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Diagnostic. Test. Does. Not show any anything at all

Check engine light came on after

Replaced thermostat and gasket

Revs up n park but not n gear

had a mechanic check for leaks he said it was a thermostat we talked on the top thermostat was already replaced he said there's another at the bottom and it would be replaced to stop the leak after it was replace the car was still leaking and now he wants to replace the water pump and a few other parts on the water pump or near the water pump that need to replace for it to function correctly are we being ripped off

And it still sway NTB say there's no alignment for the rear and it must be something bent in the rear I never had a reck in my car can someone help please about to go crazy

While driving a msg occured "service power steering" my first insta was to turn the ignition off while waitinf at the signal. After which when i drove my car, the steerinf wont just rotate. Its fixed at one place and i have no idea why. Ive be getting my car serviced from official dodge service center. Whay may went wrong?

I keep getting a misfire on cylinder 6 on my 2008 dodge charger and it keeps puttin when i stop or the car is just running. No one can seem to tell me whats really wrong. It started right after i had my timing replaced.

code PO113 intake air temperature circuit high input is showing as my car's problem and i dont know what the sensor looks like. The car refuse to start when its the temperature is hot

The car sat for two before I replaced the engine. The car started right up and runs smooth and drives smooth. Thing is can't get the cel to clear.

Had same problem less than 2 years ago ,put new battery ,put 2 new alts ,then they found short in wire from battery to alt,

I was told it needed to replaced with reman engine. I can't find anything which states that intake isn't transferable.

The CD player is working but the FM isn't working.... every thing is working good but when I switch it to the FM "RADIO" it doesn't give any sound or a noise.

It's being repaired and they have it it fur two days.

long story short I drove to the mountains in the snow.. when I got home and try to drive my car the next day I notice on the dashboard a D8 AND the gears got stuck on P I have to use the inner lock on the shifter to be able to put it on D but it won't go over 35mph and it stays on 2nd gear won't shift..

I have 2010 dodge sxt charger & won't start... I have a new battery , had the engine replaced, new starter & all the lights come on.. I don't know what it could be I called about the recall and they told me they couldn't help me

A high voltage sign came on cut off the car what happened

This is the first time my car does this.. It has never had an issue with it my key when I put it in turns all the way but car doesn't start?

my husband left the lights on at work had to get a jump off. the next morning had to get another jump off. Went to o'reilly's the battery tested good. no check engine or esp indicators ever came on. Got up this morning and had to get another jump off. What is the problem?

it shuttered going up hill, slowed down for a traffic light, went to give it gas and it had a couple jerky moments. long story short, it went into "limp mode" forums are saying trans pump, or "TC" coded from AutoZone: P1004, P0137, P0732 x2, and P0733 x2. added 1 quart of trans fluid before lookin at forums. Now kinda whisin I didn't. It didn't help the whine. still there.... Please help. what is it, is it under a recall? how much? is it a DIY??

car seems to shudder around 1k rpm as you slow down . car shifts with no problem normal or full throttle engine is 5.7 hemi