It was working one day and the next i couldnt get it to turn on. No service lights are on.

This has never happened until today.

I was rear ended approximately three weeks ago. A day or so after my car made a loud knocking noise and the Dodge dealership says my flywheel is cracked. I think it is from the accident and so did the mechanic. Insurance thinks its unrelated. Where can I find documentation?

Ive had car in twice to be told there is dirt and the brake light coming on is because a small microscopic amount of brake fluid is leaking. I don't feel safe with the answer of Monroeville Dodge, PA The brake light comes on here and there, not after a hard brake just normal driving conditions. It doesn't stay on more than a minute. Also have had to have computer updated for what seems like rough running and shifting issues. THis is a 2014 !

Inside front passenger door. Little tray in front of window control comes out...won't clamp and stay in.
Are there clips to replace, or how can I fix this?

ESP bas and all gear holding then i have to wait for 30

I had an alternator go out, replaced it then the tensioner broke (spring pin came out of it), replaced that and ensured the pulley size matched then routed a new belt that is also the right size and it's now loose and won't tighten, I have no idea where to look now.

Car is stuck in park, and it is not the spring on the gear box. I know, because I bought a new one and have the same issue. Probably unrelated, but the brake lights do not work unless the engine is running. Shouldn't they work regardless ?

my drain is clogged on my A/C and I already tried blowing it out. would like a visual on what I am working on and what I could try.

I added dye and still no external leaks. Seems like the trans fluid is where it is going. I suspect the condenser is bad and I just wondered if anyone else had this problem...The condenser has the trans cooler built in at the top.

The transmission is different in these cars I know I know is hydraulic iv been told it's the transmission fluid and iv been told its just normal motor oil so I need to know for sure be for I fix it

I was driving and signaled that I was making a turn and the turn signals worked fine. I signaled again and the signals did not work.Does this indicate a blown fuse?

when i try to excelarate it takes time and when i back up it shakes and sometimes turn off

and it when i excelerate it takes a while

the air lags before it blows. Dealer couldn't figure it out. Why does it do that?

the air lags before it blows. Dealer couldn't figure it out. Why does it do that?

2011 dodge avenger had worn out break pads abs light came on I just recently changed breaks and the light is still on how do I reset light to turn off the diagnose abs code was c2116

Have had car in shop 6 times in one year. Does not want to shift and can't go over 40mph. When I turn the car off and back on, it is okay. They have replaced a valve body and computer on transmission. Just did it again 2 weeks ago. Had to take a rental car on vacation. This is crazy for a new car.

it started when I couldn't turn my ac up to high it would stop blowing all together now nothing comes out at all no noise nothing. not sure if its to compressor went out or what the issue is any help thanks.

how to disable buzzer/chime?
where is it located?

sounds like it is trying to unlock the doors on a continual basis ,just stared this morning 06-10-2014

I'm not sure how to bleed and drain the system and I need to refresh the fluid in it and get the air out of the system if you could please help me I truly appreciate it


The engine on my 1997 Avenger just started to run rough but only when it warms up. When the engine is cold it runs fine. The car has 138,000 miles on it and regular maintenance has been done on the car. I went to two of my local parts stores and they both pulled up codes P0204 and p0304. I changed the front 3 spark plugs and wires and the problem did not change. The engine light is still on. I had a problem a while back when the engine light came on and was told it was an oxygen sensor which I changed and the light went out but came back on around 3 months later but the engine ran fine so I did not check further but now that the engine is running rough I need to find out what is going on.