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I just replaced the battery.

There is a rattling noise when I hit bumps at low and high speeds my steering is not effected there is no swaying at highway speeds and when I hit bumps I don't bottom out and it doesn't hit hard either I've been told by one person it sounds like a sway bar link or bushing and told by another it's sounds like struts

I had to install a lock on my pro master van and to get the back door lock to fit you have to cut the center rubber seal and there is a orange wire and a chrome strip is this for the lights in side or for strength

I have a 2013 charger r/t. The hose between the radiator, and the engine is spraying coolant. I was told that to fix the problem i needed to replace the entire radiator. I'm feeling like i am being scammed. Is this true?

Ocasionally after I come to a stop (sign or light) the trans wont shift out of first gear. I have to pull over shut car off and restart, then it will work right again. It is not throwing a service light and doesn't happen all the time. Had oil and filter changed with no change in outcome. Any suggestions?

But still misfiring

and was told two different things by two dealerships about using conditioner with it and need to know if I need it or not. Thanks in advance.

When it is real hot out about 85 an up it will not put out cold are but will run when the air is cooler what is the problem!

Stop and go traffic I will slow to a stop and it locks in first gear. Have to put in park, shut it off, restart then it will act properly. New fluid and filter changes nothing. 113K miles first problem. Doesnt happen all the time but at the most in appropiate ones, like on the freeway.

Problem with tire pressure sensor. The sensor goes from 0-38 psi on the driver side rear tire. The tire pressure is good and don't have a leak. Own the car for 4 years and never had this problem.

My tires are going in a 90 degree angle and when driving on dry pavement my car sways like its tailfins

AAA Autocare replaced my transmission in my Dodge Charger in August 2014. Recently my starter went out and I took it back to AAA Autocare, the technician says that the transmission was put in wrong or maybe not aligned, could it be the reason my flywheel is damage?

As I hit the brakes sometimes my oil pressure light comes on or even if I turn the wheel all the way it does it as well.

I was told this might be TPS which is located in throttle body and it was easy to change but does anyone know the reset code? Any other recommendations on the problem? Plugs and coils already changed...

I was told the TPS was inside the throttle body and it wouldn't be to hard to replace... however does anyone know the code (key off key on etc etc) to reset the TPS/ throttle body? Any other suggestions for the problem?

I have a 2008 Dodge charger SXT . I recently changed my alternator and got a new battery for my vehicle and when I picked up my vehicle from the shop it was stuck in first gear. The only thing that was changed was my alternator and a battery. I'm not sure if it is a sensor or what the problem may be but my RPMs work fine my odometer works fine but it will not shift any possible solutions let me know please i'm not sure if it is a sensor or what the problem may be but my RPMs work fine my odometer works fine but it will not shift my car has 185,000 miles on it I took my car to a transmission shop but it's not the transmission

I got two warning lights on the looks like a lightning bolt between parenthesis and the other looks like a car skidding. I asume the car skidding is traction control, but what is the other?
Also, when these lights come on the car will go go over 55 mph. If I stop and shut the car off, the lights and problem are gone on re-start.
Anybody know what might be going on?

seems ok on connections, all been ok ,maybe in switch or ignition?