check with the computer it stated that my trans fluid sensor a has failed. where is the sensor at and is it easy to fix. thank you

When slowing down for stop light or turn my car cuts off, the check engine light does not come on

I would like to know if a 1970's automatic will work in my 1997?

how do i replace the glow plug

I have a 97 dodge stratus i had a new ignition put it in and had to buy a new battery and the light stays on around the ignition will that drain my battery. I got a new battery 2 weeks ago and now its dead.

In Lake Elsinore CA for new lines and transmission there is no chance of a transmission failure due to improper lubrication from something other worn other then the trans. TY so much… ty you so much

Can I Have my car fixed at the local Dealership and/or checked without cost to me based on the recalls I've recently found out on this paticular modle? I've just now have put $1000 bucks trying to get my engine to run cranks but wont crank over, installed crank sensor, tps, map, new belt new battery,new plugs,new thermstat hous.,filter,etc.. Can I please get some relief. Thank you inadvance for your time all of you are a blessing for the {do it yourselfer}. To include I've also noticed that O'Riellys are ordering thier parts from the same place Advance Auto are ordering from BWD Automotive Warehouse. Anyone know why

I have been looking online for headrests and also calling recking yeards. If anyone knows a place in lake elsinore CA area 92530 were I could find some new or used in any color. my sets are blue bucket seats original. Please help if you can and thank you :D

how can i find a leak on the intake

What size flare wrench do I need to tighten the power steering hose to the gear assembly

My 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 seems to not be pumping heat from the floor vents, only the dash and defrost vents. Could it be a problem with the blend door? if so where do i find it and what should I do. This problem just started within the last 2-3 days and was working perfect before that.
Thanks in advance

all windows in vehicle will not work. checked fuses none are blown. what is my next move?

i have a 5.9 magnum which i ran thru puddle and there was no fire, traced it to crankshaft sensor snapped of hanger ,so i replaced,bought it at pep the truck running but, truck now runs like 2-3 injectors not firing loud ticking noise ,also will stay briefly stuck in rpm before idling down if i take foot of pedal, what to do?

Happened 3x in last week at 3 different gas stations so it has to be the truck. Gas gauge is working. Gas pump keeps cutting off and can only get gas in if you hold to a trickle

Problem idling when sitting still with engine light coming on while sitting. Idles rough What is a code 21 on the engine diagnostics check, ambient or O2 sensor?

I recently got a 93 caravan. It already had a miss so i did a acomplete tune up, plugs,wires,cap,button,air filter,fuel filter. It helped the miss but not entirely,some of the plugs 2 of them looked as if they were bad,not flooded withe gas just not firing looking. I did the code thing and it read a 12 and a 37,the 37 is a ptu solenoid which handles the tranny junk so i either read it wrong or something. it seems like thats not it although i havent changed nothing. i dont think this would make it miss at idle or all the time am i wrong.this thing has been a pain. the wife has got the monetro and i got this since it runs like crap and its myy fault. but i dont wont her to egt stranded but if i can get it goin good then im back in the saddle of the 4wd til then i need help. it hasnt died yet but runs like crap i used to like cars til my last 2 the camry hasnt moved in 2 mnths. I told you so she says....get me outta this mess, should i drive it to the scrap yard and give it up 4 a lost cause or set it on fire and roll it down the mountain.if i can get it run its by bye birdie but til then chugachugachuga off to work i go,did i mention the heater works great and it has built in car seats for the kids honey.

how can you check and see if the fuel pump is going bad or if it is pushing to much fuel?

car will stall when raing or in a drive through car wash, may not start when raining, or driving through puddles

emission wont pass what can i do.

How can I identify where water that shows up under the driver's feet is coming from. It's not from the taillight, the back floor and spare wheel well stays dry. It's not from the A/C, it no longer hold freon and hasn't for years. And it doesn't matter whether it rains or not. I also can't find any assembly drawings that could help.

after it starts it kills,hard to start.kills when driving,i have replaced dist.dist.cap&rotor,plugs&wires,coil pack,o2 censor,thermostat,coolant temp sensor and crank pos. sensor. fuel pump has 40lbs+ pressure. fuel loads up.strong gas smell.could it be the injectors?fuel pump getting week after a few minutes making it not start?it ran good for 2 days then the problem started all over again

Tranny fluid is spraying out. Bad seals.

got to replace fuel filter and pump in the tank how do I know what size tank is?

THE DODGE NEON, DODGE STRATUS AND DODGE CARAVAN 2.4 HAVE THE SAME ENGINE i had to change my engine i caled l chrysler they told me to take it to a dealer i called the dealer they told me "this will be a very expensive job" chrysler refuse to tell me how much of the bill they will foot so i took my chances and put a use engine from a dodge stratus that was the end of my problem chrysler was saying maybe the mechanic damage my car the first time i had it fixed so i could not trust them now is the mechanic why i am having end play problems. duh

My dodge headlights keep going on and off. I removed the switch to check it and realized the headlights stay on when the car is on. I assume the headlights work digitally is that like the fly by wire design? how do i fix it?

veh has abs light esp light and check engine light on. wont shift from park. no speedo. codes p0500, p0720, u0122. sometimes no lights are on and everthing is ok.

Just purchased 2004 Dodge Ram 1500,reg cab, auto trans and has 145000 mi. Trans is not slipping, but does not seem to be shifting at the proper RPM/power range. Unknown maint,. schedule.

Steering Wheel Shakes or Vibrates Erratically When In Park & In Idle. (Like At A Red Light) It's Fine At Normal & High Speeds. (Come to find out it's normal for a 2.4 4 cylinder Dodge Stratus to do this).

I replace the supply pump . Ichage the fuel filter , bleed the line .Car starts without problem . Turn it off and then crank it agai n , the car woud not satart .

Van sounds funny when you let off the gas. Turn signal just all of a sudden popped out!