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Lost the locking lug nut key. How can I get the locking nuts off to replace them with standard nuts? Use a nut buster? Can they be even be replaced with standard nuts?
Having a problem finding a good used rear drive shaft for a 97 awd town and country and a new one is around 800 dollars thought of taking drive shaft out and just going front wheel drive only not sure what problems th...
replace air filter, flush cooling system and put in new anti freeze
I need to flush my radiator and can't see the drain anywhere. Can you tell me where it is located. I have been told it's on the passagers side.
My rear power door will not close all the way down and lock when I use the key feature. I'v replaced the lift rods but this does not help. The door closes but does not lock.It remains partly open.Then I have to close ...
hello, I lost the original set of keys the other day so I went to a lock smith to get a duplicate key made I tried starting the van and it doesn't want to start, the engine turns over but then stalls do I need to buy ...
how do you replace one
My van is making a whirring noise. It is coming from the rear of the vehicle. Only does it when it is really hot outside. If we fill the tank it stops. Is it the fuel pump/
I need to flush my radiator and can't find the drain plug.
after driving a short distance it says service tire system soon see owners manual
My Crysler 2006, Town & Country van has just 34,000 miles but it has started using about 3/4 of a quart of oil every 7 days. There is no leak, dense smoke or unusual engine noise etc. The car is driven in-town daily. ...
how much does it cost to replace a powersteering pump?
The map lights are out. How do you open them up to replace the bulbs. They are on the ceiling on either side of the Sun glasses holder.
I have replaced the firing eletrical harness and all plugs and plug wires. I now have steady 13 volts at my number 6 injector. I ohmed the injector out and read 14 ohms. What should be the restance on my number 6 i...
passenger window will go up but wont go down ?
how does the ring come off the fuel tank to change fuel pump
a/c and heat works but no air is comimng from vents
I have a 2008 chrysler town and country and i does not run at all. It all started when the "check engine" light turned on in the car panel. After that i ran the computer on it the problem code it gave me was "problems...
The engine light has come on with no apparent symptoms. Our mechanic scanned the engine and said we need a new EGR valve. What should we expect in the way of repair costs?
I have no interior lights but headlights work, dash lights work and the ding works when key is in the ignition but no lights at all inside
i just replaced brakes and turn my rotors on all 4 wheels as dealer suggested but they still make grinding sound coming to a stop. the pads were fine before.80%in front 90%in back.
ac blows only hot air, had it serviced,compressor works, but still no cold air
the interior fan only works on high also i can't turn on the cruise control.are these two problems connected?i could'nt find the fuses for these where are they located?
just started last night, had to pull 40 amp fuse to stop them, now engine check light is on.where is relay for these fans?
Wipers will not come on at all. The fuse is ok.
Just changed rear disc brakes on town and country mini van. Of course had to use tool to retract calper because of emergency brake housing. Drove fine about 5 miles them made a rubbing sound. Now car is drivable but E...
ac blows only hot air. Mechanic recharged it/ feon level is full, and compressor comes on, but still no cold air.Mechanic ran test and completed first stage, but it jumped straight to fifth stage. Can you give me some...
I just bought the van this week it has 4500 miles and for the most part pretty clean.Using my Remote to open my rear hatch it opens fine. but then it closes. It doesn't do it every time but about every third time. I'v...
Engine turns over as expected, all belts and pullys working, good battery, -- will not start. Where do I look??
where is the pcm located on a chrysler town and country 1996