when going down the road and with the radio on,it will short out and go blank then come back on and my odometer will flicker and say no fuse.And also my driver side heated seat doesn't work.This is becoming very frustrating!The heated seat went first and now this with the radio.My son said the fuses are fine but he thinks the wires are lose on the fuse box

Hello, I am starting to get a clicking sound when idle. It looks like it comes from a belt. Please help.

The one head is cracked. How much should it cost to replace the head and the mechanic work.

When i go to start my truck itgets to thepoint of starter disengage and it does not start. When i try to start again it won't do any thing,go to start and all the dash [info] lights go out and no start engage. I tried to jump start it but still nothing. I waited about 30 min.and tried it again and starter would engage but not run. I waited over night and it started with out battery booster. Can you give me any information on this problem It has hapened 3 times.

I will com to a stop or slow down it will just shut of

I just had work done on my truck to repair low/no oil pressure. It cost 2000.00. The next day the oil pressure needle fell again down to low/no oil pressure. What could possibly be the problem now?

How to you change/remove a starter in a dodge caravan 2001

I have a 98 dakota, trying to remove old starter to replace with new one. All bolts and nuts removed freed a little bit but will not come off the bottom stud. Plain and smiple will just not break free to replace with new starter any ideas how to break the old one free to remove it? Seem as though it is the same starter thats been on the truck since it came off the line 12 years agao

My brothers in the service he left me this charger,it will not exceed 25miles per hour.I've taken this thing to the dealer they've looked at it for weeks,can't figure this issue out themselves.Show me what you got

van starts and drives util it warms up then it starves for power,engine light starts flashing van stalls on the hiway until it cools a bit then it starts again

My 1993 dodge ram 250 conversion van,was running great with a oil change, filter, new fuel pump and fuel filter, but today, it didn't seem like it was getting enough fuel, was losing power poping and it sounded different sometimes than it usually does. What might it be? Thanks

I have no wipers, signal lights, tail lights or brake lights. At first it was all that PLUS headlights, fog lights, high beams and dashboard lights. I changed the wiper switch amd headlight switch, checked all fuses and relays. Bulbs are fine. What else can I do?

it cuts out losses power.not that bad around town,get on the hwy. 50mp 0r higher, it can get bad.is this something i can do or i need to pay someone?and how do check this

we replaced 2 freeze plugs in the back of engine, is there a third one ? do you know where the others are?

What is the code & where can I look to fix it?

hello i have a dodge dakota pickup with no heat fan is ok engine temp reads ok but no heat. before this go to shop need to know whats wroung.

There is a temperature sensor under the battery on my 1996 Dodge deisel, it seems to be draining my battery. I replaced the battery & checked the alternator, battery still drained. I raised the battery so its not touching the sensor & the battery is staying charged. What could be the problem?

have no heat blower is working just no heat would it be the heater core if so how it come out

when i start my 2004 dodge intrepid it starts up but it makes a clanky noise, someone told me its a lister r lifter or whatever i dont even kno what that is... does anyone know what could be my car problem?

Ok so I put my van in the shop last Monday. I started not getting heat in Oct. I have dual heat/air. So, I get luke warm in drivers side but ice cold everywhere else. Defrost works somewhat. They said the vents weren't working so put new ones in. Still cold air. Flushed radiator still cold air checked relays and modules still cold air. The blowers and motors work fine but still cold air now they want to replace the core. But if I have defrost it wouldn't be the core correct. Please help don't want to replace everything.
Thank you

my 1990 dodge spirit will start fine time after time but will not run or idle, it stalls after starting. I have chaged the fuel filter , fuel pump and fuel pump filter[sock]

Regardless of the settings cold air blows from the left vent and on the floor on driver and passenger sides. Warm heat comes from passenger vent

i have a 2000 dodge 2500 5.9l gas heater plowes warm for 2 or 3 second on passinger side then turns cold , both hoses are hot thermistate is good ,what do i need to do? and what does the air condition pump going on and off got to do with the heater

I have a 1999 Dodge Durango and for the past month at least once a week my car will stall when i hit the gas after being at a stop. It doesn't do it all the time and when it does it usually takes about 5-8 turns before I can get it to restart and stay started once I go to hit the gas. Right now it's in the winter so I don't know if that could have something to do with it. It only does it on my way home from work too, so I don't know if I need to let it warm up longer? Any suggestions or ideas as to what can be wrong would be greatly appreciated.

truck will not while idleing only when truck is being driven the heater works

How would you know if you needed valve cover gaskets? It smells like something burning when i stop.

heater does not blow at all while idling but will start to blow when truck starts going down the road

I had to hit the fuel tank for the last month while turning the key. This was not consistant, just on ocasion. This is hard to do by yourself. Now it will not start at all, it does turn over.

Now ot will not start at all. It turns over but no start.

How do you flush the heater core in this Dodge 3500 Pass. Van