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usually when turning to the left mostly activates the noise.
Brake light comes on you have to keep pulling up hand brakes then it goes off.
the front head lifters are making noise i pull pvc valve it doesnt smoke out of there
I can get it un bolted but need to know what else I need to take off so i can get it out. What's the easiest way?
small amount of white smoke came through the ac vent as I smelled the burnt wire smell.... any Ideas??
Water pours into my trunk after opening it after a heavy rain. How do this get repaired and is anyone else having this issue?
car dings - chimes when i go over certain bumps but no warning light comes on i checked tire pressure they are okay
my speedometer and gas gauges etc are not working and I cannot find out if its a fuse or some other issue
Timing belt slipped one notch upon driving, car has 26000 miles It is an R/T and when this happened the engine lite came on and the car idled rough. Timing belts are made of rubber, they do not hold up under heavy ac...
The center right vent blows cold air the others are warmer.I bought the car on 06-12-2010 and has 16581 miles. It takes 20 to 30 minutes on the interstate to cool the car down on hot weather with whole car air on. Ha...
My check engine light is on my dash, and my car stalls out if I'm driving more than 30min. I got a code for small evap leek, and I cant find the vapor can to trace the hoses. any help or suggestions?
and where would i go to see it, and can i down load it
first when i was going down a hill at a light then when i was backing out of a spot on a hill then again at a small incline hill going forward at a light. what does it mean what shoul i do
Just bought this car for my son and 15 days after the purchase the check engine light came on. Was told it was air pump.It was still under 50% warranty (30 days). They replaced the air pump assembly and the check valv...
hi i bought a car and everything passes except engine light but sense it has been park for 3 years know the tester is saying there isnt no pblem the guy told me that a its the odbc2 that isnt comucatting but my frie...
i put motor oil in my transmission by mistake
it runs great when it first starts for about 3mins. when the temp gauge starts to go up it doesnt want to stay the gas pedal it stalls out. will not stay runnin under 2000rpms unless u feather the gas ped...
I bought my car in August of 2008. It has ran like a dream up until about 2 months ago. When I drive over 50+ mph the car sounds like a race car like it's taking all it has to run. Once I slow down to under 50 it pu...
I have a 2008 dodge avenger 2.4cyl(vin j) where engine placement is sideways with front of engine facing passenger side. we are trying to replace crankshaft position sensor and cannot find it anywhere.we would appr...
car wants to cut out or stall when i press gas pedal. i was told its the sparkplus & wires need new. but it acts like its not gettin fuel. replced fuel pump,filter,fuel relay dist.cap/ check lite,no codes
i have a 2008 dodge avenger sxt 2.4 cyl and cannot find the camshaft sensor or the crankshaft sensor.i got codes for both so figured i would change them together. would anyone know where they are located?? please...
the fuel delivery system is new. fuel pump,filter,relay. new distributer cap & rotor also
whre can i get an adapter plate that goes on the end of the fuel rail
It started a couple of weeks ago and has gotten worse. I can feel it but it is also heard. It's almost a thumping noise.