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How do you remove the rear brake drums?
How much would it cost to replace a rack and pinion?
On my 2005 dodge mini-van the dash light for the gas gauge has gone out and i tried looking in a book for the number for the panel but could not find it. was wondering if anyone had to change one of the dash lights an...
Where is the drain for the radiator located Thank you for your help.
Where is this located I am putting in a new fuel pump
91 caravan with 3.0 starts hard when cold any time the temp get to around 40 it wont start i have replaced the ADS (auto shutdown relay) and when its cold you can not hear the fuelpump activate. but once it gets to li...
The dimmer switch don't work how do i replace it?
Just started. Van takes long time to heat up, aprox. 20 minutes. Blowers work fine. Temp. gauge goes up very slowly also. Is it the thermostat. Thanks
My steering colum won't turn so I can start the car. What should I do?
My dash and tail lights are out and the rear wipers don't work. We ckecked all the fuses and they are fine. Please give me some insight.
I have heat on the passenger side but not the drivers. I can hear the motor whirring when I move the control for passenger side and nothing for the drivers. Could it just be the control on the dash or is it the moto...
where is the blower?
where is the crankshaft position sensor located at
91 caravan with 3.0 starts hard when cold any time the temp get to around 40 it wont start i have replaced the ADS (auto shutdown relay) and when its cold you can not hear the fuelpump activate. but once it get...
I changed motor from a right off that ran great now it runs ruogh and back fires & pops. hear a intermintent click noise from tranny side that makes it pop & back fire. it realy lacks power. computer scan comes up p01...
my car will start fine and run fine , but when a slow down or make a stop , the it will die , I will start it again with no problem .
where is it located?
i recently bought this van and just found out that at night the dashboard does not light up my husband took the cover off the speedometer and found out the 7 of the bulbs are not working unfortunately we also found ou...
after changing the battery and really making sure the connections were good, everytime i open the driver door the park lights blink and there's a red light under the dash by indoor fuses that is blinking. the blinkin...
I have a 1997 3.0 Dodge Caravan that is currently not passing the emission test and they said is a p0743 code Converter Clutch System Electrical. What i need to get this fixed? how much it cost ?
I can start the engine if I ingage the starter relay with the key in the on position but I can't start it with the ignition switch?
van cranks over but wont start,cheaked starter and altnanter and thet are fine, changed battery and fuel pump and still wont start, so im not sure what it could be
My passenger side floorboard keeps getting wet. I'm not losing water, so I know it's not my heater core.The van sits under a carport so I know my windshield is not leaking. My ac seems to be dripping pretty good so I'...
Why doesn't it work and what is the repair cost?
The blower motor for the air conditioning cuts off and on. When on it blows nice cold air. Could this be the motor or an electrical problem.
the front end shakes when picking up speed after about 45mph the shaking dies down alot, it seems to idle fine.
can u send me a picture of were the starter bolts are please
Thanks for your response dandd. I only have to add coolant when it spits it out of the over flow. How do I check the sensor and relay? Does it have to be running hot when I do? Thanks again for your input.
When the engine warms up the fan does'nt always come on.I relaced the thermostat,radiator cap,fan motor and flused out the fluid.But it still over heats but only when I deliver mail.I had two mechanics look at it and ...