my 92 dodge starts but will not stay running and i just changed the fuel pump

when do u pull the plastic end off the rod on the slave cynlinder ? Like right before u put it on n after u have the line hooked back up n fixin to put it back n it's slot

knocking in front end have replaced struts strut mounts tie rod ends

what other year truck parts will inter change with my 2002 2500 series 4 wheel drive pick-up?

when i put my key in to start my van, there is no noise. i have lights and power but does not crank over. after about 3 minutes of numerous attempts it finally sarts

I have a 2004 dodge ram 1500. ac and heat will only blow out of the ac vents. no defrost or floor heat. does anyone know what may cause this. thank you.

when slowing down from 70 mph a loud whining noise begins but does not do it while driving down the road. it does have the anti spin rearend. 3.92 gear

How do I remove the heater control panel to replace the bulb behind the controls?

i have changed heater coil and radiator but still no heat and temp raises very high and then drops on accelleration only to raise upon idle or lower rpm

i have recently put a almost full tune up on my daily driver a 99 ram van with the 318 (5.2) is there a specail tool or technique to remove the #2 plug? because i was unable to remove it, but i'm not having any trouble with that imparticular plug, it started to miss fire on the #3 plug and now is on the #6 plug, but at higher rpm's it seem to run fine, will the coil, or the dist, cause that. this site has been the best site i have found on the entire net, as in helpful and a fast answer, anyone with any questions from now on i will send to this site in best recomedation thanks guys

i want to get a ball park of what it will coast to replace the drive shaft?

cold morning, i let my truck idle to warm it up for about 15 minutes. while standing next to it the engine just stopped running. no sputtering, just died. the fuel tank had maybe an 1/8 in it. i put 2 more gallons of gas in it still nothing. ive since been told, the pump relies on the fuel to keep it cool. is this true? maybe idling it for 15 minutes with low fuel caused the problem. please help. i am stranded at a hotel far from home

Out of the blue my Dodge Shadow, which only has 22,000 original miles won't go into any gear.The fluid is full, clean-not burnt, and no leaks.The engine runs but won't engage,

I would like to know where to hook up pressure guage to check the fuel pressure

Sounds like a lifter sticking on cold starts,
until oil circulates!!!

The passanger air bags on my 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan SE are turned off. Is there an easy way to turn it on?

car shimmys bad when i slow down to a stop after any speed i come down from and it starts to shimmy at 15 mph , and i can stop it from happening if i shift to nuatral to a stop then i put into gear and it takes off grate through all the gears please help thanks danny

I've read the cause of this issue is a faulty low pressure sump pump located in the oil pan.I cannot validate this but if I'm going to drop the pan to clean the pick-up screen would it make sense to replace the pump as well?

This issue began last January, 2010. I relocated to a cold climate from the tropics of S Florida. First day out on the road, I lost oil pressure and the knocks began immediately. I had it towed to a service station. After the 'Lecture' I got about proper and frequent oil changes, the mechanic went about looking for the problem. A few days later I got a call from him saying the pick up screen was clogged (Another lecture). 1600.00 later I picked up the car and the issue seemed to be resolved. From that point, I changed the oil religiously at jiffy lube and also used their oil system flush thingy too. Everything seemed to be alright until a couple of weeks ago (12/2010) when the oil pressure thing came back. Back to the mechanic I went (Another lecture). This time the pressure gauge was moving up and down from Zero to the low point on the gauge. I believed it might be the pressure switch and had it replaced. That did not resolve the problem and back it went to the mechanic.

This next visit was to replace the oil pump. It was a very big job. Once inside the motor, they found the timing chain guides disintegrated and the tensioners needed replacing. Those parts and a new oil pump were installed. After all that pressure is still low. The question is, should I try auto-rx to get rid of the sludge and look at the pick up screen again?? I can't afford to walk away from the car right now


Our Van will not start and has no power to fuel pump we have bypassed the relay and the fuel pump came on the relays are good and so is the fuel shutoff switch on the firewall what else could it be.

dies while driving,sometimes hard to start,new plugs,wires,rotor and dist.cap.the idol control mod. does not seem to function. how far does the I.C.M.suppose to travel? no diference when idoling, pluged in or unpluged.should there be a diference?

i was wandering why both front brake calibers are locking up on there on i will be riding 55 and they will lock right up i have done allready put two new calibers rotors and shoes

after i fill up at the gas station the car does not start so i have to reset the pcm and it starts, but if i dont fill it up all the way it starts with no problem, would this be roll over valve issue?

Price on replacing from engine seal

Van has new or replaced everything, including battery,cable connectors,starter, electronic distributor, plug wires, plugs, relays. Will not start when cold. Electrical system checks out. Fault code is 12-26-55. Runs rough and engine light comes on after a few seconds of running.

My van everyone once in awhile doesnt shift in gear...it will jus rev but nothing else....I was told to change my transmission fluid...is this the correct fix?

will i likely be replacing front and rear rotors? i'm sure front need replaced when i do the pads. how likely is it that the rear will need replaced too?

Today, I used my key to open the door and the alarm went off. Now, I can not turn the car on. However, the battery is still operational and my radio still works. The car turns over for a second but then nothing.

ok so i went to see why my check engine light was on they did a smoke test checked fillters and oxygen sensors and as well the gas cap and was good but did not find any thing when disconectting the battrey the light will go of for about a week then comes back on what would be the problem?