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Can u tell me the symptoms of a bad pcm

My dodge diesel started turning over to many times befoe cranking. It seems to be a little worse when engine is warm. What could be the cause. The batteries are brand new.

When the truck sits long enough to let the engine to cool down the engine is hard to get started.

The trans will not shift from 1st to 2nd unless your at 2000rpm and let up on the pedal..then it shifts great..

I changed the switch, fan motoer and resistor. Now it blows on low and you can hear the fan increasing speed but the air flow out the vents does not increase. Where is the air door located and how does it operate? (vacum, cable or elec?)

Car starts and runs fine at first but can only get up to about 40 mph. After a few miles speed will increase to your need.

I get code# PO173, I put injector Cleaner in , but nothing? Could this be "something" else than injectors? ( they cost $288,00 "EACH") I hope someone will help?

Im working on a 1997 dodge ram 2500 3.9L. The engine shuts off while driving or at idle like someone turned off the key switch. It will restart right away. I have replaced the following: Timing chain,water pump,cam sensor,crank sensor, plugs,wires,cap,rotor button,pcv valve,fuel pump assembly

Why is the labor almost $100 more on a 2500 VS a 3500. They are both the same (disk brake w/floating hub).

mileage has gone down, I have 46000 miles and have done everything I can think of to make it better except the PCV.

the van starts right up but when taking around the corner ever turn that i have to stop it shuts off throw it in N and start back up already change TPS sensor,, air temp sensor,, fuel pump,, and filter,but still have problem what can i try next ? no codes no check lights

The following have been replaced: thermostat, clutch fan, radiator cap, water pump (wasn't running hot until clutch fan was replaced and radiator flush was done) We were told the clutch fan was out but had never run hot until after replacement. Van has newly rebuilt transmission and we believe we have the air pockets out. We have reason to believe it is not the head gasket. Please help with other ideas.

tranmission will change gears i know it not slipping could this be the computer malfunctioning or shift soleniods

i was driving down the road the check engine light came on it lost speed and it cut off, when i check the oil it want no oil in it, what can it be?

i replaced the water pump and my car is still overheating. the symptons are as follows: checked the oil, there seems be no coolant mixed in, heater blows cold air, bled the system to remove air but air continues to reapear and car overheats at iddle.

where is it located

Engine has had a tick for about a year. Last month it overheated and was low on antifreeze. I put 2 gal. in in 2 weeks. I've had it to 4 or 5 mechanics and no one could find the leek told me to put in bars leek..No more loosing antifreeze,then I got a tune up and now the tick seems louder. Two mechanics says lifters, one says lifters or possible loose timing chain and to just drive my truck and a (GM) dealership says engine bearings and rod. But I don't think its a rod knock because it doesn't make the noise until the engine warms up. What do I do ?

I recently filled my trany up with water.I drained the trans. & transfer-case but, I didn't pay attintion to what type of lubricant came out of my transfer-case.

there is a 1/2 inch vacuum hose at the rear of the intake manifold next to the brake vacuum connection and it runs the 4-wheel drive motor on the front axle. Where does the other end of the hose hook to?

install bracket

My wife notieced that white smoke started comming out of the tail pipe and the check engin light is now on. Engin sounds fine and oil level is ok.

When the switchpasses thru AC, it blows the fuse, thus vehicle will not start, and no cold air also before fuse blows.

what would i have to do on my 2003 dodge ram 1500 3.7l to convert it over to a 4.7l

I have 2 Dodge 2500 Diesel trucks (1998 and 1999) with the same issues. The speedo is intermittently working as well as failure of the fuel gauge. Is this common? Is it the wiring on the back of the cluster? Thanks!

We've had to replace a few hoses and last night on my way home from work it died at the red light then it started losing power after that . We got it home and it seemed that it was just a busted hose. But it wasn't then my boyfriend went outside without the keys in the car he walked by and it started by itself. What could this be

Last week I had brake pads, callipers and rotor replaced on my 2000 Grand Caravan. After this work my ABS and Trac Off lights stays all the time. They were working fine before the brake job & tire rotation. The Auto Shop says your alternator may not charging the battery. I am taking the van in today but want to be cautious off the shop pulling rug over my eyes.

My car is all of a sudden creaking and groaning underneath really bad and when I turn the steering wheel Ithink too. I have 178,000 miles on it and I am on unemployment and it is all I have and not much money left I just replaced fuel pump inside gas tank and the tensioner pulley serpentine belt.... Please tell me it is something simple

I bought my car (98,000) miles. A week after I drove it about 40 miles and temperature gauge went all the way to hot. I pulled over immediately and let it cool back down for a couple of minutes. I continued driving (300 mile trip) and got it home. No more overheating problems from there, coolant was full. Return trip I was about 50 miles out and it heated up again. Jiffy lube told me it had only 30% coolant 70% water, so I got undiluted coolant and drove it the rest of the way home. It didn't overheat again. One auto shop told me to flush the coolant because of debris. Anyone have any ideas?

Brought a used Dodge Nitro six days ago and this morning noticed that the front part of the rails of separated from the roof top. Has this happened to anyone else? If it has what did you have to do to repair it?

I was wondering if anyone can tell me what this code means and how to fix the problem?