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I will be driving on the freeway for 30 minutes, the truck will be running great. The temperature gage needle is in the middle. I will pull in for fuel and it will be difficult to start. After the third attempt it wil...
This is the second time I have had problems since I have owned the vehicle. I have replaced the wiper motor, and the fuse beneath the dash inside. It worked for about one month. Now ,it is doing the same thing again. ...
ac freezes up the longer you run it. When you are stopped or going slow speeds runs great but when going fast air blows hotter and not as hard.
blower vent door is stuck almost compleatly closed. how can i repair. how much trouble is it to take out the dash?
I have a 1995 Dodge Ram 4x4 it doesnt idle right, i replaced the idle sensos but got the same results. normally at stop lights it wants to stall,and hesitation ocassionaly when i take off. Help Eric !!!
after driving for a short period the RPM start to go up and down and sometimes is really hard to start the engine again.the mechanic replace the fuel pump and the distribuitor.
My front and rear brake lines on my 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Pick Up are rusted and I need to replace them. Could you give me step by step instructions on how to accomplish this?
Growling sound when making hard right or left turn. I've replaced both hubs twice, rotor and pad, the sound did not change. Local shop could not find the problem. He thought it might need two hoses replaced on the pow...
I just replaced the starter the radiator an thermostat. The car still over heats and very fast whats wrong?
first time this has ever happen, car will not shift out of park while holding brake down
Went on trip, drove a little over 500 miles to destination. When went from one freeway to another car seemed to go into a limp mode after slowing to bout 20- 25 mph. I reset by putting it in park turning car off and r...
I replaced the starter and checked the relays and battery. All are getting power but the lights on panel comes on but no click not sound just dead. I am trying to repair myself. Thanks
c/e light on...usually solved by re-tightenening fuel cap..not working this time..any fix or part to replace?
What is wrong when the air conditioner does not blow cold air. I used it last year and it was fine. I just want to know if it would be a simple fix like putting in freon, or not.
I took my car to auto zone where they identified the problen to be in the catalylic converter. I use my car daily to drive over 60 to 80 miles. I soon do I need to get this repaired? how safe is my vehicle to drive?
does anyone know how to change multi-switch on 2003 dodge intrepid
antifreeze in the oil how do i fix it
My front tires are going bald on the outer edges quickly. Can I do a front end alignment myself?
Lately I have noticed that my A/C has been alternating between blowing cold air then it blowing warm. DO I need a A/C freon charge? If so, where are the charge ports? If not what may the problem be? Thanks
my temperature gauge goes from cold to hot and from hot to cold but the engine is not running hot
My speedometer and cruise control do not work and my check engine, brake light, and ABS lights are lit. What would be the cause of this and how can I fix the problem?
the inside of my truck smells bad can't get ride of it it smells like rotten eggs most of the time
Passenger side floor is always wet. Cannot figure out where the water is coming from. Has been suggested that the A/C drain line may be clogged, but don't even know where to start looking for that.
The a/c fan motor stops often ,stays off for a while then starts back.It started this about 60k miles ,it has 112.000 ,seems to be getting more frequent lately
drove all day drove just fine came home 4 five min tried 2 go 2 store no start acts like it wants 2 but wont dash reads no bus what does that mean?
i need my car inspected cant because yellow check engine light is on. i replaced the spark plugs the air filter. had a readout said code 202 which has something to do with the fuel injector #2 and possibly o2 senso...
When driving if you let loose of the wheel it turns to the right real bad and make a thumping noise
The A/C on my 2000 Doge Caravan does not drain the water and in turn it gets all in the floor pan. I have tried cleaning the external drain by running a snake in it from the exterior. I need to clean the inside of...
when replacing ac compressor and accumulator, how much compressor oil is required?
we replaced ps pump,alternator after there was some noises.there is still noise when do you make sure everything is aligned right and tight enough? we also finally replaced belts.seems to be doing the same...