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Why blow black smoke when first started and when reved?
my air will not blow cool at all even with freon in it i haer a sound as though the air is seeking from the tires come from the back of mt truck what do i do
I have a 2005 Dodge Durango Limited Magnum 5.7 Hemi. Check engine light indicates P0406 & U1411. This was provided to me after all of the guages, lights, wipers, radio (basically everything electronic) started and sto...
air blows cold just not as cold as it should be
i have a water leak the vehical does not have to be running just pour water in and it comes out right then, the only place i can see where water is coming from is where the engine and the transmission bolt together un...
i have no idea what happened to it i was on a fishing trip when i came back home my wife told me the antifreeze has leaked out so i check it out and sure enough it was bone dry so i checked the hoses and the top hose ...
how to change the brae pads...thank you!
always had the problem with the rear heating and air cond. only blows air only no hot or cold
were is the cabin filter cant find it
All of a sudden, yesterday afternoon, my front air went out in my vehicle. It was working until then, now, it's not. It still works in the rear though. What could that be?
drove my D to town been having shifting issues, replaced some parts in tranny doing ok shifting but got to my husbands work because smelt something hot/burning like when we put new muffler on and truck just died hasn'...
were is my pcv
I need t replace the computer in my durango and I need to know where it is located.
It was runing perfect then it got hot when I didnt have enough coolant in it. Now I have to give it gas when I start it and when stop when I take my foot off the gas.
I think the gears might be slpping revving between gear changing and jerking what will a service cost?
start up even when stepping on gas pedal hard
I lost the key to the wheel lock for my 2005 Durango. Does anyone know how much a replacememt would cost or any other solutions to getting that lugnut off and replacing it with a regular lugnut without the key?
How to replace the front shocks, and how hard is it do do? On a 1998 dodge durango 5.9L v8
Y 1999 Dodge Durango won't start? Prior, it had been making a horrible noise when the AC was on and sometimes it would get jammed and not go forward when I but the gear into drive, while making a kicking sound almost....
Last summer the air conditioner began to make a noise...something between a goose honking and a roar...only happens intermittantly, not a constant noise. The air is working fine. The problem seems to worsen when we ...
what are the connectors numbers for the PCM?
well im having my air conditioner blow out hot air. my cousin did some checking and narrowed it down to the connection to the compressor to the car. so it is the electrical, cuz the compressor is good, juice is going ...
pcm connector numbering. not sure which connector is number 1
Need to get our liftgate open and the handle won't do it. How can we get it open?
The truck has been tuned up twice over the last two years as thought may have been the problem. The vehicle runs fine but uses more fuel than normal( running rich) and has a odor from the exhaust not consistent with c...
hi i have a 4x4 2003 dodge durango it has 99688 miles in it. a few days ago i turned on my 4x4 switch on high and i worked like a champ, yesturday i turned it on and when i start to make a turn it sounded like my timi...
I have a loose steering column on my 98 durango & the gear stick is broke near the tip (taped together) how do I fix these problems?
where is the PCV valve located?
pcv valve were is locaire durango 2007