We recently bought a 2001 town and country limited van. It has 80,000 miles and seems to have been taken care of well. I smelt oil and had the mechanic check it out and he replace a transmission selonid seal and also a oil gasket up by the intake manifold. A week later I am still smelling oil and see transmission oil on the ground. Not, sure about engine oil. Have any ideas \. Also the drivers side automatic door will close automatically but won't pull itself in tight to the van and the van lights come on that door is open. Is that an easy adjustment

code p0106 where can i find picture of location,know it's on right side but can't see it

question about a 2003 town and country dvd player on roof.
MINE HAS A SUNROOF 1 DVD PLAYER how can i find out what kind of cordless headphones i need to buy to work in my van?

The sliding doors wont work at the door button but will work with key and overhead buttons.

where is the water pump located on a 1999 town country van. van is leaking coolant but cant see exactly where.

Engine temp reaches normal quickly as it should, but heater air is very, very slow to warm, velocity is normal. Fully realize that the TWO problems are surely not related, but radio speakers quit same day ?? Thanks Ken

Will not pass emissions test because of these codes. Will cleaning the EGR ports fix the problem or at worst case replacing the EGR Valve fix it. Is this the only thing it could be?

Van will not start. Scanner readout states power loss to Auto shut down relay. Battery and relay is good.

according to the test, the transmission solenoid is bad and we don't know where it is located. we have a Haynes book but can't find it in there. thanks bob

how do I fix a rear windshield wiper that has slipped on the motor shaft?

how do i fix a rear wiper that has slipped?

2004 Chrysler Town & Country key phob and interior button has never worked. There's 35,000 mi. and the most recent diagnosis is "defective paul" refering to the latch not releasing that allows the motor drive to open the hatch. That code was cleared, twice and returned. Do I replace the entire rear latching mechanism?

where is it located? what is the best way to change it?

I have changed my egr valve and fault has come on again. What should I look for next?

just changed egr valve that is what code said and still having problems with accelaration at 55 mph

my town and country 2001 the lights inside the dash board isn't working, my locks, wipers or heating system...what could be the problem... my fuses are OK( under the hood) does this vehicle has another fuse box?

I cannot figure out how to get to tensioner. Do I need to go thru wheel well or can I get to it from underneath?

Loud rumble in front while driving. With front tires off the ground, very jerky starting and stopping motion from both tires while in drive.

where is the leak detection pump located an how to replace it

What do the numbers 0420, P16847, P1282 mean?

I have no power steering what so ever and the belt is fine. What could be the problem? Electrical, broken pump but not the pulley, rack and pinion,?

The heater is taking a very long time to warm up the van, all gauges are reading normal. The temp guage isn't rising to fast (or slow), fan motor is blowing, unit switches to/from defrost, no signs of coolant leaking. Not sure how to troubleshoot this problem, any help would be greatfull

Van has 46000 miles. Brought the van in for some warranty work and they recommended a tune-up, then the mechanic broke off spark plug in cylinder head. Now he wants to charge $291 to fix it. Anyone know how often a tune-up and spark plu replacement is recommended by the manufacturer? Thanks in advance.

i have a estimate for 403 dollars with a flush.they list 21 qts of fluid.

How do you replace a fuel pump in a 2000 Town & Country, 3.8 motor?

I appreciate your help!

is 130,000 too much on the engine of a 2000 town town and eginecountry

The storage bin cover for the Stow-n-Go seating won't open. The latch moves. The lock moves. But no matter what I do, the cover will not lift to get the 2nd-row seat up.

cost of replacement for reverse clutch in transmission

what is the cost to rebuild a transmission for this model?

left car for water pump replace. mechanic also replaced belt, tensioner, said transmission module leaking (no fluid on my driveway), replaced with rebuilt ($375) said needed to swap core. trans malfunctioned, said bad rebuild, swapping out. am i getting screwed?