steering wheel is stuck in down position. how do I lift? there is no lever that I can find

where is the crankshaft sensor located on a 4.7 v-8

Where do you add auto transmission fluid and what type of fluid?

The driver power seat switch in my 05 Dodge G.C. is no longer working. The back of the seat still tilts forward and back and the seat can still move forward and backward, but there is no up/down ability for front and back. There are two drivers of different height, so it needs to be repaired. I cannot find any part for the power seat. I can put the part in myself but need help finding part. Does anyone have any information that will help in locating this part?

This car is hard to shift from one position to another. I can't get it to shift out of neutral back into park.

I have a 2001 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 engine approx 120,000 miles. The other day the car died and would not start. I had it towed to a nearby gas station and they said that the timing chain and water pump needed to be replaced. The cost would be $1400 to $1700 dollars. They also told me that Chrysler is aware of this problem with older 2.7 engine Intrepids (1998 to 2004?)
and there is a lawsuite pending. Have you heard of this before with Dodge Intrepids? Is this a fair price for the job? I searced and could not find any recalls for this problem.

My heater blower only works on high

When the headlight switch is pulled the headlights, tail lights,and side marker lights don't come on. Also the brake lights don't work. I replaced the headlight switch,and burnt out brake light, and licence plate light bulbs. Wires and grounds look good. The wireing schematic shows a lamp outage module, but can find no info on this part, except it's discontinued.

What fuse or relay controls the radio and power outlet on the front console of the 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan? they both went out at the same time.

Switched into 4 wheel drive and now when I put the switch in 2 wheel drive it stays in 4 wheel drive. How do I get it back into 2 wheel drive

While the drive train is not under load (it starts immediately when taking foot off accelerator)there is a loud clunking noise. Placing it in neutral while decelerating does not have an affect to the noise.

blows fuel start fuse when you try to start car replaced it lasted about a week then blew two more right away

driving in the snow alot and next day no power steering

makes ticking noise in 4 wheel drive from front end

I left the key on and drained the battery I tried to start it using a booster charger it would turn over but not start so I charged the battery still will not start I changed the ASD relay did not help

My wipers have stopped working on my 2006 dodge ram 2500. I have replaced the motor, but that was not the problem. I believe its the pcm, but am not able to locate the pcm. Can anybody help me locate this power control module ?

i was suspost to come in today to look at a car was to see fat tony my name is antonio i can not make it i will be in tomorrow late morning thank you

My engine light (check engine) comes on after driving approx. 20 miles. If I have a problem, would not the engine light stay on? Thank you,

It takes a long time to heat up, but never gets hot bearly warm. I replaced rad. cap, thermostate, fan clutch, and flushed systom.

Where is the camshaft position sensor located at?part #CASE605

When problem exists, the engine light is on. When the key is turned to start, the engine will crank a little before it will start. Thwn while driving it, it runs ok UNTIL getting RPM's a little over 2000 (in any gear - automatic tranny). Usually after traveling several miles, if I pull over, turn off car, the try to restart, it at times then starts right away and runs fine well above 2000 RPM's. This situation has benn going on for a while. Recently noticed that if car running ok then 'cruise control works, if not running ok above 2000 RPM's then criuse will not work at all.

What is the 2C Pressure Switch Sense Circuit and how do I replace it?

Its heating up fast even in cool weather

jut trying to change driveshaft

could the computer thats mounted to the right front fender have something to do with the problem also

my fuses are good but no power to my ignition coil

i have checked the fuses under the hood and under the dash,and they all checked out good

how do you change out the timing chain on the car

Okay so I can turn my ignition on and my head and tail lights will work the radio won't then when I turn it off all lights inside and out shut completely off, fuses and battery have been checked and all are good. Can't understand why its doing this because I have never had any problems with the electrical on this truck and I have owned it since 2006. What really makes me mad is I had a factory warrenty that just ran out on it, I just rolled over my 100,000 mile mark. Please I need an answer 2 this question asap if you have an idea what's going on let me know

it will crank and gets fuel but wont start