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I have flushed the radiator, replaced thermostat, fan clutch, belt, belt tensioner and still after 20 minutes of driving in Florida the fan clutch roars continuously.
turn on right turn indicator and left turn indicator lights blink. Turn on left turn indicator and some times it blinks left and some times it doesn't. Hold left down part way without clicking and some times the left ...
my wife went to church one day, when i received a call from her telling me that the transmission had quit,we had no symptoms of nothing, van was running perfect,so i read extensively about what a regular john can do...
no reverse or forward, i have no codes on the cluster panel i replaced the solenoid pack , and the input and output speed censors and still the same no go helpppp!!
try to turn key to start van. when key is on there is no power at all motor wont crank lights[headlight,dome,all]dont work cant roll up or down windows locks everything has no power all fuses are good
Has anyone experienced problems with the factory radio intermittently losing power? Sometimes when I start my truck, the radio is inoperative because it is not getting power. Then again, sometimes I start it up and ...
the fuel gage stop working a long time ago, and i would like to fix it
The window on the passenger side is not working?
detail on how to replace head gasket, parts needed, torque specs
how to adjust steering box
I took my car to the local Dodge dealership they hooked it up and told me the egr valve was bad, I bought one then tried to leave the engine died while in gear, now it will not turn over, battery tested good and all ...
How do you repair this?
Since I am having surging and dieing problems and no engine codes come up would it help to replace the throttle positioning sensor and does this particular dodge model take a idle control valve?
I have surging problems when I come to a stop after traveling on the highway. It will surge and then act like it almost wants to die. Sometimes in some conditions it does die and I have to start it again. Sometimes...
Can anybody help me w/the belt diagram for this van???
We just got a 1995 dodge intrepid and we're having problems keeping the battery going because of the alarm. How do disconnect the alarm, so we can keep the battery charged?
new alternator good grounds all wires tight and connected when u pull battery cable trucks dies and battery wont charge answer this 1?
Ok, here is what I have, need to know which wires to put together. I got a diagram of the O2 sensor and the wire harness but still need to know what goes with what. Harness.... Black w/ blue stipe = sensor ground ...
Parked the durango and turned it off. The steering wheel locked and now the ignition will not turn when i put the key in.
where can i locate the ac actuators. The switch works but the vents wont open
I was trying to change out my battery when my negative terminal was not coming off! I had to literally pry it off. Has anyone else had this problem? Do I need to replace my battery wires? (At least my negative)
I just purchased this Dodge ram van because it has low miles for a 2002 vehicle, 66,000 miles and the rear diffential is leaking. I purchased a power train warranty for the vehicle but it dosen't take affect until I r...
when I try to accelerate, my engine sputters and dies. It will idle, as long as I don't try to accelerate. What is causing this?
i have a problem with my 4WD, the light comes on for high and low but it makes a loud grinding noise when being engaged, is the transfer case causing it to not engage properly? would the chain need to be tightened to...
When turning the steering wheel there is play in the tire movment
Van started making a noise today. When starting the van and while it is in Park before putting it in gear, loud squealing noise is coming from the drivers side of the engine bay (underneath). (The engine belts are o...
whats the best and easiest way to change rear plugs