When I take the oil filler cap off,there is water condensation there.The crankcase ventalation hose is full of water,at an idle-when accelerator is taped you can smell steam wth a cloud that disapates quickly...what is the problem please.2003 dodge 2500 4X4 gas

No problems exist. Just want to keep regular maintenance up on this vehicle

I just got my dodge grand caravan back and seems like it is doing the same thing. When dropped off the problem was "the guages would work, then they wouldn't, the information center would show service engine soon, alarm set, ABS, at times when this would occur the caravan would not stay running. It would crank but run for maybe 10 secs then shut off." Took it to the repair shop and they checked it, troubled shooted and figured it was the circuit board. They fixed the circuit board, today, while taking my child to school, the gauges quit working and begun to flicker in pairs. Does anyone know what to do?

Engine idle speed increases significantly after it is warmed up. How can this be corrected?

no comp in no 1 cyl is my gf car 1108 miles away going to fix in 2 weeks should i bring a engine or repair kit

windows fog up immediately when driving vehicle.

Thermostat on Dashboard shows normal temp, cold air blowing out of vents. Happening intermittently.

I had a Jiffy Lube shop change the transmission fluid on my Dodge truck. Do I need to worry that they did the work correctly?


slight vibration in steering wheel when accelerting. vibration stops when gas is let off (brakes and tires new and balanced). also occasional clunking noise from front end

If we have heavy rain the truck will turn over but not fire. After the rain stops and truck dries the truck will crank like nothing has happened.

what could be causing this, do i need to contact deeler or can i fix this thanks

changed injection pump, turbo, map sensor, run valves, check timing. still has no power and no smoke and no Codes are given

I can't fill my tank any more because the pump shut off automatically if gas flow is more than a small tinkle.

While driving vehicle suddenly shut down, radio, a/c etc.. continue to function as normal, unable to restart, engine will not turn over radio, a/c continue to function as normal.

i have a 2003 dodge 3500 van 5.9 won't start. codes po 340, po 645 and po 523 come up. I just gave it a mini tune up plugs and it ran for a day. now i changed cam postioning sensor still no avail. I just prayed starter fluid to see if it was fuel pump still not even close to starting. I'm lost please help.

Lately I've been having problems with a check engine light code P0456 (EVAP emissions leak very small) So after taking my car to this shop numerous times, I decided to take my car to the dealership to have them look at it. The service advisor told me that the EVAP hoses to the EVAP cannister were bad and was causing the leak.The person told me that the EVAP system (The canister, hoses, and the valve) are connected to the gas tank and all have to be replaced. I got an estimate of almost $1700 dollars! I was in shocked! Is there a cheaper way of getting my car repaired? Or is there a way to just get the hoses fixed? (That's the main problem) Or do I have to suck it up and pay. I've always heard taking your car to the dealer for repair is expensive and I have to question this. have to look at some options here instead of taking the dealerships word for it.

oil leaks from bottom of small cover on the right side of front axle. Occurs everytime after truck has been driven a few miles and leaves a stain of oil about 3-4" in diameter. How do I stop this leak?

i have a leak not sure were it is cominf from i think it may be the freezer plug how likely is that and how will i know

Turn signal does not flash

I left my interior light on all weekend long. just got home from camping now i have a dead battery? where is the battery so i can recharge it on a battery charger

when going down the road and with the radio on,it will short out and go blank then come back on and my odometer will flicker and say no fuse.And also my driver side heated seat doesn't work.This is becoming very frustrating!The heated seat went first and now this with the radio.My son said the fuses are fine but he thinks the wires are lose on the fuse box

Hello, I am starting to get a clicking sound when idle. It looks like it comes from a belt. Please help.

The one head is cracked. How much should it cost to replace the head and the mechanic work.

When i go to start my truck itgets to thepoint of starter disengage and it does not start. When i try to start again it won't do any thing,go to start and all the dash [info] lights go out and no start engage. I tried to jump start it but still nothing. I waited about 30 min.and tried it again and starter would engage but not run. I waited over night and it started with out battery booster. Can you give me any information on this problem It has hapened 3 times.

I will com to a stop or slow down it will just shut of

I just had work done on my truck to repair low/no oil pressure. It cost 2000.00. The next day the oil pressure needle fell again down to low/no oil pressure. What could possibly be the problem now?

How to you change/remove a starter in a dodge caravan 2001

I have a 98 dakota, trying to remove old starter to replace with new one. All bolts and nuts removed freed a little bit but will not come off the bottom stud. Plain and smiple will just not break free to replace with new starter any ideas how to break the old one free to remove it? Seem as though it is the same starter thats been on the truck since it came off the line 12 years agao

My brothers in the service he left me this charger,it will not exceed 25miles per hour.I've taken this thing to the dealer they've looked at it for weeks,can't figure this issue out themselves.Show me what you got