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is 130,000 too much on the engine of a 2000 town town and eginecountry

The storage bin cover for the Stow-n-Go seating won't open. The latch moves. The lock moves. But no matter what I do, the cover will not lift to get the 2nd-row seat up.

cost of replacement for reverse clutch in transmission

what is the cost to rebuild a transmission for this model?

left car for water pump replace. mechanic also replaced belt, tensioner, said transmission module leaking (no fluid on my driveway), replaced with rebuilt ($375) said needed to swap core. trans malfunctioned, said bad rebuild, swapping out. am i getting screwed?

o2 sensor bank 1

When the keyfob is pressed it blinks the taillights,beeps and the latch unlocks but does not rise. After raising manually, when keyfob is pressed for retract it makes no sound and does absolutely nothing. The hand switch over the license plate is even very sketchy but works most of the time.

replace headlight bulb

Radiator fluid mixed with the transmission fluid due to both going through the radiator and radiator deterioration. How much would it cost to replace the radiator and rebuild transmission.

Thank you

have a problem shifting from 2nd to third; sometimes a clunk, sometimes just won't shift into 3rd, especially in the cold but not always

i need a new coolant pipe

I have 2004 Chrysler Town and Country with the airbag light on. The scanner shows that the drivers side seat belt tentioner is open.

I need to have my AC compressor replaced

The last oil change the service mechanic did not reset the 3,000 mile reminder.

the driver side blows out warm air and the passenger side blows out cold. Any suggestions

The knocking in my engine started about 5 months ago. I hvve not been driving the van since then for fear that I will only damage it worse. I believe that I have a rod knock and everyone keeps telling me that I will have to replace the entire engine. I don't wan to do this unless it is absoutly nessary. The engine does not knock when I crank the van, it only knocks when i press the gas, is there any way to tell exactly what this is and how much it is going to cost to have it fixed?

on gmc vans you turn the key in the ignition switch and the doors lock .that is mush safer than the chrysler vans

when driving it this morning...I felt what i thought was the transmission tug when shifting??? find out about half mile later when i stopped there was smoke coming from the area around the front of vehicle on the passenger side...i also heard a clicking noise and it smelled like something had just burnt?? Any ideas?? It also made a loud squealing noise when I turned on the heater blower motor fan??? I had a guy look at it and he said it was my alternator?? I am puzzled and don't want to get taken by A woman guessed it...Thanks a lot your help would be greatly appreciated!!

serpentine belt broke because power steering pump fell off

I cant remove the screws from the tail light.

I just bought a 2001 Town & Country. There were 4 new tires put on the vehicle. Now, the warning alert sounds and the message on the overhead console is "Check Tire Service System" "See Owner's Manual" I have checked and rechecked the owners manual and have found nothing. What is the problem?

I have a Chrysler Town & Country with moderate front-end collision damage. Hood, radiator, bumper, crumpled head light, etc. Is there any shop that would provide an estimate for this by either sending someone out, or allowing me to send pictures via email? The car is not drivable and I can't afford to tow it all over town for estimates. Located in Palos Verdes, CA - Thanks! Lonnie

my van will not change gears stuck in first it has full power it runs fine it started one day the check engine light came on and it stopped changing gears the shop said it;s the shift silinor how much will it cost

remote will not open drivers door only lock. cant pull up on plunger either. other doors ok

drivers door lock will not unlock I cant even pull up on lock plunger

rear heater ( spider lines ) rotted out and wonder what is the estimated cost to repair .

damn bulb just burned out and manual does not say how to replace...before I take a screwdriver to it and destroy it I would like to know the RIGHT way to replace the bulb.

Thanks Russ

How do I fix the passenger side rear vent window on my 2007 Town & Country? It will not close.

what could cause the dashboard lights and the tail lights to go out at the same time? This happens when you turn the switch for the head lights on. Everything comes on at first and then the dashboard and tail lights go out.

I have had to jump start my van for the past month or so, the terminal on the battery (6 months old) is stripped so I thought the connection was bad. Sometimes if I push on the terminal or hit it, the van would start. Well tonite, the battery cable just snapped off. Can I do something to get it to a shop so I don't have to tow the van?