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Rear air, hot or cold will not blow anything. Nothing comes out at all, you can't hear anything running when the controls are on.
Help! What is it?! Blower motor? Blower motor resistor? Rear evaporator?
It worked when we got the vehicle just fine!

My car seems to run just fine when started however after shifting into gear easily it will drive fine until it gets warm then it starts to stall as if it no longer wants to go any faster than 30 or 40 miles an hour, though it will make it home 5miles away but rather slowly. There is also a whining noise coming from the left front fender area. What could that be? Also my windows works when they want to, the dash light is off and the gages works when they want to. There has to be some form of logical explanation for these issues. Can anyone suggest any fixes?

Recently purchased 1996 T&C LXi from original owner. Garage kept well maintained only 77,000 miles. Car had not been driven for 6 months before I bought it. Installed new battery when purchased. When driving the chime goes off randomly for different lengths of time and will happen several times in a few minutes or maybe not again for several minutes. No other indicators, no lights flashing, instrument panel works fine. I have tried turning things on and off while the chime is on but can't get a relationship to the problem. Occasionally the chime will stop when I turn something on but I think it is coincidence. Instrument cluster was replaced about 4 years ago. I have replaced the C pillar light switches, the battery terminals even tried a different battery, no improvement. Does no power to the BCM for 6 months cause it to go bad? I am down to the BCM or seat belt module as the possible cause. I have only driven the van about 100 miles in 5 weeks. The longest drive was about 18 miles total. Thanks for any you can give.

I just got an oil change added new transmission fluid to the old fluid got a new air filter new battery new alternator and my car was on e and when I was getting off the i it cut off i filled up drove around for about 45 got back off the and at the light when I stopped it cut off. What could it be. Oh it instantly. Starts back up.

The gate is closed, but the dome lights remain on and the word "gate" is displayed in the dash. After parked the lights eventually go off.

Changed plugs, coil,ads relay. Had in shop, will not show codes, Will not stay running, unless stepping on the gas. They think maybe computer?


When driving car tends to feel like it is pulling to the right and its vibrating hard to keep in the road

I smell antifreeze after car has been running and stops or gets shut off. The smell is inside and out around hood. I can smell it standing by each front tire well. There are no visible leaks anywhere inside or out and we have changed the thermostat. The temperature gauge also stays at half way as it always has when warmed up. Thank you!

So my van won't start at all, manually or by remote sometimes. Sometimes it cranks but takes a minute to start. Sometimes it won't start at all unless I charge the battery. I also have to leave my key in the ignition in order for the remote start to work when the battery is charged. It's becoming a huge pain!

Squeaking under hood diagnosed as lifter noise

Car turns on and runs fine. No engine light. Just won't accelerate. Was driving and it started revving and jerkng and could not get any acceleration. Turned car off and started it and hit the gas did not get pass 5mph and car then stopped moving but kept revving as I hit the gas.Any ideas as to the problem? Was told it could be that the accelerator cable broke. Do not know where to find cable to tell if it is broken.

On the back of the water pump housing is a hose that pushes onto the housing. The thing that the hose pushes onto is broke off inside the hose. Is this something that can be fixed or perhaps a pipe can be welded to the housing to push the hose onto. Any help would be appreciated.

Just had a rack and pinion done and both outer tyrods started making popping day I got it back

rpms act stuck and van jerks when speedometer goes crazy