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up to that time I had a rattling noise that came and go
The digital clock that is on the display (the big screen in the center of the console) is "gone". I see it for an instant when I put the car in reverse (right before the back up camera comes on), but then it immediat...
I bought a 2003 Chrysler Sebring off a friend and I notice when I turn the heat on that it only blows out of the furtherest passenger side vent. The middle and driver side blows cold but the A/C works all the way across.
the abs and brake light will come on and the speedometer needle will bounce around and the brakes will feel like they engage. all happens in less than a second.
I locked doors but when i got out i manually unlocked drivers door.. then i open door and the alarm went crazy!!tried everything disconnect battery,PCM,horn flasher,Help bought the car for my son graduation!! only has...
I need to get it top dead center and have already broke the part on one new distributor
In the highway it always turns off
RPM spiked between 3-4, Engine light was on then blinked. Drove about 3 miles to destination. Car felt like it wanted to die, but didn't. Current mileage 108900.
Remote occasionally doesn't work, I changed batteries and still not working occasionally
The turn signal flashes very fast, is there something else I should try?
1999 300m Stalling issue. Codes read: p0700 p0740 p1781 p0354 Let me explain what is happening. This problem usually occurs while on a highway or interstate and then usually after driving for longer than 20 mi...
Erg code Yeah.should I change all fluids?bottoms out easy. Front brakes grinding. Creaking when front tires slowly easing up or out of driveway. So where to start?
my fuel pump was going bad and would not want to work when it would rain so hit bottom of tank and would fire up for a minute replaced fuel pump started ran fine fired it up again later on worked fine .it rained today...
2010 Chrysler Sebring 62,000 miles has started making a roaring noise when you accelerate and it winds down when you break. It also makes a chattering noise coming from the side of the motor where the belts are. So ...