no power to fuel pump

no power to fuel pump harness fuses good relay has power

When the car is running between 1000-1500 RPM's the heater blows cool air. Between 1500-2000 RPM's it can either be warm or normal and above 2000 RPM's the heater runs normal. Does any one know what that is and how to fix it?

leaky exhaust all the time

oil pressure drops at idle

speedometer works but odometer and tripometer dont

Problemns locating where the crankshaft sensir is located on that 2.5 engine Picture if possible

We were told our power steering pressure line and rack and pinion pressure hose are both leaking and we are being quoted 1000.00. We have never seen anything leak under our car. I understand their could still be a slow leak.... is this pricing accurate?

Rigid line leading from dryer forward freezes to connection point on sidewall where line is hot. I suspect plugged line (orifice filter?) but unsure of how to disgnose this correctly. I am on a very restricted budget and must perform the work myself. Being female, I fear this job is over my head. Any suggestions? By the by, I have some mechanic experience, but on a jet. . . Working on cars scares the crap out of me!

My car is making a louknoise when I turn. Its almost like a loud squeeking noise. I just had the strut on the passenger side replaced but it is still making the same noise and it sounds worse than it did before.

I need to find and loosen motor/trans mounts to line up drive train. I've had to replace 3 axles within a year and I believe it is because the drive train is out of line.

the oil pressure guage started fluxulating from 0 to 40-50 then the motor stalled out got hot pulled oil dipstick out no water in the oil but dipstick wont go back in the tube & truck wont start

The turbo is out on my truck. Will a turbo from a '99 Dodge Ram 3500 fit on my '05 Dodge Ram 3500?

line up of spark plugs

when driving at 35 and 45 mph. and you come to a hill theres a strong vibration and the rpm. drops to around 1500 and lower this just started why?

no fire...push plug on computer...starts. Runs great then stales and wont crank. Mechanic cleaned connections (plugs) but still leaving me standed. He says I need another computer? Anyone else had this problem? and is it the computer or the plugs to the computer?

i have an antifreeze leak

fuel gauge eratic,from full to empty.

speedometer works well, but odometer and trip mile wont work

temp. gauge will go to hot in a matter of minutes, but engine is not hot.also is running a bit rich. after engine is warm i have a hard time getting it started if i turn it off.was told temp. control unit was the problem. I changed it out but still having same problem.

When starting its fine then it starts to sputter on excilarating then wants to die at a stop. smell strong emmisions. I drive with my feet on both peddles at all timesand try to use freeway so it runs its best at high speed

All I need is the location of the valve

i have changed the fuel pump, starter relay, oil sensor,and the coil pack. i have a crank sensor but have not put it in yet.

I just got a 2003 dodge stratus and I keep getting a p0106 engine code it won't turn over I know its supposed to be a MAP Sensor so what should i do try to do it myself or take it to a mechanic

how do i adjust mband on trand and what are specs.

back brakes lock up after the car comes to a stop.

when i frist start the van it runs fine after about 3/4 miles it wont take gas and backfires when i try to give it gas and the longer it runs the worst it get until it just stops let it set for awhile and its fine for a little bit and then goes back to the same thing could it be the cat. is bad ?

recently purchased a 1997 Dodge Avenger (used)...I just noticed that apparently the airbag has deploded and the housing capartment had ben glued back with some substance, and is now starting to become unglued!..I don't know if there is still a bag in there or not and dont want to snatch it off to check, because I may not be able to get it back on....Will this problem cause my car to fail a Safety Emissions Test? (for safety)...And what can be done to correct this?

when passing through 35 to 40 mph , my truck makes a growling noise. it almost sounds like the abs engaging. it doesn't matter if i am on the gas or coasting but it happens nearly every time i am in that speed range. any ideas ? also when this happens, all my lights dim.

The low beams headlignts are not working, only the parking and high beam headlights work. Does this car have a dimmer switch, if so where is it located?