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where is the thermostat located and how do you install it

how to change rotors

Check Engine light comes on sometimes. When it comes on vehicle idles rough. When not on vehicle runs fine. Brake and intilock light always on. Help. Pulled the codes and I think it read code 27. What is that? TPS?

How do you know if the alternator is going bad? I have replaced the serpentine belt and idle pulley but I still hear a squeaking/ticking noise. The only other thing in that area is the alternator. Could this possible be the problem. I am running out of options.

In spring the AC cools very well. When the air heats up in summer it will not cool at all well.

Have had coolant checked- okay. Please advise

I replace the theromostat, theres no leak from the heater core, but i dont have any heat unless its engine heat?

I hear a ticking/whistling noise coming from the area near that one main belt thats goes around all the pulleys. I thought it was the idle but that wasn't it. What should I try next?

how much would it cost to change the rotors, brakes and o2 sensor

Car runs and cuts off during operation and wont start til it sits for awhile. Oil pressure gage indicates low oil pressure.


I have bought a dodge caliber 12/2006. It has accident from passenger door sides. I need a replacement complete front and rea door. Where can I find it ? I live in Sydney.


throttle acuator control system stuck open , what can I do about this?

I'm buying a 2007 Durango and the previous owner never put the car in 4H or 4L for four years and always had the car in 2H. Could this be a problem?



The ignition on van is not turning "at all". I have been having this problem but now it is staying that way. I put key in, go to turn and it does not budge. Our neighbor, a nice lady in parking lot and auto parts store is saying to shake van back and forth. I want the problem fixed, I don't wanna have to shake van everytime I wanna go somewhere, lol. Please help if you can.

when driving, the automatic door locks go up and down and the inside lights turn on and off over and over again.

How much for labor to replace the drivers side headlight assembly?

I was deiving along and stopped at a light and the van died and wouldn't restart. I changed the fuel filter and drove it around the block and parked it and haven been able to get the van to start or even trun over. I was told that it is the fuel pump, it is located in the fuel tank and before I go to the trouble and expense of removing the tank I would like to knoe if this is the problem. I do knoe that i have an electrical problem because if I park it for more than two days I have to charge the battery, could it be electrical?

How much to replace the whole drivers side headlight assembly?

i beliive its the ignition fuse or fuel fuse but it blows and car wont start offten the radio fuse blows at the same time as soon as they are replaced it starts but then a day or two it happens again

trying to find information about the 4x4 indicator light that is in the dashboard, if this in the year the truck was made is the light suppose to come on if the truck is put into 4 wheel drive. Been told that this year the light is an option

I just got gas 2 days ago and now I smell gas in the van especially when I have the heater on. I also seem to be going through gas really fast. I didn't have a problem before this. Just bad gas milage.

I replaced the pump with rebuilt pump replaced the rack and pinion with a rebuilt rack. Replaced the high pressure line. The vechile has 96,000 miles. It has warmed up weather wise and the whining noise has got better.

Have a 93 grand caravan LE . when van is cold u can put the van in L and move easily back to D and it shifts through all gears bot once it reaches operating tempature when started will not shift out of 2 . The shifter first has to be dropped right to L then move easily to D then it shifts but like I said will when hot NOT shift outa 2nd. any help would be greatfully recieved ty

transmision doesn't shift out properly, reaches 50 plus mph, then shifts, or does'nt at all, have to stop, and resume acceleration slowly, then shifts out o.k. was told it could be the govenor presure cylinoid???

while driving my 02 dodge 1500 pu the door locks started going up and down and light came on saying open door and dinging what could be wrong? thank you for any help.-Michelle

Horn slowly died. Where is it and how do you get at it?Thanks

where the hell is the air filter located on the van and how do I get at it?


I have a recently acquired 1997 Dodge Dakota Sport, 3.9L V6, 5-speed AX15 manual transmission, with 160,000 miles on the odometer; not sure how many miles on the transmission.

Here is a summary of the symptoms that it is manifesting:

The majority of the time it is hard to shift into 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears, although occasionally shifting into all 3 gears is perfectly smooth (what I would consider normal). I would estimate that it shifts normally around 10% of the time.

When it does shift normally, ALL 3 gears engage normally (after shifting into 3rd normally).

When it does not shift normally, ALL 3 gears are hard to engage, but each has a different relative level of difficulty, with 1st being extremely hard to engage, 2nd moderately hard and 3rd the easiest (but still not normal)

Once 1st gear has been successfully engaged 2nd and 3rd engage normally when up shifting.

At a dead stop, all 3 gears are hard to engage as described above.

Since 1st is basically impossible to engage the majority of the time when I try to shift directly from neutral or any other gear, here is my workaround when coming to a stop (with each gear engaging with the level of difficulty summarized above):

1. Shift into 3rd
2. Shift into 2nd
3. Shift into 1st

On the rare occasions when it slips smoothly into 3rd it also slides like butter into 2nd and/or 1st.

Double clutching does not appear to have any effect.

Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be given these symptoms?



I have replaced the fuel filter and the car continues to die after a short run at a red light or stop sign. Is there an idle sensor that maybe the problem? If so where is the sensor located? Or is the fuel pump going bad?