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car turns over but will not crank. I have replace the fuel regulator but still doing the same thing. If I spray fuel in the throttle body then I can get it running and will continue if I continue with the fuel. Not sure what to do to fix the problem

How do I change the window motor on the driver side

The above car has started to become hard to
and on...but then clears up and works right. So I'm
thinking the P.S. Fluid needs to be changed, and the system
flushed...or some other part suddenly steers
like a truck right now. The vehicle was bought used, and has not been in an accident that I know of...what would you
suggest I do ?? Thanks for your input ...Dave

I hear roarng sound when I get up to 15 mph and up. I was told that it was probably wheel bearings but I noticed that once I stopped it gradually died down like and airplane landing or something

headlights seem to re- aim themselves

this happens when truck is off or on.

How hose is clipped in at rear of hood?

been finding alot of water n driverside floor only dont know where its comming from

1999 dodge intrepid, starting had. back fires at times thur the air cleander. smell of gas at times

We replaced the transmission but it won't turn over. Suggested the wires are not properly hooked up. Need diagram to doublecheck.

totally rusted

flat rate hours to remove and replace 3.8 motor

Need a diagram of LDP and hose connections

Does my van have a cabin filter? Does it make a difference if it is a conversion van? If it had one, is it behind the glove box?

It clanks only when in 4 wheel drive

can some one please tell me where the pcv valve is located on a a 1997 dodge grand caravan 3.3L engine? also, does anyone know where i can download a diagram that shoes its location? thanks

need to replace transmission but want to know do i have to take motor out to get to transmission?

Noticed when rear wheels go over a bump there is a rattling sound. Had the car up on a lift but tires were touching and hit the area with my fist and there was a rattle...metal hiting metal. Springs are firm not broken. What is this?

When I am driving between 35 and 45 there is a buzzing/vibrating sound that seems to be coming from behind the driver's side dashboard or under hood.

Recently had the heater blower fan motor & resistor replaced. Now the air goes back and forth between hot air and cool air with no changing of the settings of fan, temp, and direction of air.

pitman arm,gearbox,idler arm need to be replaced after about 25k miles,when they were replaced in 2006 supposedly with new parts

I just replaced the front calipers and pads. The left side bled off very nice. The right side is just dripping slowly. How many times do I have to bleed each side, and do I need to bleed all four? The peddle goes to the floor and there is very little brake action. Help!!!!

were is the location of my ambient air sensor in my 2002 dodge ram 1500

new batteries when you turn the switch nothing

Turning on the heater it only blows air on low and high no where in between. This problem is all the time.

Truck is a 4X4 with low mileage.
New wheel cylinders, shoes and springs, etc. I noticed passenger side dragging and have to remove drum and maually loosen star adjuster once a week or so. Shoes in good shape. Noticed drum heat when first parked. Driver's side is fine. Solution?

My 4wd has worked all winter long. Never had a problem with it all of a sudden i go to put it in 4wd and i checked the vac lines underneath, good connection, dont understand... it shifts with no problem into 4 high and 4 low, but no light no 4wd.


speedomter doesn't work at all and everything seems to be hooked up

Replaced cat, O2 sensors and all valves. Very slight crossover pipe leak starting.
Terrible rattle (sound like jackhammer) which occurs once in a while after warmed up (usually when warmed up and idling - when giving it gas again - it disappears after a few seconds), gut it really is a load jackhammer sound. Dodge can't find anything loose.
71,000 miles on it.