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engine surges at lower speeds, also cuts out a little like it's going to stop
engine surges,at low speeds and at idle
I have a 1998 dodge dakota v6. My dash illumination lights went out. Two days later my hazard flashers, turns signals, and rear lights went out...although my brake lights work. I replaced some of my fuses inside th...
the front left wheel is getting hot and it feels like the brake is on. the truck also shakes like a bad tire
How can I replace a 1998 dakota sport headliner? My e-mail is
I have a 99 3.9l Dakota. I have no take off power, especially if I floor it...I tried to power brake it, still no power. I have more take off power if I go about half pedal. Is this a common problem? What can be d...
When I turn the nut to take the fan from the water pump pulley it turns with the pulley.How do I get the pulley to stop turning so I can get the fan off?
I have to change the head gaskets and need all the torque specs for the heads, valve covers, and all other pertinent parts
A couple of years ago i noticed that when i had a load in the bed or pulling my 19' boat and i hit a large bump in the road the speedometer would bounce and sometimes the ABS light would come on along with the brake l...
I have a '95 Dakota, 5.2L Multi Port Fuel Injection. Truck was running fine and just all of a sudden wouldn't start. replaced fuel pump as the fuel gage has been goofy for years. Fuel getting to fuel rail, but no spar...
when idleing or driving white grays smoke come out the tailpipe and oil comeing out to
I bought my truck a few months ago and just recently started driving it. I noticed that the turn lights didn't come on when I went to turn them on. They also never lit up on the dash or clicked when I truned them on. ...
took my truck too a dodge dealership they said they think a flywheel is broken and it will cost 280 just to check out...does that sound right? and how much should it cost to fix it if that is the problem?
While i am driving down the road my truck will squeal everytime it shifts and sometimes the whole time i am driving.Please help.
This is the second time I have had problems since I have owned the vehicle. I have replaced the wiper motor, and the fuse beneath the dash inside. It worked for about one month. Now ,it is doing the same thing again. ...
2000 Dakota crew cab 5 speed manual trans. My shift lever came off at the transmission. What do I need to do to fix it?
how to reset dash anti brake and brake light
I have a 2002 Dakota that has been a pain,trans problems.Just removed the valve body to check if any spools were sticking,found none.Replaced valve body and now I have three codes,P0711,P0753,P1763.When the problem st...
Just replaced the upper radiator hose assembly. There don't seem to be any leaks and radiator is full. But water temp. soared into red zone during short test drive. Do not have owners manual. Does system need to b...
should i change both? more lbor cost involved in a 4wd.?
Ok my dodge dakota 1997 will start as long as i have my foot on the gas,but once I release the gas it cuts off. We found one cracked vacum tube. But what else can cause this problem. SN- where and how do you replace t...
I have flushed the radiator, replaced thermostat, fan clutch, belt, belt tensioner and still after 20 minutes of driving in Florida the fan clutch roars continuously.
Does any one out there no what is the correct bolt size ? trying to remove the old WC with problem finding correct wrench size SAE 3/8 to big 5/16 to small 8 9 10 MM do not seem to fit !
window wont go all the way up or down i took off door panal and found steel wire hanging down with plastic piece on it looks like it fell off where does it belong
how much to repaint a 7 inch scratch on the driver back rear side panel near tail light
the headlights, brakelights and horn don't work. Is that in the CTM? What would a new one cost? can we pull one from another used vehicle?
The door won't open and i believe i need a whole new door instead of the latch itself where can i find a new one?
Battery is good, altonator is good, connections all seem good. just bought truck with this problem.
I have a 1993 dodge dakota and the fuel gauge is not operational, I was told by someone who owned the same model that the problem is with the fuel pump which is located in the gas tank. Is this true?