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Well my Check Engine Light is on and i went to auto zone and the code read P2017 and i was wondering how much will it cost me to have this fix.
When I hit small bumps going down a road or back out of the driveway my front wheels sound like they are knocking or popping.
went to start car from inside home car started but shut off within 10 or so sec..This problem just started I owned the car for 1 month it worked fine until know car has 68000 miles on it
how do you reset computor or should it have reset itself
would like to find it without pulling transaxle. leaks faster than i can pour it in. when running and after shut diown
service engine soon light
The vehicle is garaged and so cold would not be a factor in the problem. I would also like to know why my brakes only squeal when backing up. There seems to be a lot of complaints on this issue.
so me and my little girl got locked inside the car for an hour and a half this week due to an electrical issue preventing the doors from unlocking and the window from working. The dealership cant seem to figure it out...
I have spark,fuel,and compression and sometimes it will start and sometimes want I have changed the fuel pump and relay along with the ASD relays I do not loose spark or fuel pressure timing marks and belt is good rig...
Dealership wants $1000 for this repair and I'd rather not pay that if I don't have to.
it states on the p2432 secondary air injection system pressure sensor circuit low voltage? and the p2257 states secondary air injections system monitor circuit low? my husband had disconnectec the battery a couple of ...
The fan only blows out air on the 1st 2 speeds, I changed the registor with no difference that is located under the glove box
using wireless key ..started one day ago.then changed wireless key to the hear the clicking after I press unlock,may happen right away or sometimes, and sound lasts about a minute now..checked all fluids ...
and then nothhing It want jump off but I can go back a while later and it will crank. Unfort. today it did this and it want do nothing. I don't know what to do.
When I use the switch to adjust my mirrors there is no response.
Basically, I have to leave my car unlocked because something is setting off the panic horn. This just started this morning. And the light which tells me mileage, temp, and so on, started flashing this morning.
When I try to turn on my heat or AC the fan will only work on the 2nd speed.