my brake padel gos to the floor if i hold the pafel too long

how much should it cost to repair an engine with little or no oil pressure. also, what causes this problem especially when there is plenty of oil in the engine?

how much should it cost to repair an engine with little or no oil pressure?

tranny slips in and out of overdrive have changed fluid and filter. but still does it

I have replaced the timing chain, sprockets, and oil pump. My oil light was coming on before this, changed pump since I was in there. I thought it was the oil pressure switch so I changed it and still getting the light. I removed the oil pressure switch and checked pressure it was around 50psi so assuming it pumping. I have a rod bearing raising hell which is next fun project. Would like to get this fixed to at least run around town until it finally dies.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

i have replaced the alternator new battery and the voltage regulater and it is still discharging this is a 1984 model.i had the old alternator checked and it tested ok but i replaced it anyway.when i turn on the lights and heater the amp meter goes to discharge.Ihave checked for broken wires and not found any .this really has me stumped.

the passenger car door is completely broke, i had a friend try to fix it and he totally ruined the metal parts that connect the door to the frame so i would need a used door and both the parts for the frame and door how much would parts and labor cost me

problem with battery drain when not running overnight. car will only run few minutes before battery drain and car dies. new battery and alternator

I just got this car so I don't know how it drove in the past but it seem to maybe need shocks (?) every bump is very noticable and it bottoms out all the time backing out of the driveway with no add'l weight. Also there is a deep kind of grind sound when I brake. It also shakes when it gets to 60mph?? Thanks so much for any help.

this sounds weird, but when it is cold outside ie. 0 to 40 degrees,there is a high pitched ringging heard at different times - not constantly, the ringging pitch can be raised or lowered by lightly tapping throttle pedal or say you are driving with overdrive off and decide to turn it on, you can hear the shift in transmission through the ringging,this ringging again, comes on at no real particular speed, but when it does start,you can hold the ringging sound by "playing" with the throttle pedal, is this the transmission pump or maybe torque converter? when the weather gets warm outside,you don't hear the ring at all,only when it's cold. Truck does have 185,000 miles on it.

my car makes a noise when pushing down on the accerater but once I let up on accerator the noise stopped until recently now it has a squealing noise when driving. what could be wrong with it & how much could it cost? ty

no start , no injector pulse

My father and me just replaced the head gasket on my 1998 dodge stratus. We figured out the timing and we now have the car put back together. But the car will only crank up if u put your foot on the gas a couple of times. I believe we messed up somewhere with replacing the crankshaft and all of its little components. replaced the intake gasket, exhaust gasket and head gasket. we just replace the trottle body sensor yesterday. but the car still wont crank on its own first we thought it might have been the timing but we have checked it many times and all the marks are lined up perfectly. Any advice would really help!

how much fuel preasure should there be in the cranking mode.it will not start. it is fireing,spit and sputter

I was driving and smelled a burning smell for just a second, and then my heater stopped blowing heat. What does this mean is wrong?

ran out of gas,put gas in it tried to crank, then after that it won't crank

how do you change the air filter on a 2006 dodge stratus

New plugs and wires; in-line spark tester shows NO SPARK on cylinder 2, even though primary and secondary resistance good on coil-pack..???

engine light came oe egr code came on. where is it located

How do I replace the water pump?

How do i thighten my alternator belt?

The headlights, turn signals, brake lights work, but my gauge lights and taillights do not.

how do you get the pulley off the drive shaft

2004, dodge 1500, 4.7, 4x2, regular cab. 145k mi., unknown maint. schedule,. auto trans. not slipping, but does not seem to be shifting at proper rpm. will flushing, using proper filter and trans fluid clear the problem?

What is the leveling system

Is the light around the ignition suppose to stay on or should it come on when you open the car door. Something is draining my battery and it is the 2nd new battery I've had since June 2010

airbag light stays on fault code reads pass airbag disable warning lamp open/ short to ground

How do i tighten a loose belt. i think it is a loose belt because i hear a whistling sound. and there a little red light that came on when it first started.

on a 1986 Dodge Ram Van B350 turn signals DO NOT work, changed the bulbs, is there a fuse inline somewhere?

i did a tune up,coil pack,dist.,cap&rotor,o2-sensor,thermosat and heat temp sensor.it ran good for 2 days and then started all over again. it would run, then kill. sometimes it would restart sometimes it would not.