heater core replacement / front

Heater only blows warm air. This started a week ago, seemed to get better one day then stopped blowing hot air again. Temp gauge indicates motor is operating at normal temp. I have been adding approx. a pint of coolant every 250 miles for the past year. 6 months ago I had the water pump and thermostat replaced. Van has 153,000 miles. Please help.

My mechanic Fitted 2 Cases and the vehicle keeps breaking then them Why ?is he doing something wrong? These Cases are used. Before it breaks I smell that awful smell and the vehicle shakes and vibrate at spped of 45mph

The front blower fan only works on high. I just bought the vehicle used with about 109,000 miles on it.

Changed fuel pump 2 days ago car will still not start. When the key is turned forward fuel will squirt out. When you turn key to on position it will not start and no fuel is coming out. The fuel shut off switch has been reset.

window windshield washer only works on the right side the left side just a dribble.how can i unplug the left side

When turning car off the engine (I think) has a grrrrr noise that lasts a sec or two while the engine shuts down. Was just a minor nuisance and kind of funny, but is getting worse now. Car has 110K on it and I've not had any engine trouble, well maintained. Any ideas? Thanks everyone for your help!!!!

When activate the washer pump switch the fluid is not coming bat the windshield blade's start working properly. Tested the power on washer pump connector when activated for normal work bat indicated no power. Thanks.

I replaced both of my wifes speed sensors and now the instrument panel don't work and it still shifts funny how do I fix that?

Our check engine won't come on anymore. How can we get it to come on? Is there a fuse or bulb? Thank you for your suggestions

How do I get my check engine light to come on again?

I have a Chry. 97 T/C My Chry. V6 3.8L T/C the van battery died about 5-6 months ago, I let the van sit until I replaced the battery 4 days ago. The van will start but then it will shut down after a few seconds, like there is no gas. There is fuel, I just put about 8 gal in the tank of new gas. The over head computer shows a DTE reading of zero.

my buddie is having problems he sitting in van and all the lights are flashing headlights inside lights tail lights i mean everything what is the problem can anyone help me asap thank you and god bless

i have gas coming out of my exhaust and it is leaking from somewhere and running down to the converter where it is dripping from also.ive been told 4 different things and would really just like to know how do i fix this? and is it true my van could catch fire if i were to drive it this way?

My T&C stalled and won't start. Engine turns over but won't run. No codes, I own an OBDII scanner. Could it be the fuel pump or would it throw a code?

A few weeks ago we took our van in because the brakes were going to the floor. They replaced the master cylinder, pads, and roters. It worked for about a day and then started doing the same thing. The Mechanic took it back and replaced the master cylinder again and bled the brakes a few times. We got it back and it was working but did not seem to be as tight as you would think they should be after all the work. Now a few days later the brakes are going all the way to the floor again and there is a terrible burning smell. What could be the problem and how should we handle it.

Van has about 190,000.00 miles. Engine shows signs of oil leak/build up around head gaskets and undercarriage around oil pan and under engine. Check engine light came on and within a few days the engine lost power and would shakes strongly. Had mechanic run tests and got the following codes: 622/gen file no switching; 442/evap system small leak; 302/cylinder misfire; 455/evap system large leak. Any ideas on root of problem or cost to fix?

My 1997 Town & Country 'Service Engine Soon" light came on and I checked the car with my CarMD checker and it suggests that I replace the TCM and/or the BCM. The car does not run any different than before. Do you have any suggestions?

only happens in the morning when I first drive the van. It won't shift into drive or reverse until the van warms up. Any ideas?

Does my car have a clutch?

do the speed sensors affect the shift? wont shift into drive sometimes and speedo guage goes wild...

some times the van will shift fine but other times the speedometer goes crazy and the van wont shift into drive does the speed sensors have something to do with this?

while driving the word break came on i can;t find my service manual and would like to know what this means and can you still drive the van if this is still on?

we put a new battery, but wont start, took to a garage and they said it was the communication. what is the communication?

what would make this van smell like a skunk maybe
1 time a week thank you

i have only 47,000 miles on t/c van and the heater motor blower went. it had t be replaced - i had no air comong out of vents- is this normal - should i complain to chrysler

Engine light is on. Water temp gauge sometimes goes to up to H and alarm sounds. Water drains from radiator. I cannot locate leak. Car oil lite came on and vehicle slowed down to a craw. oil level ok. Noticed water leaking from manifold and head gasket. Vehicle shakes when running slow.

I have had no problems but a shop told me that my alternator was going bad, based on their testing it.
They said the diodes were "making noise".

Front end shakes back and forth when i drive it .

This ocurred serveral times and the interior lights also came on with the doors closed. The battery was drained and had to be recharged. An independent mechanic ran a diagnosis and came with no codes. We drove the car several hundred miles and then the engine died, but restarted without any problem, but it began to miss out.