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where are the engine mount mounting bolts on a car?

2000 dakota 4.7L. When first started after sitting sounds like no oil in top motor. Sounds like valves chattering. Only last for about a second. Then starts up fine as long as it doesn't sit for awhile. Also inside filler tube is milky oil (water). Check dipstick and oil is fine. Is only in filler tube. Clean filler tube and drive, milky oils starts building up again.

after driving car for about 30 minutes and stopping at a red light car dies but will restart. gives no diagnostic codes, have replaced distributor, mass air flow and plugs/wires and fuel pump has 46 PSI.

Injector #7 control circuit. How do you repair it.

My truck has 310K miles on it and just got a new alternator. Normally in an older vehicle, I'd think I should replace the regulator too but it seems this is incorporated into the ECM. My lights blink sometimes, usually just after startup and battery charge guage dips at the same time. Is my ECM on it's way out and if so, where's the best place to look for a new/rebuilt one?

wont start without either then runs fine replaced fuel filter fuel lift pump heater block batteries everytime i try to start cold or hot

every time i bolt it down it leaks like a streem
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OK I got into my truck to go to town and driving about 15 miles the check engine light came on and the truck stopped shifting into overdrive, also cruise control turns on but will not set and the door locks are locking at random times during transit, i tried hitting the oeverdrive button on and off a bunch of times, also when idleing if I idle it up to 1600 rpms and let off the engine will die, all the fluids are good, the road I was traveling on when all this began was very wet, could water have done something...please help

1997 Dodge Dakota pickup standard transmission has intermitent starting problem. Doesn't seem to make any difference if in nuetral, cluths pushed in, foot on brake or emergencyy brake on or any combination. Thanks

I am deployed and wife is having this problem. She looked at radiator and it was low and seems fine now. Was this an indicator for low fluid that I dont know about? Also, what should I be considering as far as repairs? Thanks.

does not idle high no matter how cold it is. starts up and idles at around 700. then after driving a little idle drops to 500 rpms. put in park idles fine. turn on defrost and idles fine. also when started after sitting, sounds like valves chattering or no oil in top of engine. only last about a second then sounds fine. after that starts up fine unless it sits for awhile.

How do you remove the spark plugs from the 2007 Caravan 4cyl.? I thought it was going to be pretty straightforward as you can see all four spark plug wires and boots, but when you remove the boot all you can see of the plug is about 1/4in of the end of the plug. It appears to be encased in the box that is holding all 4 plugs. I already bought the upgraded pregapped plugs, but now I can't get the old plugs out! Do you have to somehow remove the entire box and somehow remove the plugs from inside? I even bought the Hanes repair guide, but it just says to use a socket to get it out, but there is nothing to use the socket on... Can someone please help??? Thanks!

can I drop the oil pan in the truck to do the rods & main bearings & oil pump with out removing the motor? is there a way to do that?

transmission leaks around seal was told that this is the reason it shifts slowly. just wanted to know if that could be true before i invest in another transmission

a couple of days ago the transmission in my vehicle began to leak horribly. when i pour the transmission fluid in one end it pours out the other end. what could be the cause and is it expensive to repair

I got a 98 dodge 2500 will not start unless I push on the gas a little bit and then it runs shut it off and will not start y do I got to give it gas

low decible noise when reaching 20mph to 30mph sounds like snow tires are on vehicle. So I replaced all four tires. Needed them anyway. Still noisey ride not smooth.

v10 engine want to know cubic in

my dodge durango check engine light is on and engine somtimes stalls or sputters i have 163000 miles and i know the pcv valve needs changed because im having oil in my air filter

up to 4 weeks a go heater switch work on all four level now just work high

turn single work some time put in new switch & computer


ok im changing my starter and i need more room to take it out every other site says something about the motor mount and jacking the engine up can someone tell me where is the motor mounts and the easiest way to jack the engine up

When I droving down the road the engine cuts out. It starts back up. I was told to change the fuel and air filter and I did. It's still doing it but not each day. What next?

Driving on a flat Florida road, 55 mph with cruise set,small bump sound & transmission quits working,stranded!
What happened?

My left front tire makes a clicking noise while driving, could it be the wheel bearings or cv joint boot?

trying to find power window track guides I don't need new regulators The guides are made of plastic and broke

I just had an oil change and my brakes checked, they mentioned something about not being able to check my rear brakes due to rust afraid of breaking something. Now my right wheel feels like I have the emergency brake and it will not turn. Before I take it back in to be repaired I would like to have some idea what the problem is. Any help oy there

transmission will not shift into high gear. Diagnostic plug in fuse box is not reading.

if both my driver side windows work but neither of the passenger windows do,what could be the problem?i changed the window relay in the fuse box but that did not fix the problem?