My truck threw a P2106 P2108 fault code. I lost all power. I had a mobile mechanic come out to verify the code. Which was the ETC. The butterfly on the throttle body does not open fully when you press on the accelerator ( Gas Pedal ) He determined it needed to be replaced. I ordered a new one from the dealers, It will be in tomorrow. My question is, Do I need to get my truck reprogrammed or re Mapped? It only required the removal of 4 bolts and to reconnect the electronic module.

My power door locks continually stop working. The fuse, when checked is not blown, but when I remove the fuse for a moment and then replace the fuse the door locks temporarily work (about a week). I have heard that this is a factory defect with Dodge Caravans, but no recall has been made.

pin rusted off on right. should tailgate slide over off of left pin for removal?

my heater only works on high its a 96 dodge caravan

How do you bleed a hydraulic clutch?

Need how to remove heater core. Thanks.

Why does my caravan not start nor get power to starter or gauges?

Brought a 2001 durango,run's good.But some time after driving it a few day's,the truck won't start.I can park it come back out a hour later it won't kick over.It's not getting fuel.I wait 20min.then it starts sometimes.What could it be.It was sitting for a year.

I can not get my inner tie rod off. the mechanic wanted over a thousand dollors to replace drivers side inner tie rod. lower ball joints. before he could do a front alignment, so I am gonna do the tie rods myself and have a friend help me with ball joints, but I cant get my inner tie rod off. and I am going to replace both, not just the drivers side. so how in the **** do I get the tie rod off?

how much for fuel filter replacement

While backing up, my truck suddenly jerked and stop as if I hit another car.. No car in sight..Put the car in drive and it made a clicking noise that lasted just a minute. I put a new transmission in the truck 3 years ago.. any suggestions on what is wrong?

the ignition switch is bad have to wiggle the key to get heat,a/c to work.What is fair price?

my heater blend doors apparently need to be fixed. An accuator was mentioned. How much should it cost to fix.

I have a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan. The air mode selector dial (face, feet, windshield, etc.) is not working. Heat only comes out by the windshield, no matter what position you have it in. Only been like this for the past 3-4 days. Never had such a problem before. What would cause this and how can I fix the problem? I already checked all the fuses under the hood by the battery. Not very mechanically inclined. Thank you in advance.

arm for windshield wiper on steering column does not activate windshild wipers.

engine sputterd and died, and is not recieving fuel now,
i primed the throtle body and it ran for 2 min.
need to know where fuel filter is or advise on how to repair

This is a 2004 slt hemi with just roughly 60k miles. The problem is that when I turn on the engine or when the truck is at park or stop, the speedometer would flutuate from 20 to 30 mph, the brake warning light and abs warning light would turn on. When the truck is in motion, the speedometer would work fine but the warning lights remain. I had this problem couple months back, but it would clear if I shut off the engine then restart it. Anybody know how to fix this problem?

my dodge durango has 155k and recently i have been having difficulty moving the gear shift from park into reverse or any other gear in my automatic transmission. if the durango is running for a while it is easier to move but needs to warm up for a while. already checked my fluids and they are fine. called dodge and they were unable to give any answers!!

My 2000 dodge stratus has been a real good car to me but recently its starting to shift in real rough.at about 30 am guessing third gear it kicks hard when shifting. is there nothing i can do for this? or is it a problem in my timing?

heater will not get hot only warm ,have replaced coolant, thermastate, and flushed system

heater works but wont blow on floor

my car is a 1990 dodge shadow.the car has several different minor problems.First i have a leak my dad said it was a freeze leak whatever that is next i need a alternator belt then last i need a power steering pump.so my question is how much will it be to fix all of the damages.

steering wheel vibration upon accelerating, no apparent noise. seems to be on left, everything is tight, no movement by hand to indicate worn or loose bearings.

While driving down the freeway, my caravan would not go past 35 mph, we had it towed home and it sat for a couple of days, then then we were able to drive it up to 50 mpn, now yesterday it was driving at 85 mph, at first we thought the tranny was going out, but know we are really confused had a dianositic check and nothing came up. Anyone have any clue at what is going on?

I was told by mech that works on my vehicle that my rear end differrentail was bad. Vehicle makes noise from rear, when pressing on the gas pedal vehicle reves up real loud, before it takes off.

I was told by mech that works on my vehicle that my rear end differrentail was bad. Vehicle makes noise from rear, when pressing on the gas pedal vehicle reves up real loud, before it takes off.

My transmission on my dogde ram 1500...I think is going out! when I got of the highway and stopped at the traffic light and the turned green; my truck wouldn't go forward...But it does go in reverse. I check the transmission fluids to make sure it up...And it was!!! Do I need a new trans?

when in idle or driving a/c blows cold air for a few minutes then blows hot air. If you turn a/c off and back on it starts blowing cold again. sounds like something is closing and opening under dash when this happens. every thing with a/c unit is fine.

jack up front of vehicle try to wiggle wheel every thing feels tight,but when i drive over a bump it (feels)sounds like my left front tire wobbles,only over a bump or inperfection of the road,could a bad wheel bearing cause that,when jacked up everything feels tight

How much approx will it cost to get timing belt replaced on 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan