Trunk doesn't want to open

it also keep needing oil i have to keep getting my oil changed

I replaced the gas cap and the engine light is still on, any info on how to check or find the leak would be helpful. My dad will most likely be doing this himself because people said it could be very expensive going to a mechanic. Thanks

I have spark,fuel,and compression and sometimes it will start and sometimes want I have changed the fuel pump and relay along with the ASD relays I do not loose spark or fuel pressure timing marks and belt is good right on mark I have tested injector fire plugs or wet when it want start compression is 110 I'm so lost right now any suggestions the car has no codes I never lost spark or fuel pressure it does start every once in awhile and runs good

Before I put it on never had any problems or warning lights. Remote start works but every few days the etc light comes on, and after area tries it will clear. Any ideas?

All of a suden i cant open my car with the key did something brake

It just started doing it about a month ago

description of timing belt change on dodge avenger se 2.4

Dealership wants $1000 for this repair and I'd rather not pay that if I don't have to.

Since it has been cold out (below freezing) once or twice a week I will get in my car and the radio clock says 12:00 and it seems like the engine doesn't want to start. it does but wonder if there is a short anywhere. had battery checked and it was fine.

it states on the p2432 secondary air injection system pressure sensor circuit low voltage? and the p2257 states secondary air injections system monitor circuit low? my husband had disconnectec the battery a couple of weeks ago but I don't know what it is help1

I changed oxygen sensor, cam shaft sensor, and the idle air sensor. What other sensors might i need to change to get light to go off.

When I shut my car off the park lights will stay on
For a long time

how do you get door panel off when window won't go back up

car died multiple times in traffic

The fan only blows out air on the 1st 2 speeds, I changed the registor with no difference that is located under the glove box

There is a clicking sound under the shifter when the car is in park and the brake pedal is compressed. A single click happens each time that the brake pedal is compressed. The sound is a distinctively a click like plastic on plastic versus a tink that happens when it's metal on metal.

using wireless key ..started one day ago.then changed wireless key to the hear the clicking after I press unlock,may happen right away or sometimes, and sound lasts about a minute now..checked all fluids and filled up tank..

and then nothhing It want jump off but I can go back a while later and it will crank. Unfort. today it did this and it want do nothing. I don't know what to do.

Replaced the rotor and the brake pads. The vehicle is now slowing down while driving and the brakes are activating.