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I need to take the old air pump out and put in a new one, how do I do that?
I've got a 2000 Dodge Caravan 3.0 liter that cranks but won't start. Mine has a distributor. I understand later models have coil packs instead. No spark, replaced ASD relay (cracked) didn't help. New distributor cost ...
I have tried diconnecting the battery, and playing with the light switch N if it does go off which is no to often when I go outside I can hear my radio on I don't know what to do
this happens only when it is left overnight. otherwise in the middle of the day it runs perfect without single issue.
I was driving at 15 mph in a mall parking lot and felt a bump, like I had run over a speed bump or something in the road. Nothing was in the road way. A minute later the check engine light came on...after which the ...
the van had stopped running for no reason put new fuel pump and new plugs van ran for a week and stopped again once it was started again it would die when put in gear
Have checked fuses. Would work until it got warm then would flat line. Would start working again if you banged on dash, then it quit working altogether. Panel light is only thing that works.
winter weather -8 to -18 degrees centigrade start vehicle ,engage transmission into forward drive ,vehicle moves forward without hesitation after one minute of forward drive put transmission into reverse ,vehicle rev...
Park lamps stay on for 3 min. Off for 30sec.then back on ect. All night and day
I removed the shock absorber door lifters and can see that the left hinge is the culprit. However, it doesn't appear to be "loose" but when the (now very heavy) door is fully down, the left side at the top is an inch ...
but it does turn over just fine but wont catch and fire up unless I push it into the shop and warm it up. could it be a crank position sensor
car won't fuel.checked fuses and relay all good
I recently changed the axle and had to pull the shaft from the transaxle. I lost about a quart of fluid. I can't find where to check or fill. My van is a turbo model
Nothing but clicking noise .no lights on dash.happen with no worning. Please help pi
As well as the radio, the key activated door lock open and closing doesn't work. Also the door open courtesy light. The fuses are all fine. I disconnected and reconnected the battery and the door lock worked briefly ...