I was driving my car on the highway and lost all power.It cranked back up but was jerking with no power when pressing on the gas.Smoking out the back it drives slow jerking so far and shuts down.I had it put on a diagnostic machine but everyone keep getting numerous codes.

How do you change the battery?

Clunking noise from front of vehicle when traveling on bumpy oads

my 4 wheel drive will not work i recently replaced the battery would this have anything to do with it. also where is the fuse for the 4 wheel drive maybe that is the problem ???

code# p0308,a taping sound in cold weather, light flashes 3,4,7,or8 times per trip on the hwy,but not all trips

locate and replace o2 sensors

Hi, i just wondering On my 04 DODGE Caravan , Do its use Timing belt Or timg Chain ? how much it cost to replace it ?

is there a place i can go an put in the vin # an find out what the size is

how do you check or test a "ignition coil" on 2001 dodge Neon 2.0L 4 cylinder SOHC ?

I pulled the engine months ago and rebuilt it. I replaced pritty much every sensor i could think of at that time. I have aboiut 130 pounds compression, fuel on the plugs which are turning black. Replaced coil, distributor, cap and rotor. Aligned the dist. drive gear with cyl.1 tdc. spark coming from the coil. 35 psi at the fuel rail. No codes, no popping or backfiring. but when i look under the cap it doesnt appear the each contact on the cap is getting marked up from the burns. and it sounds like not all cylanders are getting combustion. I tried checking some of the plugs for spark but im by my self and cant check all of them while turning the key. is it possible that some plugs arent firing or sonme injectors arent firing?

doesn't have as much pep

i bought it used at a car lot, i think they probably had it tuned before i bought it, i have put 51,000 miles on it
and has 118,000 miles

load squelling arond belt and belt has been changed about 6 weeks ago

My son was driving his 98 Avenger at 45 mph when it cut off. Now when you try to start it the engine will turn over but won't start. My mechanic has checked the fuel pump, changed the coil, cam shaft sensor, changed the computer, and checked for loose wires and he is been left scratching his head. Also new timing belt was installed a year ago. Looking for anyone who has any ideas what might be the cause the problem. Thanks

Car (70000 miles with rebuilt transmission)runs fine on street, but when I take it to the road at constant speed of 50-55 mph or a bit higher, the automatic transmission seems to become stuck in low gear. The RPM rises even at that speed (something like 4500-5000!) and it does not lower substantially even if I reduce speed (something like 3000RPM at 35mph). After I turn the engine off and wait, or if I turn the engine off 5 times, then the engine runs smoothly again as long as I do not try to speed up.

Power in the car goes out for a split second while driving. Gauge needles go crazy and head lights dim , but again only for a fraction of a second and then it works again . Happened maybe only 5 or so times. Any ideas? thanks

The OEM just gave me the troubleshooting P0700. What does that mean and how much should that cost me to fix?

when I put my key in the ignitionand turn the car into the on position(battery on but not engine)and go to start the engine theres no tension or kick back, its just slack and can move freely but the car wont turn over. How do I get to the tumbler to fix it?

The left bolt for themista houseing broke off in the engine block. I drilled the bolt but tap broke inside the bolt and I don't know what to do about removing, it may be 1/4'' sticking out i can't grib it.

all the time

some times car runs good but some times it will start bad and if it does it will not rev over 2.5 rpm even in park ... says cam shaft sensor and crank shaft sensor are malfunction i have changed them .. all so have changed many other sensors ( does it some times if car was running good at the start) .. if u got any idea send them my way

The back window drivers side wont stay up, also the driver door handle inside is broken.

When the air temperature is at or below 32 degrees and the vehicle has been sitting idle for a few hours, the starter motor will start operating. If not caught in time, it drains the battery. The starter motor cranking can be stopped by keying the ignition and starting the vehicle. I have tried replacing the starter motor relay to no avail. Suggestions?

i gave it to mechanic for timing belt/water pump replacement. he called me home to inform that Aftermarket water pump leaks and have to buy new from Dealer and hence timing belt/water pump job cost me 1040/- dollars....is this true?

where can i find a diagram for the spark plugs and wires

my car sputters when idling, also doesnt accelerate well

heater blower fan only works in high position, Could someone please tell me where it is located on the truck?

Thank you for your help!

Simple Problem- I just am not sure how to get at the the wiring harnass that deals with these dashboard lights.

how to change the serpentine belt