Changed plugs, coil,ads relay. Had in shop, will not show codes, Will not stay running, unless stepping on the gas. They think maybe computer?


When driving car tends to feel like it is pulling to the right and its vibrating hard to keep in the road

I smell antifreeze after car has been running and stops or gets shut off. The smell is inside and out around hood. I can smell it standing by each front tire well. There are no visible leaks anywhere inside or out and we have changed the thermostat. The temperature gauge also stays at half way as it always has when warmed up. Thank you!

So my van won't start at all, manually or by remote sometimes. Sometimes it cranks but takes a minute to start. Sometimes it won't start at all unless I charge the battery. I also have to leave my key in the ignition in order for the remote start to work when the battery is charged. It's becoming a huge pain!

Squeaking under hood diagnosed as lifter noise

Car turns on and runs fine. No engine light. Just won't accelerate. Was driving and it started revving and jerkng and could not get any acceleration. Turned car off and started it and hit the gas did not get pass 5mph and car then stopped moving but kept revving as I hit the gas.Any ideas as to the problem? Was told it could be that the accelerator cable broke. Do not know where to find cable to tell if it is broken.

On the back of the water pump housing is a hose that pushes onto the housing. The thing that the hose pushes onto is broke off inside the hose. Is this something that can be fixed or perhaps a pipe can be welded to the housing to push the hose onto. Any help would be appreciated.

Just had a rack and pinion done and both outer tyrods started making popping day I got it back

rpms act stuck and van jerks when speedometer goes crazy

only when speedometer acts up sometimes it stays on 0 and Tom's act stuck. got code 7022 I think

I want to buy a town and country but the seller has stated the reverse doesn't work. I want to know how much it would be to fix it or if I should just keep looking. Thanks!

I started the car with the remote starter then accidentally hit button again. It stopped. But now it will not start.

My Mechanic on the first visit charged me for Spark plugs and wires. Did not fix the problem. 2nd visit I was charged for Fuel injector. Did not fix the problem. 3rd visit replaced coils.. Still did not fix. I am frustrated. Is this mechanic doing their job? It has 186,000 miles and I already invested $700 and still the problem is there. I am unable to smog. Any recommendations? I feel the jerking action when accerlating. I also smell gas?

My heat on the drivers side ok great!
The passenger and rear pushes out cold air and the middle vents in the front aren't as cold as the passenger but aren't very warm either I live in mn and it's cold can somebody help me please? I just changed the thermostat so I kno that's not it. I need heat!!!

got a nwew radiator all the hoses but im loosing coolant still

The heater blows full blast all the time

key turns on all power but will not crank. jumped starter and will crank but still wont start ??? what next to try ?

key turns on all power but will not crank. jumped starter and will crank but still wont start ??? whats next to try ?