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What tools will I need to remove and replace the a/c compressor on a 2001 dodge neon?

codes p0441 and po133 had charcol cansiter solenoid replaced
still gives code po441 and now the new code po133.idles at stop then dies seem sometime like sometimes not getting enough fuel and other like get to much.bad gas fumes.i cant find anyone that trace this problem had smoke test ran on it the first time the guy said the canister so fixed that then it ran worst than before took it back ran smoke test agin and oem new code po133 and po441 and he said something wrong in gas tank. i am at the end of rope please help

we tried to use the overide button and that did not solve the issue- the override button is working. we looked under the vehicle and the shifter arm is trying to work and there is no diagnostic code -- this is the first time that this has every happen -- the fuses have all been checked--

im trying to do a tuneup on my van but im haveing trouble takeing the inside engine cover off to get to the plugs and wires.

The breaks just go to the floor, i tried bleeding them and it will not build any pressure.

Just bought this truck in Nov..has 44,000 miles currently. When I shift from 2nd to 3rd (automatic) it hesitates. When I put some gas on it going up a hill almost stopped and made a sueeling noise. Is it the transmission? Really pissed!

hello, well very simple i took my truck to a dealer, because my abs and brake came on, but also my speedo kept jumping between 10mph and 28mph, but also my odometer reading kept adding miles while just stop or idleing, so anyways no mechanic knew what was wrong, everyone said my cluster was broken, but dealer diagnose speed sensonr in rear wheel, but unfortunaly they are charging me $400.00, because besides installing new part,they said, they are also checking my differential, and now they said, that my gears are a little damage, i ask how much? he said a cuple of thousands, is this possible,my truck only has 80,000 mles and no weird noises coming from the back or is it just a scam? to rip me off, dont know what to do. i also feel that they are overcharging me for what is being repair? i wonder if i can change my mine and tell them not to fixed and just charge me for diagnose since is only 130, and buy the part that they use. need some help please!

i have check engine light ,and code is p1491 what its cost,and what parts i need

All 4 struts/shocks need replacement. I have the Intrepid ES which has a terrific ride. Does anyone know what front shock absorbers it came with? Monroe makes a Quick-Strut that includes the shock. It is the one that pops up at the auto parts websites. Is it any good?

i can be driving and truck just cuts off,low idle also,and pull over and it fires back up.and sometimes check engine light comes on .no codes.if it gets up to 3000 rpm ,it cuts off,,help?

Always had regular maintenance done and any repairs needed, and with only 150,XXX miles on it and today after driving it for about 20min under normal conditions it caught fire in the engine compartment. After the fire was extinguished and it was inspected the cause was determined to be the fuel rail had melted and caught fire.

I just purchased my quad cab 4x2 truck with only 52K miles. bought a 3200lbs camper and was disapointed in that it ran near the red line for tempreture and also seemed to realy struggle pulling this camper. From research, it seems that it should be capable of pulling up to 7K Lbs.

One - why is it getting hot and two - why does it struggle to pull less than it;s rated for?

can't get the spark plugs out because of the metal sleeves over the spark plugs

I have a 1992 Dodge Dynasty and have had it since Dec 09. It's been running amazingly well for me until recently when I had to stop driving it on account of my muffler falling off. Easy fix there but now it's not starting for me. I go to turn it over and it clicks. That sounds like a starter issue but my Corvette just did the same thing and I replaced the starter and it works fine. The thing that gets me is that when the Dynasty clicks is that it acts like the battery is dead. The lights all come on and are bright as a new battery should make them until after it clicks. In which if I give it a little time, the lights all come back on again like nothing ever happened. For some reason, the MODEL Dynasty was not an option on here but it is the correct model, so just ignore the CARAVAN that is selected. Same engine type though.


where are the catalytic converters located? and are there 1 or 2? and the easiest way to get them off and scrap them my motor just blew up and we are parting it out

my car started making a noise it sounded like bearings were about to go out. the next day i was driving down the road and all of a sudden the power steering went out. does the same belt control the power steering and the air conditioner?

there is a leak in the throttle body or vacuum car shakes sometimes when check engine light came on a month there any honest repair shops that will check my car for free?

tell me how to replace serpentine belt?

where is the location of shift solenoid b Code P0755.

why does my 2003 dodge ram 1500 2wd front sagg its atleast 4 in lower than the rear.. the frame rubber bottom out stops are 1 in from the control springs or can i just block em up? i looked for some spacers and they only go 2 in up

what r some of the reasons why the cruise control does not work? the light comes on but it just don't work???

car has a bucking sensation at 45-50 mph. Most noticable when you lay off the gas pedal. Odd sensation.

I am told (someone selling extended warranty)that the transmission will fail before the vehicle reaches 75,000 miles. What is the expected life of that transmission??

Bought my truck from a State auction. AC wasn't working. Took it to a repair shop this time last year. They replaced the compressor, accumlator/drier. Worked great for six months. Trouble started last Sept. It would blow cold for a while then fall off till it was warm them after a while start cooling off again and get real cold then start back towards warm. Took it back three times and the last time they said my condenser was partially clogged so they installed a new one. No change but tired of spening money I waited till spring this year and took it back. They kept it for two full days and called me on the third to say they found some trash in a line and had it fixed. No charge. Picked it up and headed back to work but it didn't last five miles before same trouble started.

How do you replace the oil pump?

where is fule filter for this cargo van

The dealer just turned my rotor or whatever you call it. My car only has 14thousand miles. They told me Chrysler is having issues with these. Why don't they recall. And will this be covered after warrenty runs out. I have owned a few cars and never had a rotor problem, much less on car just a year old

can a person hear the gears going out of asteering box? Or is it by feel of steering

i know the code is generator field control circuit but how do we fix it and what parts do i need. does this have anything to do with all of the dash and headlights always flickering. please help