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Chysler T&C Limited 3.8L: speedometer spins wildly 50% of time; In D will not shift from 2 to 3 gear; very poor gas mileage; P0605 error but engine light not on. I've been told it needs a new PCM/ECM and that it need...
I am looking for information on how to remove and replace the cable and the part kit number can anyone tell me how to remove so I can take to dealer to get right part??? A YouTube video would be great
went to have computer reset after putting in new tcm and they said there was no power going to tcm
blinker,door locks,power seat, A/C do not work. Airbag and ABS lights are on. only one fuse is blown(Power seat/Door lock). cannot find a mechanic close by to help. pretty handy want to see if I can do it myself. When...
I had some work done recently on my van and my mechanic said that my rocker panels are rotted.Is it expensive to repair or replace? Thank you.
Noise comes and goes. usually is there but not always as loud as other times. When it was extremely loud the battery light came on. I checked the battery when running and getting around 14v. Turning the wheel makes n...
My key won't turn the ignition. My husband cleaned the ignition & it worked for a few days. I'm going to buy an ignition today but we have no idea how to program the key.
when I put the van in gear, the speedometer goes crazy
Trying to remove the PCV valve, tried everything including needle nose to pull. it spins around, but i can't pull it out, am afraid of pulling too hard on the metal exposed tip and ruining something. Replacement give...
When we hit the button it starts closing but just as its almost closed it bounces back like if you put your hand in an elevator door. It doesnt always do that. It happens about half the time. Very annoying
there is not a cut or hole in itin my rear bumper. Paint is peeling off and I can see the black bumper underneathI have a 1999 Chrysler Town and Country limited minivan
I selected the "sun" then the recirculate last time I drove it. Now today, even if I set my temp to 62 I'm getting heat instead of cold. Could it be stuck? How do I get it back to auto?
Will not start. Diagnostic test is recommended.
Going uphill or when the a/c is on.It seems the trans. takes a long time to shift and the rpms rev real high.
I just replaced the fuel pump and filter on a 2002 Town & Country. Now when I run the vehicle, the fuel tank collapses itself (imploding) with negative pressure. I don’t think that’s right and if not what could be t...
When high beams are on - instrument panel blinks on/off, gauges drop to "off" position, headlights dim. At one point the entire vehicle "dies" like there's no electrical - radio, key-in-ignition tones,etc. ONLY happ...
Can't find fuse panel for the research of these pls help if you've experienced this problem am sure it's a fuse, can't figure which one
L/r turn indicator, can't find fuse or what it's tied into help please
checked the fuel pump, and ignition coil, both fine engine not getting a spark, doesn't make sense because back hatch will not open, auto doors will not open with button, temp/mileage/miles til empty/above rear view m...
We would like to have voice command and navigation possibly more memory
And my ac in the front isn't blowing good. Ant use @ all & 1 of my windows wont go up.