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Can anyone tell me the frontend alignment specs for my 2001 Dodge Durango?
compressor started making a ticking noise what could this be and how can i fix this
i have gotten my strainer change and everything under the hood is basically new, but all of a sudden my truck wont change gears it gets up to like 40mph but it wont go anywhere else without hesitating and also my rpm ...
a/c not working light doesnt come on and the other controls on that panel such as rear wiper and rear defrost dont work either and the heat blows out cold pls help have a little baby and need a/c
The headlights only work on bright. On dim the only thing that works is fog light.
Where is the low pressure AC service port? The High pressure is plainly visible, but I can't find the low pressure side.
My car (99' Dodge Durango) vibrates when I excellarate, and when I apply the brakes (slowing down) the car starts to shake I have an idea that it has something to do with the front end (brakes, rotor) of the car but n...
2001 durango sport when using AC water runs into passanger side floor think drain line plugged can't find it to clean
tick like noise at idle top front of engine
recently had the AC compressor repalces, shortly thereafter, the car started squealing when the AC is turned on - lasts as much as 15-20 seconds. now its also squealing every now and then when i turn. what gives? ser...
My front tires are going bald on the outer edges quickly. Can I do a front end alignment myself?
the inside of my truck smells bad can't get ride of it it smells like rotten eggs most of the time
the truck will start you have to keep foot on gas to keep it running any suggestion!
Where is the PCM located?
i replaced the oil pump 3000 miles ago it went out again or something else is wrong it came from napa no pressure engine is ticking loud confused
The window on the passenger side is not working?
I took my car to the local Dodge dealership they hooked it up and told me the egr valve was bad, I bought one then tried to leave the engine died while in gear, now it will not turn over, battery tested good and all ...
Ok, here is what I have, need to know which wires to put together. I got a diagram of the O2 sensor and the wire harness but still need to know what goes with what. Harness.... Black w/ blue stipe = sensor ground ...
Parked the durango and turned it off. The steering wheel locked and now the ignition will not turn when i put the key in.
When I first take off it make a loud noise in the front like the sound of a hole in the exhaust (but dont have) and then at a stoplight it idles up and down and sometimes stalls. The code for the check engine is smal...
curse controll in my 1999 dodge durando wont work at all ?????
how do i remove a broke exhaust manifold bolt, drivers side back
Why blow black smoke when first started and when reved?
my air will not blow cool at all even with freon in it i haer a sound as though the air is seeking from the tires come from the back of mt truck what do i do
I have a 2005 Dodge Durango Limited Magnum 5.7 Hemi. Check engine light indicates P0406 & U1411. This was provided to me after all of the guages, lights, wipers, radio (basically everything electronic) started and sto...
air blows cold just not as cold as it should be
i have a water leak the vehical does not have to be running just pour water in and it comes out right then, the only place i can see where water is coming from is where the engine and the transmission bolt together un...
i have no idea what happened to it i was on a fishing trip when i came back home my wife told me the antifreeze has leaked out so i check it out and sure enough it was bone dry so i checked the hoses and the top hose ...
how to change the brae pads...thank you!
always had the problem with the rear heating and air cond. only blows air only no hot or cold