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Where can I locate and replace the filter?
brake lites do not come on but parking,turn lights work
What is total cost to replace a water pump on a 2000 dodge caravan, including installation?
My a/c blows hot air..always. The compressor hi side is cold to the touch
1996 dodge caravan is not shifting
will a automatic transmision out of a 98 plymoth voyager 3.0 litre interchange with a 96 dodge caravan 3.3 litre?
broken rear window,no damage to sheet metal.
My vehicle was burglarized and the thieves damaged and removed the ignition unit. What are the estimate repair costs to that?
i cant find the heater blower fan where is it
Trying to find a (gas tank door assembly) fuel fill door blocker latch assembly, (door & housing) for a Caravan. Can't seem to locate the OEM part number for ordering replacement part. Perhaps I'm not using the correc...
Okay, I know it may sound crazy, but I can't even find the fuse box to check that first. (YES I AM A BLONDE FEMALE)!!!Could you please give me some idea of where it is? Thanks again, Donna
My driverside power window will not work anymore. The passenger side works fine, it will go up and down with the push of the button, but just the driver side is stuck. I think it may be a fuse, but cannot reven find ...
Location under the hood, and the how to insult the thermostat into my 1997 Dodge Caravan?
all of a sudden its stuck in first what should I check?
When you try to turn on the lights, they will come on somtimes then blink right back off. The dash lights usually do the same thing. Also the wind shield wipers will not work. When this happens everything acts up at t...
The van overheated and after cooling off it started. I noticed a lot of steam coming from the tail pipe. it ran for about two miles and quit. It will not start now.
how do you take of the bleed screw of a brake caliper that is stripp
Is it common for the "Abs Pump" to go out in a Dodge Grand Caravan? We just recently changed the Abs Hydraulic Unit & the mechanic mentioned to us that that the Pump was going out also. We've been to look at the A...
They said it was because air is getting into my fuel system. Is this a major problem? they said it has to be smoked to find where the hole is. Everyone wants to charge by the hour to find it and i wanted to know is th...
when i travell for long periods of time and if i turn off the engine i would have hard time to turn it back on, the starter would work and the gas pump too but i wont have any spaks in the spark plugs, i need to let i...
Appears fuel is not getting to carbarator. Could it be a fuse in the Power Distribution Center under the hood?
my check engine light keeps coming on it indicated a small emissions leak we have replaced the gas cap and it just came back on
How do you install a drive belt on a 2003 Dodge Caravan?
How to get the water pump out of the tiny cavity between the motor adn wheel well?
I have a 2000 dodge caravan the died while I was driving it. I put it in the shop to be repaired, but the mechanic was unable to fix it. His trouble shooting found bad spark plugs and no PCM output to #2 coil. So h...
Hi, I have replaced the cable of the hood only for the handle or cable to break, has anyone had a similar problem and how to solve it?
I can move the wiper by hand, but when I turn the wiper switch, it tries, but does not rotate. The passenger side wiper works fine.
Heater was blowing hot air and then cold air. Checked water level, it was low so added water. After running for 15 minutes in garage heater seemed to work fine. Went on an hour drive and heater started blowing only lu...
Got my oil changed and power steering fluid changed, now the service engine light is on and it has been acting as though it doesn't want to go to near gear so it just whines as it tries. Was able to pull over and rese...