 v-6 engine. I have been experiencing intermittent no start issues. Symptoms are car will start and run rough from between 3-30 seconds and then die again. I have replaced the ...
took bottom of transmission pan off and found shredded metal and a piece of metal in the pan does this mean i need a new or rebuilt transmission,starts but grinds when put to in any gear,im in the ronan area
Need to locate the idle air control valve to clean it or replace it.
Can someone tell me where the turn signal relay switch is?
i replaced master cyclinder brake booster and bleed all the brakes and when you start the car there is no brakes