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What would cause a rattling scraping sound when I turn corners? Sometimes I can hear it when I'm driving straight but I can really hear it when ever I turn.
the speedometer never works only sometime when its dark and all gauges work but sometime will not i normally hit it and gauges come back on
change oil light turns on when i start the engin. and i alredy changd the oil and filter. is ther a rest button some wher.
fluid leaked out and now it seems to have air in it
when driving my car the engine was running but slowing the car slowed down my foot all the way on the gas pedal and it would not go. i stopped turned it off and it run a few miles and did the same thing. i have it in ...
changing the fuel filter on 3500 ram
while driving down the road my car would die i loose everything no power nothing it did this several times and now it wont star at all
The stereo recently stopped working. There doesn't seem to be any power to it at all (the digital clock readout on the stereo isn't working either). I went and got new fuses because the old one looked fried, replaced...
I have replaced the fuel filter and fuel pump, changed the injectors and am running injector cleaner
i have a 2009 charger with just over 9000 miles. I had to take it into the shop because the #5 cylinder is misfireing. how common of a problem is that for the chargers, especially for a new one?
I have a 1500 dodge ram quad cab my air conditioner blows cold air but does not blow as strong as it use to. I have been told that it might have a cab filter and it could be stopped up. does
I'll be driving down the road my truck will die when i come to a stop and restart with no problems. I have no lights on my dash no codes showing.
Recently inherited 1996 ram 2500 diesel turbo, can't lower the middle console in front seat. Help?
I was driving down the road and car stalls never starts again. I can't hear the fuel pump kick on and can't find the relay. I did find several relays but which belongs to the fuel pump the stickers on the cover do not...
The car made a pop sound turned off then would not start.
My vehicles air conditioning for my truck blows cold air when turned on but stops after 20 min. and blows hot air. I've added freon but still does the same thing, nothing changed. Is my compressor going bad?
where is the ignition coil at?
Diagnostics alarm states o2 sensor bank 2
drove my D to town been having shifting issues, replaced some parts in tranny doing ok shifting but got to my husbands work because smelt something hot/burning like when we put new muffler on and truck just died hasn'...
it does this a few times a week and it will take 5 to 6 tries. i can get it to start if i pump the gas petal 12 to 20 times
The powertrain module on a 1999 dodge pick-up is on the left side of fire wall. There is a three way 32 connector that is covered by plastic cover. The plastic is old and brittle. Is there any easy of removing cover...
car started, ran 30 seconds and quit and wouldn't re-start. fuses and fluids OK. How do we check for ignition spark.
Bought the truck last week, Knowing it had issues. Seems as tho its running on 6 cylinders rather then the 8. getting excessive exhaust noise from the passenger side Exhaust manifold. Also seems to running really rich...
I am considering buying a 2006 Dodge Charger but it has 130,000 miles already. How many miles does a Charger usually get before needing major repair?
at what milage should i change the transmission fluid?
clicking noise under the hood of the truck, near the belts does it all the time, no warning lights on on inside the truck
The truck is a dual battery set up. The battery that is closest electrically to to the alternator continually overheats and leaks acid. It has been replaced 3 times and is not the problem. The alternator has been repl...
it started do this after i put in a new water pump