its a 2001 dodge neon cranks wont start recent repairs are new timing belt new rear main seal head gasket, coil, crank and cam sensors,all valve cover seals,have fuel going to injector rail,no fuel out of injectors and has no spark, have no dtcs all modules showing ok odd thing found is that the vin #doesnt appear on scanner when looking up vehical info.

I need to know does the 98 Dodge Grand Caravan have a coolant senser. Where it is loacated. Or does it only have a relay?

Key turns in lock but will not unlock the door

I have a 96 dodge dynasty. On one trip the car slowed to 20 to 25 miles per hour. Had it towed to a repair shop. They changed a part or reset something (the repair took no more than a half hour) and the car ran fine and has continued without further incident. Last week my car was towed it now will not go faster than 20 to 25 (first gear or out of second) and the speedometer does not work. Is it the same condition as before? Does something need to be replaced or reset that I can do myself, or is the transmission failing? Transmission has one hundred thousand miles on it. Engine is V6. Thanks

I started my van it was 5 below zero out it ran for 2min and shut off I completly lost power to everything. I changed the battery out and when I connected the cables the horn honked. Now it does nothing and I was told about the security needing reset but I don't know how. Please help. Thanks justin

have no idea what could be causing this but i put in a brand new battery a couple months ago and the other day it wouldn't start without a jump got home charged it all day then took it off that night with full power then first thing the next morning went to check it and the dome light wouldn't even glow anyone have any ideas please i'm at a loss

get 95 neon out of limp mode

My Check Engine light is on. I turned the ignition switch to start, but didn't crank the engine, the light stayed steady, which, by my manual, means that the car would be good for inspection. I had my oil changed on 6 Jan 11, so think if they hadn't reset it, the light would have come on before then, but am not sure. Is there anything I can do or do I need to bring it in to be serviced?

So about a week ago i was pulling out of my drive way and my rear brakes werent working i couldnt stop at all so i had to use the ebrake. At first it was just the rear brakes and than the front brakes stopped working too. I dont know what is happening with them. My husband fixed them and they started working fine again but than once we got like 30 mins into our trip they stopped working again. What could be the problem

I need to know if i can just put new pads on with out changing the rotors or opening the bleed screws? Were is the glow plug relay?

my 2005 durango uses too much gas i fill up and before week out gas is gone i only drive 8 miles daily

The van leaks antifreeze and I'm not driving van at this time.

my car ecently just died out while i was on the road, i tried to restart the engine but just got a clicking noise. the battery seems fine cuz the radio and lights come on.

I put new brakes on a couple months back, then my brake light came on again but still had good brakes, before I could get it into garage out of the blue I have no brakes at all, nothings leeking out anywhere, put more brake fluid in & still nothing coming out..any advise? Thanks Rhonda

When the heater control push button on the dash is "off" the heater blower blows heat, but when I press "heat" or "defrost" it will not blow. When I move the speed control to high the lights dim. ???

After I turn off the ignition and headlight's, the alarm continue's to ring when I open the door. Also the interior light's will not turn off. It get's very cold here where I live. Well below zero. Would this have something to do with causing my problem's?

how can i turn off the horn honking when the driver door is opened with trans in gear?



where is it located?

very slow fueling my magnum, it takes forever the fuel just want go in except at a very slow rate. What can I do.Dodge says I need a new tank but their is nothing wrong with the ttank no leaks, pumps are good.what could the problem be ???

codes are p0740 p0700 what is a tcc circuit how can it be repaired.and a trans control system what will i need to repair them.

Air filter

were does it go on to replace . were does this part goes

I'm working on my uncles 95 b2500 ram van and the check engine light flickers on and off randomly but there are no trouble codes can any please lead me in the right direction.

I just recently installed a tow hitch wiring harness. I connected the pieces to my factory plugs, and now when i step on the brake, the rev lights come on????

i want to do a compression test

what causes transmission to delay shifting, such as doesn't shift out of gear to 50 mph or plus///

monday morning after car was parked on friday on slight incline its normal parking spot key would not turn

I am trying to find out how to test the air intake heater unit. I will not start warm or cold. Please help.