how much pressure to put in a pressure bleeder to bleed the system

I'm looking for an American made, high quality starter, any brands that stand out? Where do you buy? Would you replace yourself or take to a shop?

My Dodge Neon SRT4 will run for 2 minutes then stops. Before this happened whenever I would turn on the accessories without starting the engine the fuel pump would be humming, now it is clicking. I checked the fuel relay and the asd fuse and they are fine. Whats going on with my car?

I am trying to pull the oil pan but it drops down about a half inch and won't come any further. I can't get. why won't it come off

My wife hit a curb with our truck and it started making a humming sound. When i got there i could depress the brake and it would change the sound. I changed the brake pads thinking it put them in a bind. The pads were stuck like the calipers were appying pressur. when bleeding the brakes the pedal stuck to the floor and will not release. What is the problem now.

noticed it about three weeks ago. It was very slight vibration on front left end. Only happened at speeds under 45mph

already have it dissconnected,need to know how to remove it

How do i stop the moisture build up in the engine which i believe is causing the oil to leak from the motor threw the hose which is connected to the air filter ? The oil look like its mixed with a thick yellowish ooze of some sort .

How do i stop oil from getting in my air filter ? the oil is coming from the hose that is connected 2 the engine block leading 2 the air filter . For sum reason itz getting alot of moisture build up.

i pulled the fan and water pump out as one unit. i dont understand how the fan is disassembled from the water pump it self. i've done everything i can think of to get it off but no luck.. just wondering if there was any tricks or anything i might be over looking.. any tips would be helpful

That is the battery temperature sensor the sensor has rust where the sensor sets do i need it

how much to change all 6 injectors and govenor springs just labor on a 96 dodge 3500 diesel

when truck is cold and put in reverse sounds like power stering fluid is low.also have vibration when acceleration and at steady speeds goes away when you let off gas

When car is started and put in drive or reverse car starts idleing very rough. also idles rough when stoped. also car tends to just stall out of no where every so often usually after driving for about 20 to 30 minutes. all ready replaced egr valve, throttle position sensor, fuel filter all vacuum hose's that i could see that are damaged. any ideas as to what else could be causeing this problem. thinking possibly two seperate problems?

My heater is stuck on defrost...when I change it to feet or vent option it still only blows on defrost...it will blow a little bit through the vents if I change the switch but mainly on the air is going through the dash and won't blow on my feet at all.

i can get all the gear but 5th gear?

i got about half tank of gas the other day and about i mile away it started hesitating and losing power for about 30 seconds then went awayfor the next mile or so thst i drove it.i parked it for half hour or so then came out to go somewhere when after running for about2 or 3 minutes it losses power and putters for about 30 seconds then is perfectly fine until i park it for about 15 min to a half hour it does the exact same thing every time.i went through a whole tank of gas and refilled it and it seems to still be doing it so for now im gonna try some gas additive and see.no dash lights have come on either so im hoping maybe water in the gas but thinking it should be gone after i refilled. thanks for helping

After changing out the spark plugs, spark plug wires, rotor, distributor cap, and Plenum gasket I am getting codes of P0300, P0301, P0302, P0304 and P0305 all stating mis-firing in cylinders 1, 2, 4 and 5. Could using an after market rotor be causing this issue, as the original rotor was saw-toothed and the after market was smooth. Or could this be caused by something else?

I getting a thumping in the driver side like the tire is bouncing. Had tie rod ends and front shocks replaced but still have the metal sounding thumping.

when i switch my truck into 4 wheel hi or lo the indicator light in the dash will not come on what do i need to do to fix this

My car seems to putt when driving under 40mph, I want to know what causes it?

while driving heater gets cold, and temp goes up, and then returns to normal

My wife says when she comes to a stop at traffic lights her car will stall out or hesitate. It has been checked for problem codes and none have been flagged. No one can tell me what is wrong with it.

I have missfire cylinder # 1 code p0301 I replace the spark plugs the spark coils but still have the same code.
Some body know how to test the injectors, please help me

have had this truck for five years never could get hi heat out of it. what is recommended temp on thermostat

this question is to roy about crankshaft sensor.i replaced sensor with one from autozone and magnet isnt as strong as old one .should i get origenal equipment from dodge. i have been working on this truck for almost a year off and on,have replaced everything on it for ignition and still wont start.is there a way to check timing chain without tearing into motor?

everytime step on the brakes the front kind of jumps and makes a noise- had brakes replaced already

i have oil coming into the airfilter, no noise. pinging or smoke. Power seems good too. why is this

I am new to repair pal & have a 2001 durango the eng. i have is a 4.7 you don"t list it under durango problems . can you explain??

2001 Dodgr Ram Diesel will not start. It is getting no fuel. What is wrong?