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I am looking for some advice before I go chasing my tail... I own a 2008 Chrysler T&C Touring with a 3.8L V6 and about 100k miles. What I am experiencing is, on occasion the electrical fault light on the dash illum...
blew radiator hose off added antifreeze heater does not work only blows out cold air radiator hoses are hot also heater hoses seem to be hot.
Ever time doors are locked How can I disable the alarm??
I went to turn it on and the engine is not turning over! I was just driving it 15 min ago...all the lights come on but it won't start. Tried jumping on the battery but I got nothing.. We tried tapping the starter an...
Jumpstarted month ago,tried emissions a week ago, not ready followed drivecycle instr.from emis, & done plenty freeway driving since, went thru again twice since then still one thing saying its not ready, am at a loss...
door jaar light is on and buzzer goes of only when driver door is open
Trouble Code P1391 Vehicle stalls when ever it wants wait awhile and it will start
run scan came up 301 misfire number 1 cylinder checked plug wire
Bulb changed ..multifunction switch changed and light still won't flash for signals hazards or when I unlock and lock vehicle... The other day when I turned right side turn signal on it showed left on dash t...
Dealer said it is a bad occupant restarint control modual. I see that Chrysler has had problems with this before but not in my model year. Is this the problem and if so is there any recourse from chrysler
Everything has been checked ..diagnostic done nothing is found to be wrong. The throttle body has been cleaned, crankshaft sensor replaced. I'm at my wits end because it's getting dangerous now to drive. Help
Can shifting cause transmission slipping if you don't come to a complete stop between rev and drive? A rolling stop and shift in to drive.
I changed the fuel pump (one from auto salvage) worked great for about two months. Now before I replace it again I want to know if it had an external filter
I have a 2003 town country on and after a few minutes turns off start only after several attempts the panel has power and lights
The middle row passenger side seat was so hot it felt like a heating pad had been lying there on high. The floor in front (where the seat stows) was cool, but the floor under the seat and just to the rear of the seat...
I have a noise from the left side of my front axle that gets louder as I go faster . No grinding but a roaring sound like fan or car not going into overdrive. But tranny is working fine ???
I can fill the gas tank up and drive about 80 miles the gas hand goes down till I stop driving and cut the vehicle and start it back up the gas hand goes all the way back to full