This happens after a rain.

When I use the switch to adjust my mirrors there is no response.

Screws in your bumper an what's it cuts to replace

I put the battery charger on for about 15 to 20 minutes at minimum and then it'll start, but once I get to my destination and the car sits awhile there's a good chance it won't start again unless I put it on the charger again. What's going on? Please HELP!

We replaced the battery and the alternator. Once in a while the car won't start but some time later it will.

Basically, I have to leave my car unlocked because something is setting off the panic horn. This just started this morning. And the light which tells me mileage, temp, and so on, started flashing this morning.

i was told that my oil plug has lost its thread and I need to replace the oil pan. how much would it cost?

I must keep 80#s in the tires in order to keep the low pressure indicator light off. I do not need 80# in my rear tires when I am not towing my 5th wheel. I need just the indicator the same as the front tires. I do not need to change the indicator settings when I tow. 2014 dodge ram 3/4 ton diesel. I was not able to show model or engine type!

When I try to turn on my heat or AC the fan will only work on the 2nd speed.

I have had my car back at the dealership 6 times for repair. It still pulls to the right. It has had all four tires replaced, had a 4 wheel alignment twice and they had to put some after market kit on it so they could tweak the alignment even more in an attempt to correct still pulls to the right. They say they have checked the brakes and they are okay. This vehicle is front wheel drive.

Car overheats at stop lights, res is full, hoses look, feel fine, no sign of leaks or water damage at all. AC and heat only work on second and third settings, lowest and highest nothing. Fans behind grill are working as well. HELP???

check engine light came on and had a code ran on.the car seems light its cutting for a split second and then come back on.i know it has something to do with fuel.have ckecked hoses and can't find any loose.please help me.thanks.

last time they said the needed to update software and the there was a leak in my intake manifold. 800 dollars later I was okay. I did the self diagnosis code and all that appeared were ------

I got the car about a year ago and recently my door locks have went out. My windows work fine and they will lock if I do it manually but the button will not unlock/lock anymore. I replaced the relay to the door locks but I'm still getting the same result. What could it be?

Was working fine before that. Just got done replacing alternator due to bearing out..

I pulled in my driveway and placed the car in park. The car rolled forward and I depressed the breaks. It did it again so, I turned off the car. Now it will not start at all. The lights come on, and it makes a brief ticking sound. I cant even put the car in nutural.

After it rains or I go through acarwash the trunk lid gets water in it. When I open the trunk , water comes pouring out of place where the plastic emergency pull is

It was working one day and the next i couldnt get it to turn on. No service lights are on.

This has never happened until today.

I was rear ended approximately three weeks ago. A day or so after my car made a loud knocking noise and the Dodge dealership says my flywheel is cracked. I think it is from the accident and so did the mechanic. Insurance thinks its unrelated. Where can I find documentation?