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Sometimes before it would take several tries to start it and then it would eventually start right up but now it's doing nothing

It just started not wanting to start on the first turn. But aside of that it was raining and my dash lights and radio tuned off, it has happened to me 2 times before.

Not manually, or using keyfob or the controls above dashboard. Has not opened for2 months

Recently when i put my van in drive with the AC on it starts to jerk and i can hear the belt squeal frequently. This problem does not happen when ac is off or in neutral or park. Just this morning the the air stopped blowing out of the front vents, but blows out of the back just fine.

when im driving sometimes my inside lights anddoor locks start going off on there own what causes this also my door ajar light comes on

automatic Windows control stopped working after somebody broke the button.

key wont turn in ignition steering wheel is locked

my steering wheel is locked up an when I put the key in to turn it on the key wont budge . what do I do

replaced the MAP and TPS sensor which was popping the check engine light on.

I stopped at store left the car running because my daughter 16 year old was in it but I turned the headlights off when I went in came back out 3 mins later and turned lights on and the inside lights came on same time and wouldn't turn off tried turning off car tried pushing lock on key pad they do shut off like ten mins after I stop driving and turn off for like I said ten or so mins they do shut off this morning all the way to work they stayed on and the whole time I drove it today why and what can I do

Could it be the gas I use regular not high tec.

What caused the transmission to suddenly go into 'neutral? After a few seconds it kicks back in. Happens at all speeds but more often at higher speeds and when accelerating ..

I had my van service and was told it needed computer module service? Is it under my 60,000 mile warranty please help

In my van and within 2 hrs im completely empty. I just drained and refilled my transmission fluid. Also replaced the gasket. That was 3months ago, now all the sudden within 1 1/2 days im having severe leakage

The problem always occurs upon Start-up but goes away once the engine warms up. If I turn on the AC it is noticeable when I come to a stop or idling, even when the engine is warm. One friend commented that it sounds like "loose Valve lifters" & could throw a rod...but I read here that it might be Carbon buildup on the Pistons. How do I know/find out what the problem is???

Computer said AVG,AVR ?? Its the part that mixes oil,gas and sits next to the alternator. Sometimes it make a weird noise Average cost 180.00 for part

Trac off light stays on .

I have to press the passenger door locks down manually.

Got a diagnostic test on the car and was told it was the hydraulic pump. I have no idea what that is. The car doesn't start after it sits for a long period (over night) jump starts easily and will usually restart after a short period of time.

just replace my fuel pump and filter van ran for six hours got home turn it off and got up in the moring to go some where and it won't start it acted like it's not getting any fuel.

Anything requiring electrical power is not working; power windows, doors, radio, a/c, liftgait, etc. Can turn the car on and drive but no electrical. First time this happened.

When I started my van, it started steaming from under front. Smelled like coolant. There was also a hissing sound. I drove it the 2 blocks back to work. Parked it and the hissing kept going. I sat there for about10 minutes and was still hissing when I went back in work. After work I looked for a leak but couldn't find it. I even drove to a more lite up parking spot and is not leaking. The only thing is, the ac was off when I moved it.

T&C ran hot yesterday & died. Sat for hours added water was able to drive 10 miles to home then died again. Smoking really bad?? Which way do I start trying to fix it.

It will start but not off to release key.

My friend has no power steering what so ever out of no wherr, fluid is full and in good condition, has no noise prior or shudder in steering wheel, very hard to turn.and appears to be no leaks.could you please give me some insight or information regarding this issue please? Thank you very kindly :).

Or could you tell me what to do next

Installed a "Hopkins Towing Solution Taillight Converter" on my 2002 Chrysler Town & Country, it connects to the existing wires using quick splices. After installing per included instructions, most trailer lights did not work, but van lights worked except for left rear turn signal. Rechecked all connections ensuring correct wires were connected and that everything was grounded. Went to check lights again...rear wiper started going, washer fluid sprayed on front windshield, right turn signal is on if lever is up or down, left turn signal is on if lever is in neutral position, locks/windows don't work, no radio/fan, cannot start vehicle.

Goes into neutral every time driving hwy.stop restart drives then shifts back to neutral again.please help

Went in for an oil change, air filter and clean fuel intake. When I tried to leave the radiator emptied itself on to the ground.
They say coincident. There was no leak prior