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Side markers were leaking water..took out cleaned , sealed and two months later problem happened. Only see 2 exterior lighting fuses any ideas? Lights on same wiring but plate show low voltage and side markers show none
I'm trying to set shift points in a software dashboard program. Dashcomand.
My charger trembles sometimes while driving it, stop somewhere put it in parking don't cut it off, put it into drive and it cuts off, so far it starts right back up.check engine light isn't on, I don't know what to do...
When I turn on the ac I smell fuel it's very faint though
Abs sensor lights up when left turn signal returns
Rear suspension makes a knocking sound when braking going downhill
At first I thought it might be the engine but when I put the car into drive and hit the accelerator the car goes forward to about 10 mph and pops out of gear, I then put it in neutral and then back in drive and the ca...
it won't shift out of 1st gear
The check engine light is on, it has alittle over 51,000 miles on it
my car its not accelerating or responding as it should it stalls and RPM Are at 1300 when it usually are at 500RPM. any suggestions what the problem might be? it has 101, 152 miles on it is a 2008 3.5 dodge
Car would start and drive ok.
Been a cold winter, and every time we start our car it plays a flute like sound when it starts. Once it runs for a bit and warms up it stops. The second start of the day is usually quiet. Anyone know what causes this?...
It started and all, can't move out of gear to reverse etc
intermittently and one time when wife closed the door a little to hard.
was replacing damper coupler and rear drive shaft came out how to check to make sure its in correct phase
I can hear knocking coming from engine, started like a week ago and sometimes seems really bad and then some times would not hear it them would start again car is 63K miles
I got my 2007 dodge charger R/T about a year ago it has 177,000km on it now. it starts fine! but once I start driving it wont shift out of first gear and wont rev over 3000rpm. once I reach 3000rpm the gas peddle gets...
License plate light was out. I removed the plastic light cover but the wire and bulb were not attached to the plastic cover as shown in the manual. I am assuming the light bulb and wires have fallen into the bumper, h...
car hard to start runs ruff
Options available concerning "your Car" above did not permit identification of a 1972 model.
A metal plate is blocking me from putting the Fuel pump into my gas tank. Help please
when i take my foot of the gas my charger will not slow down. it will stay at 30 miles hour. till i stop then it will go to the right idle. what to do.
Would it be safe to drive from Jupiter FL to Atlantic City NJ and back with this small leak?
Engine sounds like a deisel. A lot of sludge build up. The car has almost 240, 000 miles.