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ive taken it to 3 garages they all say its ok then why can't they fix it i'am scarred the motor going to lock up please help
Well every morning my car dont want to turn on i got battery checked they said that it was good, i put a new starter about 2-3 months ago they tested the alternator and that is also good so im confused on what it is.....
It jerks while driving, sometimes won't go over 70mph, and smoke is coming out of the tailpipe
I just bought a 2007 pacifica. The check engine light came on, had it hooked up to the diagnostic tool. The code it threw was for an egr valve. Now my gas cap message won't go away even with a brand new gas cap. Could...
dashreads top down in progress I hear a switch click in rear driver panel an a hum in trunk but top or trunk lid never moves.....
My car started just fine then I needed to wiggle the shifter in and out of park to get it to start. when that doesn't work if you move the wheel up and down and wiggle the shifter around it would start now that's not ...
Everything that can get in the way is motor and mufflers
The battery is good and change the spark plugs but nothing changes. Help please.
driving back from nashville and noticed the sound
This happens only when A/C or heater is on full blast or just below it.
i have a 2000 chrysler cirrus 2.5l v6....i was driving then my car acted like it was running out of gas but i have a 1/2 tank it was cranking for a while it was getting fuel but no fire and put on tester but nothing s...
Accelerate passed 55mph. can this be reset or fixed
replaced both front speakers but still having same problem back ones work great front ones all static comes and goes replaced radio also same problem please help w.t.f.
I have 2007 Chrysler, Town & Country, 3.8 litters. A week ago all of a sudden it just WOULDN’T START! The lights on the dash are all on, everything is working fine. I turn the key and nothing but a relay clicking...
Took to a shop and they could only get into the system for 10 minutes before they were locked out again, has been there for a month and they do not know how to reset the module.
purchased the car new brakes have not been replaced. But don't know if it's the front or back brakes.
The clunk sound comes from the right side just under the dash board and gets loud when going over bumps. Van does not bounce so wondering if broken shock/strut or could be bushings?
where is the thermostat located in my chrysler sebring 2004 touring
The gear selector slide I find is a smooth black plastic piece. The one that came originally was a stepped piece. How do I find that part number and availability?
Signal sounds when slowing down in traffic turning corners or braking. Fuse problem?