Only hot air comes out

Well my Check Engine Light is on and i went to auto zone and the code read P2017 and i was wondering how much will it cost me to have this fix.

When I hit small bumps going down a road or back out of the driveway my front wheels sound like they are knocking or popping.

Please help! I have tried replacing the motor and the driver side control and still nothing. It will randomly decide to start working, but rarely. The other day it went down a inch but then would not go back up

went to start car from inside home car started but shut off within 10 or so sec..This problem just started I owned the car for 1 month it worked fine until know car has 68000 miles on it

how do you reset computor or should it have reset itself

would like to find it without pulling transaxle. leaks faster than i can pour it in. when running and after shut diown

Is it safe to drive as long as you do not use the air circulator or air conditioner/heater. I don't want to further damage the related parts. I have a Dodge Avenger RT so I believe the 3.5L V6 is correct.

catalytic converter just rusted out and car previously had good size leak/hole up from converter but now need whole exhaust from engine to rear and need an estimate!!!

service engine soon light

Help! What should I do???

The vehicle is garaged and so cold would not be a factor in the problem. I would also like to know why my brakes only squeal when backing up. There seems to be a lot of complaints on this issue.

When I give it gas the knocking becomes faster. Sometimes it will stop when I am on the highway. The car has not had an oil change for a while.

I pulled over & shut down the vehicle.
I checked the manual & it read that this light was the Electronic Control Throttle.
However, when I started the car back up it ran fine.
Should I be concerned. Did this reset itself?

so me and my little girl got locked inside the car for an hour and a half this week due to an electrical issue preventing the doors from unlocking and the window from working. The dealership cant seem to figure it out because its an intermittent electrical issue. I have owned the car since 2010 and this issue including alarm system spazzing and stalling has all occurred a minimum of 30 times over the past 5 years. Even if dodge dealership can diagnose it this time it will be at my expense because electrical isnt in the warranty. Anyone else having these kinds of issues? Oh and the radio power goes out at the time of the (fit) aswell the odometer flickers like crazy, mostly just numbers but sometime other things like d/fuse/blank

What fuses are associated with it?, is there a separate power transistor, relay, or control module on the blower itself, besides the hvac controls on the dash? And are there any recalls associated with this problem for this year?
This happened about a week ago.
Thanks for any help guys. these cars are a piece of crap, If i can fix this my girlfriend is getting rid of it before something major happens!

My front passenger caliper is seized. I was told that the brake pad, rotor, brake hose, and caliper all need replaced. What would be a reasonable quote for this?

When it discharges a red dot light up in the dashboard when trying to turn it on

Trunk doesn't want to open