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My 95 Caravan has recently been having problems. Once the van is ran for a while and warmed up, the tranny will jump out of high gear into low gear for some reason. In other words, if driving down the road at 45 mph, the van will jerk into 1st gear and wont shift into any other gear but 1st, rev., neut., etc.. Somebody suggested changing the vacuum hoses and gaskets but I'm scared its the tranny or something more serious. I'm broke and I pray I can afford to fix the van. Please help me!

How can I fix (tighten) a seat that is loose from wear and tear? It rocks back and forth and makes a squeaking sound.

how much does it cost

what is it and where is it

I have a squeek when I turn the sterring wheel.

seat belt/door chime noise won't stop. All doors lock properly, seat belt in place. No warning light come on.

the noise comes when turn the a/c on high

the dashboard lights and gauges don't work all the time. my speedometer and gas gauges doesn'tr work and i would like to figure out why thanks

My instrument panel has gone dead. The back lights work and I can see what is on the panel at night, but the gas guage, the speedometer, the odometer, the temperature guage, turn signals, and horn don't work. I've checked what fuses I can find to work, and all the relays seem to be working. I disconnected the battery and let the car sit for 2 hours and reconnected to see if it was a computer problem that would reset. Any idea as to what else it might be?

When the blower will not work I tap on the housing and it will come on. Is this the blower motor? I have taken to housing off and put it back and it worked for a while. Do you think I need to change the motor or the relay?

does this vehicle have a timming belt or timming chain?

how do you know if the master cylinder is bad

i change the engine mount,replace 2 front struts,change a bent rim,balance all 4 tires,checked the wheel bearing look ok,checked the drive axles seems ok,at a lost because i am having the same problem it shakes bad at 55-62 mph any help will be highly reguarded thanks jerry

it started off and on but they are not working at all. dashboard lights work.

backup lights do not work and the problem is not the fuse or the bulbs. I am out of options right now

drivers door window wil not operate, power window fuse looks o.k. , i even swap it out with another 04 amp. fuse.

sometimes not going to drive at stop sign some times good

transmission (220,000 miles)makes a whinning noise, will not change gears the faster i drive the higher the RPM's, starting the leak fluid what could be the problem.

Where is the cranksahft position sensor located on a 2005 dodge caravan 2.4L SE

got a smog check done on the van and it did not pass do to visible smoke. what is the cause to make visible smoke?

Just bought an old van. Have put in a new thermostat, freon, gasket, replaced hoses, need a new overflow tank (as the existing one is missing a cap and appears to be rigged).

What should I be checking and what would you suggest for overheating problem I am having?

have a dodge caravan 1995 v6 3l evry time i put on the ac it keep blowing the fuse why ? please help me i like my van .

already changed, belt, timing belt, pulleye, water pump, a/c compressor. No codes or lights.

the ac / defrost light flashes and the climate control is stuck on defrost

The A/C on my 2000 Doge Caravan does not drain the water and in turn it gets all in the floor pan. I have tried cleaning the external drain by running a snake in it from the exterior.

I need to clean the inside of the A/C I think. Have been told that leaves and other debris work into the unit and build up leading to this problem.

I know that part of the dash trim will have to be removed. Past that will someone walk me through cleaning this?

we replaced ps pump,alternator after there was some noises.there is still noise when do you make sure everything is aligned right and tight enough? we also finally replaced belts.seems to be doing the same thing again.FRUSTRATING!!!!! please help!!!!!

i replace my starter but my car still will not start even after checking my relay and fuses and all the connections

The blower fan stopped working (not the radiator fan) and after exchanging the blower far resistor behind the glove compartment I know it's not it causing the problem. What can it be, blower fan relay or just a fuse. Thanks. Bo


cannot get front blower motor for ac to work. Rear unit works. Have replaced rheostat and still will not work on any setting.