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How do I open hood? Interior hood pull knob does not seem to pull anything loose. Also, cannot find latch behind griil to open. Hood is stuck shut very solidly.
the passenger side window will not go up or down. i think it came of track but im not sure how it goes back together is there a certain way it goes back together
how do I replace a burned out fog light bulb?
engine surges at lower speeds, also cuts out a little like it's going to stop
My instrument panel has gone dead. The back lights work and I can see what is on the panel at night, but the gas guage, the speedometer, the odometer, the temperature guage, turn signals, and horn don't work. I've c...
engine surges,at low speeds and at idle
small leak at bottom of radiator can it be repaired
the power outlet does not work can't find the fuses for it
here we go again been told if my van has a bad crank sensor it would not run at will start and idle for a few minutes the dies anybody out there got any ideas?
Trans won't shift. Goes into limp mode. Repalced soleniod pack. Good for a while, now back to limp mode. Help? Also check engine light is on.
r window will not go up or down. how do i change out the window motor>
ac blows cold air on driver side/ hot on pass. side. this truck has a single climate control, floor/defrost and front vents all do this. is there an acuator motor between right and left side on a single climate con...
What would cause the radiator fan and AC compressor to only come on when the brake pedal is pushed in?
What would cause the radiator fan and AC compressor to only come on when the brake pedal is pushed in?
when I'm driving my Durango and start reducing like from 40 to 30, at 30 the grinding sounds start; if I brake or accelerate the sound disapears.
Can an non-mechanic with a good tool set replace the fuel filter himself on the 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan with the 3.3L V6? Does gas have to be drained from the fuel line? Should the fuel tank be near empty first?
i went to put the refridgration stuff in and its not taking it like there is something clogging it because my air is still running hot
my car will not start. It seem like it want to start. This is the first time this has happern.
When the blower will not work I tap on the housing and it will come on. Is this the blower motor? I have taken to housing off and put it back and it worked for a while. Do you think I need to change the motor or the r...
a/c pipes are cold when turned on but it wont blow out cold air
I would like to know, in order and detailed, exactly where to start. And how to finish of course. Thank you.
Could the problem be a bad grommet on the vacuum line? If so, can I just replace it or will I have to replace the whole boosTer?
Had ac unit tested last week for leak, hole in aluminum line that runs from front ac to rear ac. would like to plug off rear ac and use only front ac. No mechanical defects with ac, aluminum line cost more than i wan...
My passenger window won't go down using either of the 2 switches. The van also locks automatically, but does not unlock automatically when it is turned off. Any ideas?
Need to replace my summer tires (215-85R16 E). A friend has given me a set of brand new 225-75R16 E. Will they fit my existing rims?
Is it easier to remove the headlamp to replace the lamp? If so is it only the adjustment screws holding it in place?
had to stand on my brakes with both feet pedal would not depress
so far no luck in getting our van back on the road have replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter also the tps sensor.van will run for 5 minutes and shut off if you try to even touch the gas pedal it dies.seems like it i...