I known the price depends on the rust and diffuculty but i have two questions. First can you tell me how much it should approx. cost if the rust isnt that bad and the job can basically be completed with out many problems.And second can you tell me how much approx. it should cost if it is really rusty and hard to get off/on? Also what other parts could brake during the process. P>S> the fuel tank is new.

The shop want 350.00 dollars to replace the drivers door window regulator in my 2002 dodge durango. Is this reasonable?

I bought a 2010 dodge journey back in June 2010, right off the show room with only 17 miles. My questions is has anyone experienced their car shutting off while driving? I noticed that as I was slowing down my car was off, but headlights were on, and the dashboard was still lit... Took it to dodge they are telling me there is nothing wrong. This has happened twice and I'm afraid to drive my car...

The shop want 350.00 dollars to replace the drivers door window regulator in my 2002 dodge durango. Is this reasonable?

How much would it cost to replace my engine with a new (or used/rebuilt) one?

Not really sure what causes my truck to stall when coming to stop for no reason. No check engine light at all. It dies and then I have to restart it and hope that I can make it through the next light without it dying again. Last mechanic said he could find nothing, someone has to know what I am referring to?

My mechanic suggests replacing the EGR valve AND transducer at the same time. What effect is he looking for?

Bearings need replaced in rear differial on axle shafts

transmission fluid leaks contantly. was told to replace gasket by one repair and another said it was just a couple of loose bolts or screw. after the car sitting for 5 days, i lost use of gears. the car rolled in reverse and drive as though it were in neutral.

Front end car repair to the tie rod, and the service engine light will not go off

about how much should this repair cost?

it goes into neutral random times

I used to have white flaky stuff blowing out my vents and over time it went away, but I still smell antifreeze. I do not seem to be loosing coolant. What could be causing this?

Erratic lift gate operation. Warm sunshine on lift gate it works, cooler location it does not.

I have 5.9 360 gas engine i just rebuilt it run good for about 10000 miles now every so often its starts missing and when i gas it it cuts out and back fires. It will do this for a few miles then run fine acts like its flooding

I just bought a 2007 Ram 1500 that has 45000 miles on it. 2wd, 4.7l, quad cab, flex fuel. Truck ran fine for 700 miles, then I started hearing a ratcheting noise when I would crank the truck up and go from park to reverse. I crawled under it and it sounds like some kind of solenoid trying to engage, but it can't for some reason. Also, it only happens when the transmission is warm and idling fast. If you let the idle go down to about 700rpm, it doesn't make any noise. Only when it idles above 1000rpm does it happen. I have read several posts similar to this, but nobody seems to have an answer. I took it to a Dodge dealer and couldn't get anyone who knew what I was talking about. Took it to a transmission shop and the guy said that all later model Chryslers did this.

Another question - should the truck be idling that high after it is warm. It doesn't seem to matter how warm the engine is. When it fires off, it starts at about 1200rpm, then after 15 seconds it gradually starts to creep down to about 650rpm. I don't understand why it has to idle that high if it is hot. I did reset the PCM using the 31st fuse method and I unhooked the battery for about a half hour just for kicks.

About the only other issue with the truck is that it downshifts from 4th to 3rd very firmly. So firmly that it is almost a clunk. After I reset the PCM, this problem appeared to be resolved, but now it is back. Also, it would hold onto a shift longer when accelerating after I reset it. These two symptoms seem to go hand in hand.

Transmission fluid is full and very clean. Truck runs very smooth and tight. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

How do I reset the computer on my 2007 Dodge Ram 1500?

how do you change them since the car is front wheel drive?

I was wondering what it would cost to have 2 Engine vaccum leaks fixed diagnostic codes P0442 and P0455? Also are these plastic pipes called Air Filters? Please help thank you in advance

car in stuck in low gear but gear shift moves

does anyone know where i can download a free repair manual for my 99 durango?

my oil pressure gauge seems to be too high. ive changed the oil and oil filter but have noticed no drop in the oil pressure. ive also noticed that it seems to lose power and wants to putt a little bit at least until the engine is running at a warm temperature. any ideas?

The rear gate won't unlock electrically. Can it be opened manually from the inside.

Rear seat belt latch caught in the door breaking the plastic cover,is there anyway to repair so to stop it from falling to the bottom of the belt every time

my dodge ram 2500 cummins turbo diesel 5.9L wants to die from stop to takeoff and if i don't shift into nest gear at correct rpms it starts (feels like) missing, even if I do shift gears at correct rpms it still (at 60) feels like it is missing or starving for fuel. Need to find out where the fuel regulator switch is, can you also tell me where i can find it also. please help me. thanks

I have replace the serpentine belt and both idle pulleys and it is still ticking and squeaking. I poured water in the belt before and after replacing it and the noise stopped each time. I am not a mechanic, but could this noise be a warning of something major about to happen,AGAIN. I just spent $2000.00 due to low/no oil pressure. Also, it was not making this noise pryor to the oil pressure issue. Does anyone have any more suggestions?

It is not working at all times. Was working fine and one day when I backed it out of the garage it wasn't working.The vehicle only has 79,000 miles on it.

speedometer and tachometer inop

I have a dodge stratus 2000 ES...everything was good but suddenly car doesn't odometer shows no bus ...I towed to dodge dealer and they gave me a report-(CRANK NO START, FOUND 20 AMP FUSE FOR PCM/ASD BLOWN.SHORT IN JUCTION BOX, PCM OR WIRING..,FOUND POWER DISTRIBUTION BLOCK FUSE#5 PCM POPS WHEN C2 CONNECTOR ATTACHED. ALSO FUSE 1 FOR ABS BLOWS. DEAD SHORT, POWER DISTRIBUTION CAN NOT REMOVE FOR INSPECTION. VEHICLE HAS A MAJOR ELECTRICAL SHORTAGE.) They told me it will cost around $1000 to fix it...but i can't afford for that much...what to do?? Is any way to get fixed in cheap??

replacing cylinder head gasket