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The auxiliary plug (where the cigarette lighter used to be) doesn't have power? Where is the fuse located and which one needs to be replaced?
What can I do to fix it without going to a dealer
it wont shift out of second. it run fine but just wont shift.
just has a cap that says for dealer use only?
My speedmeter will say I'm going 20mph when I'm really going faster than that...or it will jump all the way up past 100mph anyone else have this happen? If so how did you fix it. I don't want to get a speeding ticket ...
This problem has been occurring for three days.
The driver's side front window slides open whenever the ignition switch goes from off to the on position.After I use the panel switch to close the window again it will close and stay closed with the car running until ...
I replaced the distributor cap and front valve cover gasket less than 10k miles ago its my only car I need help
After rain water pours into the trunk when opened through the holes and the lock catch. What can be done?????
Turn on left turn signal headlight goes out on that side, same thing with right turn signal. When the lights are on during the day
My A/C/heat unit isn't working. Tried just about everything but am being told it's the relay switch. I cannot find where this is located on the car.
may have cracked 5 lead going into distributor.
A tech told me Its possible when I replaced my tranny filter or when I pulled tranny to replace the seal I may have disconnected my solenoid and didn't notice but I dnt know where my solenoid is located? Also is there...
My front main seal inside the transmission was leaking for quite a whike before I realized it then by the time I took action and began tonotice major transmission leak my car became difficult to shift cause of low flu...
Recovered Freon, evacuated for 1 hour recharged. Fans are working fine. Pressures good.
Check engine light on.When light went on and stayed on I took it to the shop and they hooked up the OBD tool and the code was PO455 EVAPORATOR EMISSION CTRL SYSTEM how much would it cost to checked out and fixed? Than...
We have power and the clock works. We have checked the connections behind the radio and the fuse. All seem fine. When the problem started 8 months ago, the radio or CD would just cut out and go to static but would ...
We fitted a new master cylinder, imported from America. After driving vehicle for 3 days, clutch fades & we have to bleed system. This has happened a few times, is there a special way of bleeding clutch? or is there a...
Driving on the thruway 08' dodge avenger began to overheat after checking out the problem upper hose came a part and the plastic that the hose is attached to broke, how much would it cost to get this problem fixed?
We have to replace my stabilizer once a year. We even tried a different brand this last time but it needs replaced already to
run's great but someone suggested I must change timing belt and was wondering about the cost
Garage can't find leak. Asked if they sprayed under carriage and they said no because there is no way car can have a leak from underneath... I've noticed it 3 times twice after heavy rain n roads where flooded and the...
comressor keeps recycling it has a good charge. when accumulator is jumped blows cooler air, but still recycles, Help
ive had it fixed once now back again hasn't been but 6mos, it wont go up
my avenger died and would not fire, I changed the spark plug's and wires and distributor cap but forgot to change the rotor. should I take it all back off and change the rotor before I try to start my car?
I heard a noise coming from my car when i turned the car off was told it was the ac compressor going bad. I got it replaced and the noise is still there. Can someone tell me what else could be going on or has had th...
I have tried replacing brakes and caliper but it didnt work. My caliper wont release and turns cherry red. What else can I do?