when driving, the automatic door locks go up and down and the inside lights turn on and off over and over again.

How much for labor to replace the drivers side headlight assembly?

I was deiving along and stopped at a light and the van died and wouldn't restart. I changed the fuel filter and drove it around the block and parked it and haven been able to get the van to start or even trun over. I was told that it is the fuel pump, it is located in the fuel tank and before I go to the trouble and expense of removing the tank I would like to knoe if this is the problem. I do knoe that i have an electrical problem because if I park it for more than two days I have to charge the battery, could it be electrical?

How much to replace the whole drivers side headlight assembly?

i beliive its the ignition fuse or fuel fuse but it blows and car wont start offten the radio fuse blows at the same time as soon as they are replaced it starts but then a day or two it happens again

trying to find information about the 4x4 indicator light that is in the dashboard, if this in the year the truck was made is the light suppose to come on if the truck is put into 4 wheel drive. Been told that this year the light is an option

I just got gas 2 days ago and now I smell gas in the van especially when I have the heater on. I also seem to be going through gas really fast. I didn't have a problem before this. Just bad gas milage.

I replaced the pump with rebuilt pump replaced the rack and pinion with a rebuilt rack. Replaced the high pressure line. The vechile has 96,000 miles. It has warmed up weather wise and the whining noise has got better.

Have a 93 grand caravan LE . when van is cold u can put the van in L and move easily back to D and it shifts through all gears bot once it reaches operating tempature when started will not shift out of 2 . The shifter first has to be dropped right to L then move easily to D then it shifts but like I said will when hot NOT shift outa 2nd. any help would be greatfully recieved ty

transmision doesn't shift out properly, reaches 50 plus mph, then shifts, or does'nt at all, have to stop, and resume acceleration slowly, then shifts out o.k. was told it could be the govenor presure cylinoid???

while driving my 02 dodge 1500 pu the door locks started going up and down and light came on saying open door and dinging what could be wrong? thank you for any help.-Michelle

Horn slowly died. Where is it and how do you get at it?Thanks

where the hell is the air filter located on the van and how do I get at it?


I have a recently acquired 1997 Dodge Dakota Sport, 3.9L V6, 5-speed AX15 manual transmission, with 160,000 miles on the odometer; not sure how many miles on the transmission.

Here is a summary of the symptoms that it is manifesting:

The majority of the time it is hard to shift into 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears, although occasionally shifting into all 3 gears is perfectly smooth (what I would consider normal). I would estimate that it shifts normally around 10% of the time.

When it does shift normally, ALL 3 gears engage normally (after shifting into 3rd normally).

When it does not shift normally, ALL 3 gears are hard to engage, but each has a different relative level of difficulty, with 1st being extremely hard to engage, 2nd moderately hard and 3rd the easiest (but still not normal)

Once 1st gear has been successfully engaged 2nd and 3rd engage normally when up shifting.

At a dead stop, all 3 gears are hard to engage as described above.

Since 1st is basically impossible to engage the majority of the time when I try to shift directly from neutral or any other gear, here is my workaround when coming to a stop (with each gear engaging with the level of difficulty summarized above):

1. Shift into 3rd
2. Shift into 2nd
3. Shift into 1st

On the rare occasions when it slips smoothly into 3rd it also slides like butter into 2nd and/or 1st.

Double clutching does not appear to have any effect.

Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be given these symptoms?



I have replaced the fuel filter and the car continues to die after a short run at a red light or stop sign. Is there an idle sensor that maybe the problem? If so where is the sensor located? Or is the fuel pump going bad?

AC is not blowing cold air, is this a common problem for this vehicle?

replace wheel stud

Van drives 20 or so feet then wont drive forward until I let it sit for an hour or two then will drive forward again for about 20 feet an so on an so on

DRives for a few feet then wont drive forward anymore until I let it sit for a couple of hours them it will drive again for about 20 25 feet then have to wait again.confused

MY van is strange I was driving an I thought transmission went out got it towed home an changed transmission fluid an filter an started driving again an then it stopped drivimg again.can drive it for 20 feet an then it will stop going foward but it will drive in reverse can wait a hour or so an it will drivew forward again for another 20 or so feet then it will stop driving again. Cunfused.

where are the freeze plugs on the front of the engine. I think one is leaking behind the idler pully assy.

I recently replaced the front disc brake calipers and pads because one of the pistons got stuck. However, I have bled the system about 5 or six times and cannot get any pressure. The ABS motor has also started running all the time. Thought it might be the master cylinder?

the tack,odometer and gear selector indicater only work occ.

I have a '88 Dodge Dakota 6cyl pickup with 65,000 miles. It's started surging when idling and has a dead spot in the accelerator where it wants almost bog out and die but won't quite. Seems to run fine down the highway, but a bit rougher in town. Any ideas?

My drivers side low beam is not working changed the bulb still no low beam. The plate lights are both out, wont come on, and my four way emergency lights now wont work, what is the problem?

brakes and rotor have been checked. trans. filter has been changed. when jacked up both wheels(backwheels) roll freely in either direction. it goes in reverse because i feel it struggling. wont roll backward in neutral. weird!

How can I get a repair manual for the transmission for this vehicle?

Will not shift into neutral. Shift level works fine, but car will still drive forward when in neutral. In reverse, engine appears to be under load, that is it appears to be in gear with the brake applied; it will not move. The same appears to be true in park, the car appears to be gear with the brake applied.

I am trying to find a drive shaft for my dodge truck can I have it fixed or can you find me a new or rebuilt one?

I think I got some bad fuel, and then the next day it was extremly cold and driving down the road it just shut off.
I have replaced the fuel filter, added good fuel with additive,and checked the pump, but it still seems to be geting no fuel and has no compression.