I'am haveing truble with my "Automatic Transmission". I had it checked out and was told by two othere Mechanics it is the cluches and I need a rebuild :/. Were, would be the best and most affordable place for me to go? Also, I was qouted $800-$1250 Max to rebuild the one I have. If you could help me out thank you so much....

when i hit the brakes or slow down, and the rpm's drop below 1000 rpms, the car jerks real bad

Right front end leak believe it is the water pump. No heat in truck.

i feel a jump or surge in the truck at aproximately 45mph sometimes even cutting out. this happens all the time no matter the difference in ambient tempeture. Is anyone familiar with this problem?

A week ago my Dodge Durango starting locking when I tried to crank it. When I took key out and rubbed it it would turn. After a while it would not turn at all. What should I do? Is it a locksmith problem or a dealer problem?

what sensors are part of the EGR system?

The engine will start and run drive for a while , dies but will start right back up

What would it cost out the door to repair timing case oil leak? Does the timing belt and cam sprocket need to be changed as well.

Does my truck have wheel bearings?


ok...i have a 03 dodge neon that had been working great. Recently brake light came on wouldnt go off so i put brake fluid. Light went off and they worked cool for about 110 minutes then they went back to the floor and fluid is empty again. Checked front lines and no leak. Noticed brake fluid under the plastic part of master cyl where u put in the fluid and yes i checked to make sure i didnt put it there. The thing is there isnt enough of it to be the cause for it runnin out so fast. Trying to find a diag of fluid flow or something. It will hold fluid while in idle and press the brakes but soon as its in reverse or drive the fluids gone. HEEELLLPPPP lol but seriously! please

Its not the shocks but some of the rubber boots and grommets where the suspension connects. There doesn't seem to be any wear. I think the car was wrecked and repaired once. What is the best lube I can use that won't hurt the joints. Thanks bobby

heater only blows hot air when the gas pedal is compressed. When at an idol, the hot air quickly changes to cold air.

When I press the button to dispense windsheild wiper fluid, it won't come out for the front windsheild. The back windsheild will dispense, but only after I used to a pin to clean out the nozzle to see if it was blocked. I did the same to front window, but this didn't remedy the issue. I have checked the fluid in the container to see if any had leaked out or if it was empty, but it is at the same level. Is there a possible block in the hose(s)?

I drive my car rarely these days as I take public trasport to get into the city for work. I only drive it short distances. The van will heat up within 10 minutes of starting the engine, but then it is only slightly warm. If I drive for long distances, an hour or more, the air coming from the vents is cool. Is this a thermostat issue?

when i press on the gas my car will jerk.

transmission problems

how to disarm theft system without keyless remote keys

How do you change the belt?

how many quarts do you use when changeing oil

cost to replace PCV value

wipers have stopped working and was wondering if there was a fuse or wiper relay and the location of either one

I have no heat, the blower does work

truck stalled and wouldn't start." I cut a small square in the bed over the fuel pump. I cleaned all the dirt off, and unplugged the fuel pump and clean that connection. I plugged it in and the truck ran for a week then just quit on me. "So replaced the fuel pump and now I have gas to my engine pump works fine. Just truck won't start. Its a great little truck in good condition

i just did a tune up, new fuel injectors and replaced the map sensor my fuel pump is at 59 psi at idle i also changed the coil because it was running rich i had black soot coming from tail pipe in nov 2010 now its jan 2011 again im runing rich again and it wont start in the cold -9 degrees why is it runing rich again

runs starts hard warmed up fouls out rebuilt dis plugs wires crank sensor no vac leak whats up?

my car ran smooth , took it to mechanic for routine maintenance. was told water pump is starting to leak. water pump,timing chain and tentioner was replaced....now my car makes a rattling noise. mechanic said its the tentioner and the noise will go away in a few days. is this true.noise is still present

we took the skin off to put back on track,but if we use the switch to lower more than an inch,,it falls into door again ; (

I have a 2001 Ram 1500 with the 5.9L in it. After losing heat in the cab, and finding antifreeze on the passenger floor, I replaced the heater core (was bad), flushed the radiator, re-charged the A/C, and replaced the thermostat. Now, both the heater core lines are hot, which is a good thing, however, I have excessive smoke coming from the tailpipe and still no cab heat. I'm fearing a head gasket problem, but would appreciate any ideas. No coolant leaks anywhere to be found at this time.

my heater is blowing but not haeting ihave replaced the thermostsat and it still not getting warm. what other problem may exist?