Would like an estimate on water pump and spark plug replacement....Thanks!

have a 2001 Dodge Caravan 80,000 miles Place in D, sound as though it went into gear.replaced both speed controls,solenoid, torq conv, filter and fluid..placed jumper cables for additional ground...In rev, sounds that the solenoid is not completely engaging, move to D and NO wheel movement....EATX fuse good.ETAX relay operates when key is turned on...can't read tranny code....no code in PCM
Any Ideas?

How much do shocks cost to be replaced?

mi caravan does not start ,it cranks ok ,gas pump is ok, Diagnostic code is P 0340=CAMSHAFT POSITION SENSOR A- BANK 1 CIRCUIT MALFUNCTION ,Im not shure ,but I think all of this happened after I unplug the HV. spark-plugs coil for a power steering pump replacement test.,Is there some kind of PROGRAN LOSS that has to be reprogramed or a bad sensor or PCM , how do I test them. PLEASE HELP

I need to ask a ? my 2001 Dodge Caravan is having trouble shifting, it will almost shake when we go to slow down and stop and then is having trouble going into Drive and we would have to put it into 2nd to get it going good up to about 50-55 mph and then put it in drive and then it does great...some say the transmission needs replaced but others say no it is something minor because there is no smoke at all coming from the exhaust pipe...someone said switch plate, but when I seen your ? about a TCM and you was having trouble shifting was wondering if that could be my problem and if it cost a lot..should maybe think of trading it in..though I love my Dodge van...

our van is stalling does not want to drive keeps cutting out on us,, no go...could this be sensors and here are they????

What type of oil is needed in this 2.4L?

Why is the s-belt getting ripped up

I just bought new tires about 3 mohths ago. The outside of the tires appear worn again. The first two times I bought used tires and this happened. However, these are new tires and it still happened.


need a wiring schematic

my dodge caravan will not change out of first gear. It just started doing this. I checked the transmission fluid but it looked good and was not burnt looking.

im stuck in second gear nothing over 35mph at 3k rpm code was 0775. will replacing the solenoid pack do the job and get it going threw all gears ,,and how do i change the pack

how to change a crankshaft seal

What is the normal temp range for a Dodge Caravan 2006 sxt 3.3l v6 I noticed it is creeping up hotter since the weather has gotten warmer it got to almost half way up.Thanks for any and all help.
David R.

my 1996 dodge caravans breaks don't work. The pads are new, replaced the mastercylinder twice. replaced the break booster. Bleed it forever. doesn't leak fluid. We blead the abs box once and they worked for a year. now we got nothing. it stops when the pedal is to the floor. they will not come up.

I have 215,000 miles on my van and it has been running great until 3 days ago. I filled up my tank with gas at a local station (which I never do)and about 6 miles down the road it started backfiring. It has been sputtering, hesitating and backfiring ever since. I got some fuel injector cleaner and put it in. I burned out most of the gas by the 2nd day and filled up at a good gas station and put in more cleaner, but my service engine light is still on and it is still sputtering, especially when idling. Could it be something other than bad gas.

Is the sway bar located on the inside of each front wheel in a vertical position and is about 18" long? I have gone under the passenger front wheel and have shaken this vertical bars and in make noise. When I drive the car I hear the banging sound.

Estimated cost to replace AC compressor?

neither one of my driver side windows work we put a new motor and regulater in the front but still nothing and we have also tried 3 different switchs


Is it customary to replace spark plugs and wires at 37,500 miles?

well i was driving and then all of a sudden the van sounded like it backfired and then i smelled rubber and then the van slowed down drastically until it came to a stop on the side of the road.

engine turns off when speed is reduced or halted

They only come on when the light switch is turned all the way to the left...this also turns on the dome lights. What is wrong that they don't light when the van is turned on.

1. How do you diagnois the electronic hydrlic assembly equiped with ABS brake booster on the vehicle as to why it is on all the time when the key is turned on (hums when engine is running, do no hear the hydralic lift sound)? The ABS/Brake light on the dash comes on often and sometimes stays on for a long time. Thank you.

2.Does the speed sensor effect the transmission shifting on an automatic? It is miss shifting... drops from 4th to 3rd and/or won't to from 1st to 2nd. Which one of the speed sensors... output speed sensor or the input turbine speed sensor? Thank you.

While driving my speed odometer just went to zero. The lights on the dash for the shifter are out and the lights on top of dash for the blinker also are out. I checked the fuses and they are all fine. What else should I be checking?

I am getting a small stream of water from under the dash on the passenger side everytime it rains.my mecanic performed a water test by taking the interior panels off, running a hose and later a power hose around the windshield and the water wasn't dripping.It starts coming from under the dash on the passenger side in a narrow stream everytime I am driving in the rain, help! What could it be-it is definitely not coming in somehow from the door seal as it is a brandnew seal and it is leaking from under the glove box on the passenger side.

My sliding door fails to open or close. I believe it is the wiring harness inside the plastic chain / harness track. Has anyone had a similar problem?

It never turns off even when the car is turned off and its killing my battery whats the problem?