My drivers side low beam is not working changed the bulb still no low beam. The plate lights are both out, wont come on, and my four way emergency lights now wont work, what is the problem?

brakes and rotor have been checked. trans. filter has been changed. when jacked up both wheels(backwheels) roll freely in either direction. it goes in reverse because i feel it struggling. wont roll backward in neutral. weird!

How can I get a repair manual for the transmission for this vehicle?

Will not shift into neutral. Shift level works fine, but car will still drive forward when in neutral. In reverse, engine appears to be under load, that is it appears to be in gear with the brake applied; it will not move. The same appears to be true in park, the car appears to be gear with the brake applied.

I am trying to find a drive shaft for my dodge truck can I have it fixed or can you find me a new or rebuilt one?

I think I got some bad fuel, and then the next day it was extremly cold and driving down the road it just shut off.
I have replaced the fuel filter, added good fuel with additive,and checked the pump, but it still seems to be geting no fuel and has no compression.

had tune up & automatic transmission service 2 months ago on my 2001 stratus R/Tcoupe,driving fine, going uphill yesturday rpms went up &car stopped moving, acts like not in or going into any gear, cant feel anything when i shift into drive or reverse.could it be anything other than my transission suddenly going out?


need a diagram on installing the timing chain

inside cabin will not warm up, hear vents opening, blower blowing, motor running, just enough warmth to clear snow/ice from window after 15-20 minutes of running

My brake lights on left and right do not work, however my center light on back door works. We have checked all fuses and relays and all are fine. Can anyone tell me what the problem might be? I am guessing wiring issue but not sure.

Need diagram for troubleshooting speedometer that is not working and for installing speedometer cable.

While driving the car starts and runs ok,but lately it stalls out if I am sliding on ice

Need diagram for troubleshooting speedometer that is not working and for installing speedometer cable.

I just changed the rear brakes on my 2007 caliber and now the Electronic Throttle Control light is on. What 's this about? thanks

I have been able to reach up to where the cable comes to the latch but i am unble to see how to unlatch the primary latch.

How can I stop the warning bell and light from continuously coming on while driving.
Is there a fuse I can remove or other obvious fix

garage told me the drivers side wheel hub assembly was worn and needs to be replaced. need an estimate but nothing shows up under this type of repair.

heater will not go to defrost and stays cold on passenger side and rear vents blow cold air as well

engine coding for egr flow sensor, where is it located

My 98 Dodge Caravan has a really bad chirp--we've replaced the belt, and it seems to stop for a couple days then starts up again! It is always quiet when the engine is cold, then starts chirping after the engine warms up, Any suggestions?

the problem occurred a week ago where the temperature gage kept running to the hot level. I noticed a leak from underneath in the area of where the water pump is after filling the tank with anti freeze

Recently i've been hearing a great deal of squeaking noise coming from the front passenger side wheel area of my truck. I pressed down on all four corners of the truck and it only squeaks on the front passenger side. It occurs whenever i hit a bump, and when i turn, or if i'm standing beside it and rock that side of the truck. Any suggestions to what it could be?

I have a engine wiring problem with my 1994 Dodge Ram 1500; When I drive in forward gear the engine shakes and runs very rough...plus it back fires when I step on the gas pedal - No power at all!!

But, when I drive it in reverse gear, the engine runs smooth and fine...No back fire or running rough!!!

My truck has been parked for about a month now, because of this problem, I had a complete tuned-up in the fall of 2010, everything was fine up to this point. My buddy and I checked the spark plugs wires to see if they were not loose and also made sure the distributor cap was secure...and we checked the spark plugs to see if they were gapped right.

Everything checked out okay!

When my friend and I were just about to give up, we tried one more thing - my friend put the truck in forward gear and held the brake while giving it some gas; Under the hood there's a bunch of wires in a black curly tube on the body of the truck above the engine...I started shaking that tube of wires and the engine smoothe it self out and wasn't running rough anymore.

So, I drove it around for about 20 minutes everything was fine, I guess once the engine got hot...the problem started up again - running rough, back firing, No power when I stepped on the gas. This only happen's in forward gear, it doesn't happen in reverse gear!!

We think it's a bad wire some where,that's broken, rusty or hitting against the engine, but where do I look...what wire would cause this type of problem?

Need Help Bad!

Thank You,
Terry Clark

Thursday, 02/10/11, car door auto latch started making bad noise in driver's door. Friday, 02/11/11, in afternoon it sounded worse. That same night, at 7:30, drove to store, locked car - sound even worse. And when drove home and tried getting out - door would not open. Latch would not pull up. I had to use remote to unlock my door. What went wrong SO fast?

For the past three days, I have been going to brake and I've been getting a pump back (as if my ABS were kicking on for a second) but there hasn't been any snow/ice that I've been driving on, so there isn't a reason for it to do so. I finally sucked it up and went to a repair shop who was supposed to check it for free, but I ended up getting charged $100. They basically told me that they ran the codes for the ABS and brakes, they physically removed my tires and checked the brake pads, etc. and couldn't find anything. No codes came up for anything whatsoever. So with that said, they told me that they couldn't do anything about it because nothing was coming up. So I got a lovely charge since the guy said he used a "ten thousand dollar diagnostic tool" on my car and I of course, nervous mode, paid him the money. And of course on my drive back, every time I stopped, the brakes did the SAME exact thing. I'm not sure what is going on and even though I am not a mechanic, I know when something is wrong with my car. If "nothing" was wrong with it, why is it doing this?? I don't want to waste another 100 dollars for someone to tell me the same thing and I even called a few places who either A)wants to check it out but for a fee or B)can't do anything about it. If I could get any advice on where to take this or what to do that would be great! I'm just angry and irritated.

The heater blower does not work at any speed for either the heater or air conditioner.

Caravan starts and idles fine but engine dies when you put it in gear.

its been running thru several qrts a day since I bought it, yesturday it started smoking, making a loud banging sound and when i checked the oil of course it had none, how do I stop the oil from leaking

Want to replace the shock absorbers with BILSTEINS can you tell me which ones to use?