I have missfire cylinder # 1 code p0301 I replace the spark plugs the spark coils but still have the same code.
Some body know how to test the injectors, please help me

have had this truck for five years never could get hi heat out of it. what is recommended temp on thermostat

this question is to roy about crankshaft sensor.i replaced sensor with one from autozone and magnet isnt as strong as old one .should i get origenal equipment from dodge. i have been working on this truck for almost a year off and on,have replaced everything on it for ignition and still wont start.is there a way to check timing chain without tearing into motor?

everytime step on the brakes the front kind of jumps and makes a noise- had brakes replaced already

i have oil coming into the airfilter, no noise. pinging or smoke. Power seems good too. why is this

I am new to repair pal & have a 2001 durango the eng. i have is a 4.7 you don"t list it under durango problems . can you explain??

2001 Dodgr Ram Diesel will not start. It is getting no fuel. What is wrong?

there is a sensor under the battery on the battery tray it has 2 wires and 1" around and black what do this do. My battery goes dead and not stay charged.

seat rocks back and forth when stopping and starting the dealer claims this also is why my power seat button to move seat back and forth does not work! They will not replace it because 1. They can't find a seat track and 2. It's to expensive! Who is repsonsible for replaceing it and why should I have to pay when Dodge knows there is a problem

Does the 2005 Dodge Durango 4.7L V8 have a timing belt or chain?

beside the blower motor itself what else could keep the blower motor from working and it is not a fuse

how much work is involved in changing the front diff axle seals? is there any place i can get an exploded diagram of how this is done?

how long to replace blower motor and where is the blower relay/resisiter

replaced battery and still wont start, do we have to reset something?

MY 2007 ram 1500 just started this, when I step on the brake pedal an indicator alarm goes off, but I get no lights and the truck seems to be running fine.

I brought this 1997 dodge neon from someone.I never drove it in the dark and I found out the dashlight doesnt work.I try fuse but it still no light Please help me

trying to fix

lately I have lost ground to the engine, in that it won't start except by push or pull, the starter arced while ignition was actuated. Not sure where the groundstrap is located to ensure its tight

where is the blower relay

after changing my tps sensor and the iac valve o2 sensor put in a new coil spark plug and wiring and still misfiring in spark plugs 1 and 4 why?

I have a 2002 Dodge Stratus with 114,000 miles on it. Back in November I took my car to a mechanic to get a check engine light fixed. First I took my car to Advance Auto to find out what the code was and it was P0456 (EVAP emissions leak very small). The mechanic did a smoke test and found out the problem was my gas cap. So he got me a brand new gas cap and cleared the check engine light and charged me $92.63. Then a week later, the engine light came on took the car back to Advance and the same code (P0456) came up again. I took my car back to the mechanic and said I needed an EGR vacuum control valve. I got it put on my car and charged me $296.61. A week and a half later, the check engine light came on again and for the same code as before. I took my car back and the mechanic did the smoke test and it was the gas cap again! So the mechanic cleared the engine light, made sure the gas cap was tight, and drove my car 10 miles to make sure the light didn’t come on. When I picked up my car, the mechanic told me that he used to work for a Dodge dealer and Dodge cars were famous for check engine lights on P0456 codes. Also to make sure my gas cap was tight (over 3 clicks) and he didn’t charge me this time. That Thursday January 13, I filled up my car with gas and I made sure my gas cap was tight (I did 5 clicks) Yesterday on Saturday January 15, the check engine light came on again! I'm trying to figure out what’s going on here. Can anyone tell me? I’m not an expert in cars or car repair. In the past when I took my car to a mechanic and after my car was fixed, I had no problem, this is the first time for me.

i would like to get an idea on what the hourly rate or the total costs would be for removal of a blown engine out of a 1998 Dodge Durango and having another engine, That I provide, how much can I expect to pay for this service. I will provide the new motor, and they have to take out the old one and install the one that i take them. Thank you for your help.

how do I get to the motor to fix or replace

How do you know If Your out of 4x4. Do the hubs dissengage, or do they stay in ??

why does the engine light stay on

estimate replacement of bushing

My 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 would normally get around 16 m.p.g. on back road driving. At around the 36,000 mileage mark it started getting only 13.5-14 m.p.g. with no changes done to the truck. Any help or suggestions on what it could be? The power and everything else seems to be good. Nothing new.

Replace front blower motor and motor will still not come on. What do i do?

The air bag light in my car is on all the time

My AC started making a knocking sound on the low setting. If I switch to a higher setting and then back to the low setting it stops. What causes this?